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Bowser’s MLM

Since this post got a hundred notes and y’all love my gay bowser theory I wanna show y’all that I got proof of him being into men other than him being on obvious bear (tall buff chubby man wearing spiked bands and collar). I have a tag on this blog called “gay bowser receipts” of canon content showing him either being into men or doing something with men.

Here’s what I got so far, only three pieces other than the gay bear coding.

From an official Mario manga, source found from @suppermariobroth. Picture shows Mario at some kinda gameshow, a heart shows up with a curtain covering whoever likes him/he’s paired with. He expects Daisy or Peach, but it’s Bowser, smiling happily.

From Mario RPG. Picture shows Bowser kissing Mario on the cheek. To be fair, this was an accident, but realize that Bowser has canonly kissed a man.

From Wreck it Ralph. Gif shows Bowser checking out a buff man’s thighs as he mentions them, nods and lifts his cup in agreement, acknowledging he’s got some nice thighs.

Anyways if y’all see proof Bowser’s mlm/bi/gay @ me.

Best Of Me (M)

🎃 word count: 3k

🎃 genre: smut + fluff ; domestic au

🎃 pairing: reader/jeongguk

🎃 warning(s)/kink(s): pet play, kitten + master, punishment, degradation, praise, oral sex, fingering, come eating, choking, bruising, use of collar + leash, aftercare 

🎃 summary: you had just a few tasks to do at home and you forgot to complete them for your boyfriend/master; he seems to think a punishment is the most fitting way to treat the situation.

🎃 requested by: anon - “Kinktober… do you write pet play? If you do jungkook and his gf who’s a kitten (it doesn’t have to be ears and tail it could just be a collar/leash) with degradation/praise, some light bruising, maybe some breath play(?) with aftercare like cuddles and kisses falling asleep w/him as a protective big spoon”

🎃 music: ko ko bop + sweet lies - exo

🎃 masterlist + kinktober 2017

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all the president’s rubies (victuuri)

i believe it was @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband​ who was saying that of all the theories in victor “my husband” nikiforov, they would probably roleplay at least the first three.  so i thought about it when i went on a run, and here we are:

The man he sees across the room fits in too perfectly; lean body in a royal blue Isaia suit that’s tailored to aching perfection, the inseam of the trouser cut short to reveal a scandalous sliver of bare ankle, and a white band collar shirt instead of a traditional button down to accentuate his long neck.  The man is quintessential classics with the precise amount of unorthodox edge to suggest he is a man who is always on the precipice of something.

He watches the man run his fingers through his silver hair like lavish strands of spiders’ silk.  The man screams expensive.  How many millions of dollars would you be holding in your hands if you had this man underneath you?

He must be brave.  There’s no time to waste.  He steps across the ballroom and into the man’s social circle with his chest out like he belongs there.

“Katsuji Yuuta,” he introduces himself.  “May I buy you a drink?”

“Vitaly Nikonov,” the man replies, smiling. “And I already have a drink.  But you may keep me company.”

“What are they doing?” Yuri whispers a little too loud, watching Katsuki slink over to where Victor is talking to a handful of sponsors.  

“Maybe this is like that banquet where they pretended they were meeting again for the first time,” Otabek offers, stealing a stuffed mushroom from Yuri’s plate and popping it into his mouth.  He licks at the grease left on the tip of his thumb. “Remember that last year?  They even brought that old tie and Victor cried when he tied it around Katsuki’s head like a crown.”

Mila laughs into her champagne flute and Yuri suppresses a shiver. 

“This feels worse than that.  This feels,” he says, pauses, curls his nose, “this feels weirder.”

“So what brings you here?” Vitaly Nikonov asks, rolling his wrist and watching the maraschino cherry swirl around in his manhattan. “I haven’t seen you around.” 

“Funny,” Katsuji Yuuta says, and he looks Vitaly Nikonov up and down like a question and an answer all at once. He tilts his head at the group Vitaly’s with and takes a swig of his own champagne. “I thought we might be here for the same reasons.  But I see you here, and suddenly I can’t remember why I came.”

“Oh, Mr. Katsuji,” Vitaly says, voice lowering. “I don’t think you’ve come close to coming yet.”

“Uh, guys,” says Mark from Sony, bumping a fist on Vitaly’s shoulder.  “Victor?  Yuuri?  I’m gonna–me and the boys, we’re gonna, uh, step away for awhile.”

Vitaly Nikonov hums as if Mark from Sony is very, very far away.  He can see nothing else but Katsuji Yuuta’s soulful, brown eyes.  

“Spies!” Mila does not squeal as she runs back to Otabek and Yuri with a refreshed drink and a plate of bacon wrapped scallops.  “They’re pretending they’re rival spies.  Or maybe Yuuri’s a honeypot?  I don’t know, all I could hear is them talking about trading intel upstairs and–”

“Gross,” Yuri says, stealing her champagne and downing it in one gulp.  Yuuri and Victor at banquets are going to drive him to an early retirement.  Next to him, Otabek is stoically looking at the chandelier over their table, trying not to laugh.  

“Mr. Katsuji!” Victor moans dramatically, his band collar shirt torn open, buttons flown across the room.  “Oh, if our agencies found us this way, they would kill us!”

“Stop!” Yuuri laughs on top of him, tucking his face away in the curve of Victor’s neck.  “Now it just sounds stupid.”

“We must run away together!” Victor says, rolling his hips up to greet the inviting curve of Yuuri’s ass through his briefs.  “Change our names!  Go into hiding!  The two of us against the world!”

“Victor, you said if I won gold you would take this seriously,” Yuuri whines, and he nibbles at the soft of Victor’s earlobe to make him gasp and still.  

“I am taking this seriously,” Victor says softly underneath him.  He rolls his hips up slower this time, a little more sluggish drag to prove how earnestly invested he is, dick hard and needy between the undone fly of his own pants.  “I was going to tell you of a bungalow I know tucked away off the coast of Bali.  We’ll think up new identities.  You can be Yuuri Katsuki.  I’ll be Victor Nikiforov.  Former figure skating champions.  We’ll fall asleep to the sound of waves every night, and no one will ever find us.  What do you think?” 

Yuuri grinds his ass down where Victor is waiting for him.  “I think you should keep going.”

“Uh, what color are Miniature Freddy’s shirt accents, again?”

Ted the Animator: “Blue collar, orange bands and undershirt.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, right, thanks.”

*30 seconds later*

Carl the Animator: “Uh, what color are Miniature Freddy’s shirt accents, again?”

Ted the Animator: “Blue col–… seriously?”

Carl the Animator: “Sorry, I can’t really hear you that well over Sabaton.”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, if you have your headphones in, why even ask?

Carl the Animator: “'Cause at least if Hanna-Barbera is spying on us, it’ll sound like I care about the colors Freddy’s shirt has while he’s being presented with a disk sander.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh, fair enough.”


where else you can see the cast of band of brothers ⤔ ross mccall

band of brothers - joseph liebgott
white collar - matthew keller
24: live another day - ron clark
green street hooligans - dave
serving up richard - richard rubens
lucifer - onyx



Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. As some of you would have realised, I like like wearing things differently - it’s fun and creates a bit of interest. No man is an island and I’m no exception to this rule. I draw inspiration from regular guys who have a interesting way of putting things together. There are many wells to draw inspiration from - art, photos old and new, nature, the complementary colours on buildings. In this case, it was from a picture of a guy I saw on Instagram who wore a fair isle v-neck jumper with a navy jacket and khaki trousers. I thought that it was a really cool way of doing that and I’ve drawn on that for today’s outfit.

This is actually a woolen waistcoat and being fair isle, it’s got a lot going on so I’ve kept most of the rest of the outfit neutral but have some textures going on there. To be fair, I could have worn a collared shirt with this but the band collar shirt just felt right. The fair isle pattern has a lot of warm colours and the brown edge underscores this so I’ve gone towards a warmer colour palette with the quilted navy blazer, white shirt, khaki trousers and snuff suede loafers. The pattern in the socks kind of echoes the pattern in the vest. There are textures in most of the outfit with some pattern coming through in the vest and the socks. I think it works as an outfit for the cooler weather and is a little playful without going over the top.

Quilted blazer - ts(s)

Vest - Jamieson’s

Shirt - River Island

Belt - Christian Kimber

Trousers - Boglioli

Socks - CHUP

Shoes - Crockett and Jones Eaton