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Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. As some of you would have realised, I like like wearing things differently - it’s fun and creates a bit of interest. No man is an island and I’m no exception to this rule. I draw inspiration from regular guys who have a interesting way of putting things together. There are many wells to draw inspiration from - art, photos old and new, nature, the complementary colours on buildings. In this case, it was from a picture of a guy I saw on Instagram who wore a fair isle v-neck jumper with a navy jacket and khaki trousers. I thought that it was a really cool way of doing that and I’ve drawn on that for today’s outfit.

This is actually a woolen waistcoat and being fair isle, it’s got a lot going on so I’ve kept most of the rest of the outfit neutral but have some textures going on there. To be fair, I could have worn a collared shirt with this but the band collar shirt just felt right. The fair isle pattern has a lot of warm colours and the brown edge underscores this so I’ve gone towards a warmer colour palette with the quilted navy blazer, white shirt, khaki trousers and snuff suede loafers. The pattern in the socks kind of echoes the pattern in the vest. There are textures in most of the outfit with some pattern coming through in the vest and the socks. I think it works as an outfit for the cooler weather and is a little playful without going over the top.

Quilted blazer - ts(s)

Vest - Jamieson’s

Shirt - River Island

Belt - Christian Kimber

Trousers - Boglioli

Socks - CHUP

Shoes - Crockett and Jones Eaton

Hidden meaning behind one of the lines from “She’s My Collar” by Gorillaz. Source: Genius

2D got me like whaaaa- ‼️💦💦
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Bowser’s MLM

Since this post got a hundred notes and y’all love my gay bowser theory I wanna show y’all that I got proof of him being into men other than him being on obvious bear (tall buff chubby man wearing spiked bands and collar). I have a tag on this blog called “gay bowser receipts” of canon content showing him either being into men or doing something with men.

Here’s what I got so far, only three pieces other than the gay bear coding.

From an official Mario manga, source found from @suppermariobroth. Picture shows Mario at some kinda gameshow, a heart shows up with a curtain covering whoever likes him/he’s paired with. He expects Daisy or Peach, but it’s Bowser, smiling happily.

From Mario RPG. Picture shows Bowser kissing Mario on the cheek. To be fair, this was an accident, but realize that Bowser has canonly kissed a man.

From Wreck it Ralph. Gif shows Bowser checking out a buff man’s thighs as he mentions them, nods and lifts his cup in agreement, acknowledging he’s got some nice thighs.

Anyways if y’all see proof Bowser’s mlm/bi/gay @ me.

bubbitlife  asked:

YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE, I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANK YOU FOR EXIST 💕 Can you write something for me?I was thinking about the band making a new video(you can choose the song;) and they wanted a dancer in this one, the whole video focusing in the band and in one magnificent choreography and they found the ballerina by accident. How did they find the dancer? how would it be if 2D and the ballerina(with the passage of time,after weeks of rehearsing the choreography) start to fall in lov with each other?


The band had been getting the idea to do a new music video for their song: She’s my collar, but they didnt really know how to approach it. They decided to spend the day in the city, hoping to find some inspiration. Noodle was bouncing around, looking at all the stores and buying herself an ice cream cone, while the boys silently followed her. Suddenly, they all stopped when they heard one of their songs. Charger started to play out of some big boxes and a big dancing crew came up on the square they were standing on. The band were all wearing hoodies and sunglasses, so they didnt expect someone to recognize them, but hearing their new song out of the sudden, kind of made them on edge. They had to admit that the dancing was pretty good and they assumed it was a flash mob of some sorts. People were starting to film it, but once the group parted and a person was suddenly standing alone in the middle, everyone pretty much grabbed their phone. The movements of them were mesmerizing and Noodle said to the boys she thought they were a modern dancer. Murdoc suddenly grabbed 2D by the arm and looked him dead serious in the eye. 

‘I want you to dance with them in the new music video’ he said. 2D looked at them, dancing in the middle and he didnt disagree. They were amazing and the video would get a lot of views. He just nodded and Russel and Noodle agreed with it as well. 

As soon as the dance was over and the people of the flash mob went back to their original places, Murdoc went straight to them. They were sitting at a table at a cafe and were breathing heavily. A smile was on their face, but faded a bit when Murdoc grabbed a chair and sat in front of them. Noodle stood next to him and 2D and Russel grabbed chairs to sit next to them.

‘Excuse me,’ you said. ‘But can I help you with something?’

Murdoc took off his glasses and looked them in the eye. You recognized the green skin and black and salmon eye from the pictures from the band and gasped. 

‘No way’ you whispered, as you looked at the other band members.

‘Listen up love,’ Murdoc said. ‘We want you to be in our new music video. Arrange a choreography that you will dance with faceache over here. Want the job or not?’

Your jaw had dropped open and you looked at 2D who gave you a bright smile.

‘Fuck yes!’ you said.

‘Great,’ Noodle said as she gave you her phone. ‘Put your number in here and then I will text you how, what and when. I promise I won’t give your number to any of the boys.’

She winked at you and laughed when she saw you slightly turning red. The band got up and walked away, Noodle waving at you.

‘Wait!’ you suddenly said. ‘To what song?’

2D looked back and he had a cheeky grin on his face.

‘She’s my collar’ he said back and you leaned back in your chair as you saw them walking around the corner. 

‘Holy shit’ you whispered.

The first day you got to the studio, you were totally ready to dance. You knew the song in and out and knew every move. You jumped a little when Noodle was suddenly standing next to you, smiling brightly. 

‘Are you ready?’ she asked and you smiled like a little kid and nodded. The day went by smoothly. You showed them the dance and danced your part and the part of 2D. Murdoc was a bit complaining that he actually wanted to be in the video, but Noodle told him to: “Shut it.”

2D got a hang of it quickly and sometimes looked at you like you were the only two persons in the whole fucking world. It made you feel kind of nervous and almost tripped once due to this. 

When you were in three weeks of rehearsal, you started working on the lifts you had planned. It was weird a first, 2D suddenly touching you, but after a few hours of awkward laughter it go normal for 2D to touch your amazing body.

At some point he put his hand on your upper leg at one of the lifts and you felt the heat rising up to your head. He gave you a cheeky smile and put you down on the floor again.

‘Thought that would look cool,’ he said. ‘You know, it needs to look like you are my collar.’

The day of the shooting was here and Noodle was helping you with your outfit. She had bought this bright, yellow choker and put it around your neck as the big finish. You came out of your dressing room and saw everyone running around, someone for the camera and other people were adjusting the lights. But as soon as you walked on the set, your eyes were just focused on 2D. He was wearing this black, leather jacket and black pants. His hair was all messy and as soon as he saw you, his jaw dropped.

‘Damn love,’ he said as he greeted you with a kiss on the cheek. ‘You look fucking gorgeous.’ You smiled and chuckled.

‘Looking not bad yourself Stu’ you said. 

Soon the music was starting and 2D and you performed the dance you had been working on for so long. But something had changed. Somehow you two were way more intimate then normal. The pants weren’t just from the song, but also from 2D, as one of his fingers stroke your yellow collar. You were yellow and he was blue. As soon as the music stopped, you felt his arm on your upper leg, almost touching your private area and you both could feel the shiver that was send down your spine. 

‘Take a 20 minute break everyone’ one of the directors yelled as he started to look at the footage he had. You smiled softly at 2D, and made your way back to your dressing room quickly. You closed the door and looked at yourself in the mirror.

‘Shit’ you whispered as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You jumped when 2D suddenly stormed in and closed the door behind him, locking it. His jacket came flying off as he grabbed you and put you up on your dressing table, your legs wrapped around his waist. 

‘Think you can tease me like that?’ he said as he ripped open your shirt. You grabbed his neck and you pulled him in for a kiss that was passionate beyond words. You started to take you clothes off, but once you wanted to take of you collar, 2D stopped you.

‘Not the collar’ he panted. You two ended up having seks on the couch, not really scared anyone would hear you. You bet everyone saw the sexual tension between you two, so you actually really didnt care. Once you were done, you went back outside again and you two needed to perform the dance again. The dance got more passionate and intimate every time you performed it and in the end you had over 15 takes. You looked at the footage and was amazed by the movements you two were making and smiled at 2D. 

‘So,’ he said, once everyone was cleaning up the studio. ‘How about we go on a proper date, I mean, if you want to.’

You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck.

‘Would love to’ you said.

A few months later you were all dressed up nicely next to 2D and the other members of the band. The video had been nominated for a grammy for best music video and you were all pretty nervous. You held the hand of your boyfriend tight as you gave him a smile while they opened the envelope with the winning name in it.

‘The winner is’ the guy on the stage said as he paused for a moment.

‘Oh for fuck sake’ Murdoc whispered and you laughed softly, feeling just as nervous as the others.

Gorillaz with their song: She’s my collar!’ 

The band jumped up and 2D placed a loving kiss on your lips. You pushed him towards the stage and applaud like a the damn idiot you were.

Everyone had prepared a short speech and 2D was the last one to give his. He held the award in his left hand and looked for you in the crowd, which was pretty damn hard due to all the lights and cameras. 

‘I want to thank my loving partner for teaching me how to dance,’ he said as a big grin appeared on his face. ‘They are my everything. I love you Y/N’

You laughed as you felt some tears of joy coming up. You saw Murdoc rolling his eyes about the whole “I love you part” but even he smiled like an idiot. 

‘Love you too Stu’ you yelled as you saw how he threw his left hand in the air, showing the award to everyone.

But especially to you.

Brendon Urie's Stylist on the Panic! at the Disco Singer's Colorful Tailormade Style: Exclusive

For Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie, the embrace of “emo” spans at least a decade. But thanks to stylist Anthony Franco, the band is changing its tune, donning a new, colorfully clad style.

The self-taught designer and stylist first cut his teeth in the ‘80s and '90s dressing Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men and Lauryn Hill and outfitting MC Hammer for his “2 Legit 2 Quit” video. “When you come from making clothes for stars, you can’t give it up, which is why I like working with Panic!,” Franco tells Billboard in an exclusive interview.

After being introduced to the Las Vegas-bred group through their Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour director – who Franco worked with while styling Fall Out Boy – it was a match made in sartorial heaven. “I just threw a whole bunch of stuff in my bag from working on films like Waterworld and X-Men, made a bunch of sh–, met the boys, and they were like, 'We love you,’” he recalls. “They were babies, 17 to 20 years old, and I was already in my 30s, but from that point on, I became really close with them and have literally done every single thing with the band and Brendon since.”

How would you describe Brendon’s style?

The thing I love about the band is they’re from Vegas, so they kinda had a Rat Pack vibe with emo elements to them. With all groups, it’s the singer who usually has their individual style, and Brendon will wear anything I ask him to. He trusts me, and that’s a big thing; when an artist does not allow their stylist or creative team to help them create an image, a lot of times it looks like it’s forced. Personally, I can’t think of anyone out there with his sense of style. He loves his shiny fabrics, has stage presence, and to me, he’s always been a one-man show. He does take over, and the fans love it, and it’s great.

He seems to be a big fan of colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets, along with high-collar shirts. Is that your influence? 

Yeah, the high-collar thing came about when we were doing the “Hallelujah” video, where it’s a play on clergymen in a confessional. Instead of doing the band in collars – which is a direct reference to priesthood – we implemented that element into the shirts by raising the collar up. I love how Karl Lagerfeld dresses with his collars, so that’s what we go for. It gives an emperor’s look as opposed to looking like a preacher.


Brendon @brendonurie @panicatthedisco ready to give you an amazing performance tonite on @fallontonight - #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #tonight

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Jan 19, 2017 at 5:01pm PST

What about the colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets?

This started around the '05 Vaudeville eyeliner emo look, but I began noticing that the clothing started to elevate itself with shine and color. I wasn’t so nervous about it since I knew Brendon could pull it off, but it was also something that nobody at the time was doing, and it sort of came across as really Liberace. To avoid looking like a Vegas lounge singer, his fit had to be perfectly tailored and custom-made. I didn’t want to just throw him in clothing that we had to alter but didn’t work for him. As his stylist, I want to make sure that every time he’s out there performing or on the red carpet, he looks different, but it’s still his style.

Is there a pattern or color Brendon wouldn’t wear?

I don’t know if I would ever put him in plaid. I like textures, and leopard works perfectly for him. I think there is not a color now that we haven’t used. That’s why when we did the Grammy red carpet, we went for a clean slate with the white tux with silver thread in it and a fattened collared shirt (exclusive sketch below). Kind of like [Grammy-nominated best rock album] Death of a Bachelor, where a bride wears white. We flew in the shiny fabric from London, and I made the full look (tux, pant and shirt) within a week, because I have his pattern down perfectly. That’s fast for us, but with him, I don’t like to do things with too much of a lead time because we’re so creative we might change our minds. His fans love him, and it’s nice when they get in really close and can spot a new detail within that look.

What influences Brendon’s style the most: comfortability or design interest?

Since he’s an active performer, his pants have a little stretch in them, and his shoes have to be super comfortable. But up top, he will wear anything. I also have to be aware of sweating because he’s performing, so I will never use wool. He’ll start the show looking head-to-toe perfect and will start stripping stuff off, and before you know it, he ends up shirtless. [Laughs] For him, I think it’s really about a full look at the beginning, and then he’ll sort of taper down to get himself into it. For the red carpet, he wants to look perfect from head-to-toe.

When it comes to fashion, what excites Brendon?

He’s interesting because we know it’s the element of dress-up, and he knows that people love him for his music and his clothing. He gets inspired by fashion and is not an off-the-rack kind of guy. Brendon will never follow a designer just because everyone else is following a trend. It’s dress-up, but it’s not a costume nor gimmicky.

Brendon @brendonurie looks so good at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards - he’s wearing a custom Diamond White Tuxedo–We’ve done almost every color in the rainbow – This shining beauty is definitely one of my favorites. #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #grammys

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Feb 13, 2017 at 10:31am PST

How do you keep it from looking gimmicky?

The good thing is, with well-made clothing; it never looks cheap. And we put a lot into making sure the fit of the fabric and details are expensive, a.k.a. well-thought-out and -executed.

When he’s not performing, what does Brendon gravitate towards?

He’s all casual. Jeans, T-shirt, a hoodie and Adidas sneakers. He is straight-up comfort. 

Even at nighttime?

Oh yeah, he would never dress up to go to dinners and stuff like that. That persona of him is strictly  onstage. 


Brendon @brendonurie giving you one hell of a performance yesterday @iheartradio - wearing one of my favorite jackets in Army Green Lacquer ☠️ #brendonurie #iheartradio #performance

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Sep 25, 2016 at 10:50am PDT

What is your most memorable styling moment with Brendon?

His light-blue jacket with leopard T-shirt from his last tour. A couple, who met at a Panic! concert and eventually got married, sent a photo of their baby dressed up for Halloween in a leopard shirt and blue onesie jacket over it. It was so damn cute, and when fans start re-creating his looks, it’s flattering for us. The most incredible moment was when Brendon met President Obama after performing at the Kennedy Center Honors in a gorgeous bronze tuxedo, which we custom designed. It photographed beautifully, and I felt so proud to see my work on him while meeting the president. 


One of my favorite fashion moments - Brendon @brendonurie & Sarah @sarahurie at the Kennedy Center Honors 2013, both look so stunning wearing my designs. #love #friends

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Nov 11, 2016 at 2:35pm PST