Three snakes into attempting this idea and I’m calling it quits. Ches was by far the most cooperative, even though she didn’t want to coil up neatly. When you’re at the mercy of your models’ whims, some photos just aren’t going to happen the way you pictured them in your head.

I’ve had people asking me about how to use an elastrator, and had a request for a how to video. The most important part is being prepared to cut the band, they are a lot stronger than most people expect. I’ve learned that a string through the band helps a lot with getting the band away from your skin so you don’t cut your skin when you cut the band. I use a dog nail clipper because the hooked side can be pushed under the band, and it can’t cut your skin, a regular nail clipper works just fine too, but I have nicked myself with those. Hope this video helps some future banders!

“You do know your ship isn’t canon right?” “You do know your ship will never get together again right?” “But one of them is dead!” or my personal favorite... “But they’re better off as friends!!”

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i love how Nick is supportive. honestly, i remember how he was talking with this guy and the topic of doing multiple things creatively wise was brought up and nick was like ' you know harry is doing a film and people say how he is a singer so he cant do a movie but you can do both!' that was when people were like oh he is just boy bander. and today, he was so supportive and rooting for him, it is really nice to see. he teases him 99% of the time but is very supportive where it matters. love him

Hey if you cant drag your friends a little, they arent your friends. Its all done in love ❤