bandlife concert

Some basic rules if you are an emblem:

  • Do not put a space between ‘Emblem’ and '3’
  • You have to pronounce his name KeaTon
  • Don’t scream during Jaiden
  • Do not call yourself a Chloe because you will instantly be booted out
  • Yes it is appropriate to chant 'Take it off’ at concerts
  • Never mob the boys. They should not have to ever go through that.
  • Always be nice to other Emblems
  • Don’t ship the boys with each other
  • Be in the fandom for the music, for the other fans, and for the boys, not just because they are hot sexy beasts

emblem3 performing “Say What You Mean”, in Austin, TX for #bandlifetour 2/8/14


Wzra Tv catches up with the guys of Emblem3 – they talk about their #Bandlife Tour, they give us an exclusive on who Betty Blomby really is, we joke about the rumored, Little Mermaid movie *not confirmed* and they just have fun eating Smartfood popcorn for the very first time!