Fight for all you know
When your backs against the wall
Stand against the liars
Stronger than before
When your life becomes a war
Set the world on fire

Proud in all you are
Showing every scar
As your badge of honor
When you can’t take anymore
Of what they’re living for
Set the world on fire

—  Black Veil Brides- Set The World On Fire

Now, I know I may be called a hypocrite on the basis I’ve tried several times to end my life, including the night before my 17th birthday just under a month ago. I know how you guys feel, I mean, to pick up the pills, the blade, the rope and then the pen and paper or video camera then how it feels to just break down because you just wish someone cared, you wish someone would at least try to stop you but there was no one when you needed people most. You feel as though they left you at your lowest point so you turn to the blade or the pills. You wish that someone knew how much you put on the smile to make others happy when you’re completely dead inside. We’ll, guys, I’ve got news for you. People do care. I care. I care so much about you guys and I don’t know what I’d do if I found out one of you guys succeeded. I know how you feel guys. I don’t regret doing anything because I’m stronger now and I know that I’m not alone (NEITHER ARE YOU GUYS!!) and I’m loved (SO ARE YOU GUYS!!) It just takes time to believe in yourself.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is please guys. I love you all, no joke. I wouldn’t be here without my dear Tumblr followers and friends! Please don’t leave! We need you to stay and we love you so much. Please. I’m always here for you guys!

Every time I listen to certain songs, I cry..


Pierce The Veil:
Hold On Till May
Bulls In The Bronx
Kissing In Cars
Hell Above
A Match Into Water
Stay Away From My Friends

Of Mice & Men
Second Sebring

Memphis May Fire
Miles Away

Sleeping With Sirens
Roger Rabbit

Mayday Parade
Terrible Things
I Swear This Time I Mean It
The End
The Memory

Black Veil Brides

Imagine Dragons

Will somebody believe in this suicide?
Am I the only one that thinks that you should stay alive?
Oh, because I became ashamed as you backed up on the ropes to arm yourself and die
And so I scream, “Mayday, I’m in trouble, send somebody on the double”
—  Pierce The Veil- Tangled In The Great Escape ft. Jason Butler