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Algunos musicos fallecidos entre los dias 5 y 11 deJunio

05 2002- Dee Dee Ramone

05 1990-Jim Hodder-Steely Dan

06 2002- Robbin Crosby-Ratt

07 2004- Quorthon

07 2012- Bob Welch

06 2006-Billy Preston

06 2011-Chumly Porter-D.R.I.

06 2010-marvin Isley-The Isley Brothers

08 1987- Gary Driscoll-ELF-Rainbow-Gary Moore

08 2016- Brian Rading-Five Man Electric Band

Title: Just A Little Bit

Rating: M

Warnings/Content: dubcon bordering on noncon (i’m rly sorry), public handjob

Pairing: Steely Dan/Jotaro Kujo

Comments: im really fucking tired and wanted to write this even if it is really close to noncon. its really short and probably not very good. sorry

i promise i’ll write more hol horse soon 

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I met Chris daughtry on my birthday and since my cousin (josh steely) is the lead guitarist, he duct taped “happy sweet 16 Lexie” on his guitar and I got to go on stage with my best friend and sing the last song on stage with the band.