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what? what’s this?? i don’t know!! i was reading Haunted by TobiSterling on Ao3 and this just… happened! it was meant to be a simple sketch, i swear!

i’m only at chapter fifteen at the time of posting this, but i’m eagerly awaiting the next update. i’m really enjoying this au and think the ghost therapist theme is a nifty change from your generic coffee shop aus. many kudos to the author!!

(honestly I should do fanfic fanart more often, it’s quite fun)

Here’s a no reference drawing of the gaang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Started studying the character designs from Avatar since the art style is so amazing :”> The next thing I knew, I was already drawing the gang. 

If you have the chance to make another series including these characters, what would it be? 

For me, I always wanted a series where they’re all grown up. I badly need to see Toph in action as the Chief of police. <3 

             Are we in Wonderland, Snow, is that where we are? 

(Because nothing between us makes sense anymore.)

            No, dear Regina, this is real life. This is real death.

(A gift for the foolish girl who took all sense from my world.)

Snow Queen Week Day 5 - Role Reversal

Snow’s to the right! Regina’s to the left! (Evil Snow and Bandit Regina)

Snow Queen, Issac’s “Heroes and Villains” universe. Headcanon that evil Snow used to be good / used to have a good relationship with Regina. (Also, I bet Snow would love to get back at Regina for all the times she had her in a stranglehold haha)

Inktober Drawlloween day 15. Theme: Amulet. Tiny Tina: And you are given….A Mysterious Amulet!!! Oooooooohhhhhhhh…. Lilith: ooookay. What’s it do? Tiny Tina: Idunno….but that’s what makes it MYSTERIOUS!!! @the-hero-pandora-needs @vaulthunternetwork @vaulthuntercollective @borderlandsgame @talesofavaulthunter

I just want to say that I love PJ’s work and I wanna to show you this! Which is my very first drawing in digital(? (Well actually was a harmony one but… It’s horrendous so… This one it’s too but…. Shush.) And I’m posting this bc my tablet doesn’t work and I’m nostalgic:( hope i can fix it bc I really miss my tablet (her name is Becky) 😭💚

Left Right Symbolism in “Avatar Day” and “The Blind Bandit”

Man, it’s been a while I’ve made an update to the “Left-Right Symbolism” series. Anyway, This post is short and sweet, so let’;s begin!

Avatar Day

Our example of left-right symbolism in “Avatar Day,” comes from the B-plot of this episode, which again focuses on Zuko and Iroh (which is usually the case, although sometimes Zuko gets the A-plot, like in “The Beach,” but that’s besides the point). 

Anyway, in the episode bedsore this, we saw Zuko take up the mask his identity as  the Blue Spirit once again. We see him give in to some form of desperation, as he’s now stealing food and money from unsuspecting victimsw. 

In general, Iroh is always on the right of Zuko when we see them interacting. Then, later, when Iroh gives Zukio the “never give into despair,” speech, Iroh starts out on the left before moving to sit beside Zuko–and again, Iroh is always framed so that he is on Zuko’s right:

The Blind Bandit

“The Blind Bandit” is also very straight forward in terms of left-right syymbolism. Aang meets the girl he saw in his swamp vision; it’s Toph; they talk, get captured and we get a neat little fight at the end of the episode in the third act. In thids fight, Toph and the Gaang are on the left and Xin Fu and co. (who want to deliver Aang to the Fire Nation) are on the left:


LEGO Bandit SMG by the ultra-talented Lego by Nick Brick!