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Okay. That hibernation post has completely fucked me up.

I mean, at some point we’re reading too much into things. Sometimes a cigar is a cigar. But damn if it doesn’t make sense. When this is all done, we need not only a guide to RBB & SBB, but a t-shirt guide and selfie guide and sleep/hibernation guide – basically the Semiotics of the Secret Communication Practices of Trapped Boy Banders. These brilliant assholes.

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Conor McGregor -- Props from Rory McIlroy ... At Post-Fight Party (VIDEO)
It was an Irish megastar explosion after UFC 202 -- with Rory McIlroy and Niall Horan congratulating Conor McGregor at the post-fight party ... and TMZ…

It was an Irish megastar explosion after UFC 202 – with Rory McIlroy and Niall Horancongratulating Conor McGregor at the post-fight party … and TMZ Sports has the video.

It all went down at Intrigue Nightclub – where the Irish golfer and the Irish boy-bander approached the Irish fighter to revel in their full Irish awesomeness.

All that was missing was Bono (and Liam Neeson).


My dog lost her ball under the couch and when I went to get it for her I found some loose change.

When deciding what to do with it I recalled reading about Bernie’s modest acquisition and decided I needed a seasonal residence or two for myself.

I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t accumulated as much chump change as Bernie, roughly half of what he’s managed in fact, and so I’ll have to settle on one of these two seasonal camps. No four bedroom house though. But I’ll make sure the cabin faces Vermont and not New York.

Maybe one of you can clean out the ash tray in your car and with the money you find there you could buy the other camp and be my seasonal neighbor.

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send this to the ten last people in your notifications anonymously


- bander 
- sortir en ville avec les potos 
- voyager
- lire
- les bisous 

Je ne fais pas d’anon (bah c’est déjà anon tumblr? non? donc…) ; mais je tag  @kiuntisss @tmyaz (quand elle reviendra…) @je-suis-ronflex @kendall-london-reagan @francaise-de-coeur @unefilleperduetplus @baise-les-gens @acaoli @poubelleasentiments 

à vous!

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seems like i'll be watching lots of dramas this month xD do you have your fav actors? I personally think minho from shinee is a good actor but he's a singer so it doesnt really count right?

If he had done any acting then yes, he does count as an actor :3

I don’t have a lot of favorites, but I do have some actors and actresses I grew to really like!

1. Ha Ji Won

Some of the more known movies she starred in are ‘Secret Garden’ (Gender Bander) and ‘Hwang Jini’ (Historical).
She’s one of the more known and successful actresses in Korea, some say she’s overrated, but I think she’s a great actress. She doesn’t act in one specific genre, but rather goes crazy, taking part in action (+Martial Arts), comedy, romance, sport movies and more

2. Lee Min Ho

There is something about him! He’s a good actor with very unique looks and I am not surprised he was a real hit in Korea

Starting off with his role in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ where he gained a lot of fans, his acting stole the hearts of Koreans quickly
He won multiple awards for his acting which is not surprising at all. You just gotta love this guy somehow
He also released 2 albums! That’s amazing!

3. Kim Young Ok

I love her acting! She had roles in some of the more known dramas, like ‘Coffee Prince’ and ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which were both very successful dramas in Korea!
Not to mention, she’s the granny Jooheon collaborated with, but not thinking about her fantastic rapping career - She stole my heart with her acting and I really loved her ever since 2007~

4. Chun Jung Myung

Through dramas like ‘Heart to Heart’ (You should watch it) and movies such as ‘Hansel and Gretel’ (horror) he showed his charismatic acting.
There isn’t much to say other than that I really like him as an actor and you should watch his movies/dramas etc

No matter what, I respect all of the actors and actresses out there, but those here really stole my heart

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As-tu des habitudes un peu spéciales ? Si oui, lesquelles ?

Je sais pas trop…
J'ai déjà dis que je détestais m'endormir sans bander. Donc bander au moment de dormir est une habitude ; c'est bizarre ?
J'accroche mes brouillons et des papiers concernant des trucs d'argent ou de l'administratif sur une corde à linge au dessus de mon bureaux.
Je regarde tout le temps les même films/séries, de temps en temps j'en vois un nouveau.
J'essaye de me contrôler pour ne plus écrire sur mes murs, j'ai déjà posté sur ce problème. Il n'est pas résolu, je sais pas comment effacer le marqueur indélébile.
Je veux toujours partir quelque part, plus c'est loin plus je suis content. J'ai même du chercher un travail en déplacement.
J'ai un toc sur les numéros de l'unité de volume sur les auto-radio surtout ; je ne mets jamais 7,11, 13, 17, 19, 21, 24
Je roule les pet’ sans cartons (je fume rarement)

J'espère que j'ai répondu à t'es attentes…

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there's another blind: ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 **#11**This former boy bander who sometimes trots out a beard for a date or two traveled halfway across the world for two nights of sex with this male musician that one of his singer friends set him up with. Niall Horan ("One Direction") (hookup setup by friend Ellie Goulding) (London to Chicago for Lollapalooza music festival)

this sounds like cdan….so it gets an armpit fart gif

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I've been thinking about the 1d stalker situation…real celeb stalkers ie. lone wolf nutbars who show up of their own accord & aren't tipped off - must exist within such a huge fandom. It's odd we've never really heard about anyone like that in 6 yrs. Like a legit threatening stan would've been casing out the house Louis is rumoured to have purchased, ya know? I do wonder if L's car job selfies might be in response to an actual high risk stalker that has turned up.

i actually disagree - most lone wolves are men. (the only high profile care i can think of involving a woman was the Selena case and the shooter was a friend and president of her fan club, not an unknown person). finding a lone wolf man obsessed with a boy bander enough to take action would be pretty rare already. if they were that concerned about that, this would be way different. Louis wouldn’t be out doing starbucks fan pics AT ALL. he’d be no safer in a car than on the street.

i honestly think they switched it up because AS USUAL fandom called them on the absurdity of it and they changed it up to address that. they’ve done that throughout babygate to the point of soliciting fandom for suggestion (I believe - on anon). 

Nick Carter's Son Gets a First Listen to New Backstreet Boys Album -- See the Adorable Pic!

Nick Carter is getting his baby boy an early start in the music biz!

The Backstreet Boys singer brought his adorable 3-month-old son, Odin, to the studio on Sunday, sharing a pic of the father-son moment on Instagram.

“Hanging with daddy for the first time at the studio while we record a song for the new @backstreetboys album. #babies #newmusic #backstreetboys,” Carter captioned the pic.

RELATED: Nick Carter is Already Teaching His Adorable Son How to Be a Football Fan

Just a few days earlier, the singer shared a shot with fellow bandmates Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson, as the group was “listening to songs in Nashville for the next @backstreetboys record.”

It seems the boy bander is getting his sweet mini-me interested in all of his favorite things. Back in June, Carter shared a pic of his baby boy already supporting his favorite NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in an adorably tiny tee.

WATCH: Backstreet Boys Shut Down Spice Girls Joint Tour Rumors: Plans ‘Kind of Fizzled Out’

In May, Carter spoke to ET about choosing his son’s unique name – which was inspired by some of the singer’s favorite TV shows: Vikings and Game of Thrones – saying, “Odin is not one of the characters, but it’s known to the Vikings as a very powerful name.”

See more about the BSB star’s life as a new dad in the video below.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Nick Carter’s Life as a New Dad – Diaper Changing and All

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Justin Timberlake Shares Photo of NSync Reunion at JC Chasez’s 40th Birthday Party
The members of NSync, pictured here at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, were back together on Aug. 8. (Photo: Getty Images)

NSync is “Tearin’ Up My Heart” because they’ve reunited, but there’s no new music to show for it.

All five of the boy-banders were back together on Monday night to celebrate JC Chasez’s 40th birthday. (Yes, JC Chasez is 40. Feel old much?)

JC’s 40th… And, if you don’t know now you know…

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on Aug 8, 2016 at 11:05pm PDT

Justin Timberlake, the youngest of the group at 35, shared a photo from the bash. The birthday boy was front and center, and a bearded Chris Kirkpatrick, 44, had his arm around him. Timberlake, rocking a straw hat, and the future hot dog king of Orlando, Joey Fatone, 39, were on Chasez’s other side. Lance Bass, 37, was drifting off in the background — as he is made to do sometimes.

It would have been better had they recreated the No Strings Attached pose, but we can’t have everything we want.

NSync’s “No Strings Attached” was the best-selling album of 2000.

Just the fact that all five members of the ’90s group were together in the frame was a big deal — those instances are few and far between. In recent years, Timberlake missed Bass’s wedding, which took place in 2015, and when Timberlake married Jessica Biel in 2012, none of his bandmates were invited because a reunion may have overshadowed the nuptials.

All five of the guys were together at Kirkpatrick’s wedding in 2013, however, and that was the same year they reunited (for 90 seconds!) at the MTV Video Music Awards, at which breakout star Timberlake was given the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and the rest of the group joined him onstage briefly.

There will be another really big reunion in 2017 — when NSync gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So basically last night was just practice for that.

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i am also a lesbian caught up in the 1D gay conspiracy..... people think its so unreasonable for celebrities to be closeted but its not like it hasnt happened before

i know like….Lance Bass, Ricky Martin, and Boy George were ALL closeted boy banders w/ girlfriends/wives