Just spent the last hour

Making my friend R sit at my house and drink tea whilst we talked about our problems.  Or her problem, rather.

They’re merging our band’s danceline, silk squad, and colorline into one guard and no-one is okay with it. For years we’ve had separate squads and now the one teacher’s position was eliminated and the other one resigned. 

It was a very hard and sudden decision and everyone is upset because they don’t know their new person in charge and we’re taking a more competitive shift. And it’s all because of the lack of communication between directors and the band, and the fact that no-one tells the squads anything. So they’re all merged.

And we recently found out R lives right down the street from us so we invited her over and gave her tea. Because according to the Big Bang Theory, social protocol states that when a friend is upset, you offer them a hot beverage.