banded goose

the different saxophones

sopranino sax: the shiny magic wand found once in a lifetime

soprano sax: the affectionately named ‘golden oboe’

alto sax: your average goose impersonation creation

tenor sax: the doot doot tube

bari sax: the body-building doot doot that needs to chill

bass sax: like the bari sac but also hyped up on steroids and sometimes mysteriously disappears for months

contrabass sax: what the hell. this instrument had to be made by someone consuming copious amounts of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The Hamilton Characters in Band Class

Hamilton: that one asshole saxophonist who never cuts his hair but is still ridiculously good. Has fucked everyone in the section at some point, probably. The band man hoe. Draws dicks on the white board when the director is not there.

John: Horny trumpet player with an ego approximately the size of Boston. Has probably hooked up with every guy to no ones surprise. Makes dick jokes to Alex across the room as the director pretends not to notice. Never practices, but somehow functions??

Lafayette: Plays the French Horn because he is an asshole like that. Makes jokes about fisting the horn. Notates music in French, is really writing swears that the BD can’t read. Has probably stuck his dick in the horn at some point. Is fucking ripped from carrying around a mellophone during marching band.

Hercules: Percussion kid. Can NEVER lose “never ever have I ever”. Does the “badum crash” after every shitty pun someone makes ever. Like hitting things with sticks which is the only reason he joined in the first place but now he can’t leave. Accidentally chipped the $10,000 rosewood marimba. No one knows it was him.

Eliza: Plays the flute, because it is gods gift to the world. Section leader, drum major, ver gay for the percussionist Maria. Is on the phone always but the director does nothing. May have killed a man during band camp. No one knows. Nearly gives the BD a heart attack when she dies her hair pastel pink and blue.

Angelica: Trombonist who constantly threatens to shove it up everyone’s ass. Probably helped Eliza hide the body. Is ver gay. Will decorate trombone for no reason, but will make it themed based on the time of year. Has DEFINITELY hooked up on a field trip. No one knows who with.

Peggy: Calls her instrument a farting bed post, because it is. It’s a bassoon. Plays like an angel. Practices always, but doesn’t really give a fuck.
Is a bit of a kiss ass but that means she gets to hear all the band room gossip from the directors. Also has hooked up on a trip. Once broke her arm playing duck duck goose during band camp.

George Washington: the long suffering band director. Has given up, but loves his job. He is a simple man someone save him from these idiots.

Thomas Jefferson: In orchestra. The asshole gay violinist. Brags about having hickies but they are really violin marks. Thinks he knows everything. Tries to usurp the conductor. Is an asshole to violas, but to be fair so is everyone.

James Madison: Also in orchestra. That one kid who picked the bass thinking he’d grow into it. And then he didn’t. RIP James. Puts up with Thomas only because he’s great in bed. A smol gay.

Aaron Burr: Is a viola. Everyone is an asshole to him. Not noticed. Practices and plays everything perfectly but no one ever hears him. Is so tired help him.

diamond-dandruff replied to your post: tries to pet the altaria “nice dragon, pretty…

((ive never loved altaria more than seeing it as an overpowered goose. truly the best interpretation

//lmao thank @hoennpride and @sterlingsilverchampion ,,, those nerds p much shaped Frigg,,


SCANDAL; “Shoujo S” Cover by Goose House

Goose House is a musical unit that has been active since year 2011, and based on the concept of singer-songwriters / unusual musicians that gather together like in a ‘share-house’. They currently have 7 members, and are famous for covering songs, holding regular lives (once per month) on U-Stream.

They have also contributed original songs to Animes such as “Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji)” and also, the upcoming October Anime, “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso”. They have also been featured in YUI’s “SHE LOVES YOU” cover album compilation, in which SCANDAL were also a part of by covering YUI’s “How crazy”.

They have also been featured on hit music programme, MUSIC STATION (20 Jun) HERE.

Above are two members covering SCANDAL’s hit song, “Shoujo S

Video upload w/ thanks to Goose House @ YT. It’s always nice to see other professional musicians cover SCANDAL’s tunes (:

Hikaru Nara Melodica Cover
Goose House/Tsunderrated
Hikaru Nara Melodica Cover

Hey wow this took a long time for some reason (me not working on it) but I finally did a cover of the first Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OP entirely on melodica (the instrument Kaori has in the first episode). The song is originally by the band Goose House, you should check them out.

R.I.P Kaori