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Pod Sequentialism: #014 - Lindsey Way
 Pod Sequentialism: #014 - Lindsey Way

Lindsey and Matt talking about Bandit swearing on Pod Sequentialism #014

“It was so casual she didn’t even know what she was doing. We were playing a game and she needed the color green and she found it… and she goes, ‘Green, motherfucker!’. I had to do everything not to laugh, because I knew if I drew attention to it, she’d know she just hit, like … a gem!”

Lyn-Z Way: Stands for feminism, is well-read, an independent artist, is in a band and doesn’t just sing, breaking stereotypes, learned to play the bass in a week, believes you can build your own family, made it into a band before her relationship with Gerard.

Every person on here: Hella gay 4 Lyn-Z Way lolz. Gerard’s wife. Backbend. What band??? What art???? Lol love her husband.

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I don’t know that I ever thought about having a kid. But then I also didn’t expect to meet Lindsey… when I met her I knew she’d be the one person I could have a kid with.” - Gerard Way