Three snakes into attempting this idea and I’m calling it quits. Ches was by far the most cooperative, even though she didn’t want to coil up neatly. When you’re at the mercy of your models’ whims, some photos just aren’t going to happen the way you pictured them in your head.

  • Kagami:I can’t believe I’m going to be a father. How did this happened?
  • Kuroko:Allow me to explain. When a man falls in love with a woman, he is overcome with powerful urges…
  • Kagami:I know how it happened! I just can’t believe it.
  • Kise [to Kuroko]:How does it happen?

GD for The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘10 Global Pop Icons’!

Imagine Justin Timberlake’s boy bander-turned-credible musician pedigree and Kanye West’s genre-bending artistic daredevilry, and you’ll get an idea of G-Dragon’s standing in K-pop – though his reach is expanding rapidly beyond Asia.

Juggling equally successful careers as a solo artist and frontman of the group Big Bang, whose 2012 world tour drew 800,000 fans to sold-out shows on four continents, the rapper, songwriter and producer says, “Before I was physically there in different countries to meet my fans in person, I didn’t really realize how famous I was.”

The 25-year-old, Kwon Ji Yong, also has attracted peer admirers, working with Diplo, Baauer, Boys Noize, Sky Ferreira and Missy Elliott on his 2013 solo album Coup d'Etat, a bold mashup of hip-hop, EDM, punk rock and Korean folk that charted on the Billboard 200.

G-Dragon, who has recorded a yet-unreleased song with Justin Bieber, says there is only one artist on his wish list: “Pharrell [Williams]! Ever since I got into writing hip-hop music, he’s been my only living idol.”

For his part, the newly minted Oscar nominee Pharrell Williams has tweeted that GD is an “amazing talent.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


As some of you will remember, in Autumn 2014 Bloo was given to me, the
character, her species, her suit and everything, apart from the head.

The lack of a head led me to think on recreating her, so this Bloo would
be completely my own, as compared to the previous verison of Bloo! The
best way to do that was to make her colours just that little bit more
accurate :)


- Padded lower arms
- Stompy feet
- Long tail
- Stuffed long claws
- follow me eyes

She was made with Seal and DF sparkle fur, with fleece for her claws.
Her eyes were painted with several layers, and then varnished to prevent
them getting scratched off. Her teeth were a custom jawset I built
myself and cast in resin. I also tried something different with her
eyelashes, and chose not to have them go all around her eyes :)

The sushi prop was made by madebymercury and I felt it was the perfect prop for her x)

MK one Bloo:

Zayn Malik Takes Controversial Pro ‘Minions’ Stance

Like any bold, provocative work of art, Despicable Me prequel Minions – a film starring pill-shaped creatures incapable of speaking words or displaying depth – has proven divisive in the film world. While some critics praised it using effusive language like “harmless” and “inconsequential,” others have derided it as “complete nonsense.”

Won’t anybody stand up for the (literally) voiceless minions?

Enter Zayn Malik. Since leaving One Direction, the ex-boy bander has been increasingly vocal on social media. Now, he’s using his influence and power to stand up for the downtrodden CGI masses.

“Didn’t realise the hate for minions was this real fuck these aliens got it bad,” Malik opined. “I have minions on my jumper and there sick .. #Don'tmesswithminions”

So impassioned was his plea for tolerance that he used “there” instead of “they’re” and screwed up a hashtag with an apostrophe. Or perhaps that’s what he intended – maybe #Don is one of the Minions-hating critics whose anger he so dearly hopes to assuage.

You know who else loves Minions? Russia! The film recently became the second-highest grossing flick ever in Russia, and boy, does that country have things figured out.

So please, Don, take Zayn’s lead – open your heart enough to let dozens of shrill, babbling monsters whose film is a certified splat on Rotten Tomatoes inside.