Okay I’ve been seeing posts about Bandelettes going around this summer and I would like to discuss some of the possible downsides of these products. I have four pairs of Bandelettes that i bought last summer and I basically cannot wear them anymore; let me tell you why.

The lace wears down miraculously fast. The lace on these wears down faster than a pair of corduroy pants. This isn’t surprising, because it’s lace and lace isn’t built to withstand a ton of friction. But it is something to keep in mind when buying, because you need multiple pairs to last through the summer.

The big problem with the lace wearing down is it stops preventing chafing. My guess is that this is a problem only larger people experience. Our thighs just have a wider surface area that rubs together when we walk; it breaks the lace down faster and it starts to chafe through the fabric.

I have one pair of solid fabric Bandalettes and I find that the collection of sweat underneath them combined with the heat and friction of walking causes the same issue. I chafe anyway, but in a different way and after a longer period of activity.

Bandelette are great. They’re really excellent products. I wore them all day on my wedding day and it saved my life. My legs didn’t start to hurt until well into the day as opposed to an hour after I got dressed, and this was in an un-air conditioned hotel in August. So I am a huge fan of these things but they are not a cure-all, and they’re not really made for lengthy physical activity. I can’t go on long walks in Bandelettes. I spend a lot of time adjusting them. I still chafe after a couple of hours.

Anyway, go forth and purchase them, I do encourage it, but know that there are some things that could go wrong.

Bandelettes: a qualified YES do recommend. They feel nice, do what they’re supposed to, are fairly inexpensive ($15 and $2 shipping), and when I needed to size down they made the exchange process entirely painless.

The reason it’s a qualified yes is because despite claims of never rolling down or sliding, I’m finding they do kinda…stretch out along the bottom edge, I guess? I just know that even after sizing down, depending on how I’m sitting there’s a looseness to the lower edge that’s mildly annoying. Basically, it feels more like the silicone grippy-strips on the inside alone are keeping them up, rather than the elastic and silicone combined. They don’t feel quite as 100% secure as I’d like, more like 90%, but that 10% is enough to give me slight outfit paranoia (constantly surreptitiously checking to make sure they haven’t slid or anything).

Also: they are kind of awkward when you need to use the bathroom.

But I do like them, they’ve done great so far - and I’m talking in California, in unseasonally summery weather in the upper 80’s or so, with no AC in my car and the office AC broken today as well, so I’m still impressed - and I like the way they look, too. I think they look sexy. (Ozz agrees.) I’ll probably buy another pair or two tbh. So, if you’re thinking about it, I say give them a shot. I’m looking forward to being able to wear skirts this summer for the first time in forever, because of them.

so i bought a pair of bandelettes (thigh bands)

theyre really comfy and its nice to be able to wear a dress without being uncomfortable theyre also super cute~

i would super recommend them, you can also wear them with shorts but i think it looks a little funny