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BTS Reaction: Seeing their S/O in a swimsuit for the first time. Part 3: Jimin, Taehyung, & Jungkook

Description: Going to the beach with the BTS for the first and they see their soulmate in a swimsuit for the first time. 

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post part 3. I’ve been busy with personal stuff like unpacking and getting ready for university, hope you guys enjoy!

*Sorry, I’m doing probably going to do two members at a time for this reaction or else this will be a really really long post.


Although known for being a sexy dancing machine Jimin is also probably the most fluffy adorable person you ever met. He loves to cuddle with you and is a true gentleman waiting and does anything he can to make your first relationship the best. 

One moment you are watching the boys do a photoshoot in Hawaii, you hate to admit it but the way the boys began to have a light tan was something you liked a lot. The staff asked you if you wanted to go swim and just have fun, while the boys work but you said no and just wanted to watch.

Jimin noticed how you were getting hot underneath the heat of the summer sun, so he asked if the guys and him could take a break for the day. The photographer agreed cause everyone was honestly tired from the shoot. Jimin got out of the water and made his way over to you asking you sweetly, “Hey sweetheart, do you wanna go for a swim with me?” 

You smiled brightly knowing the main reason was cause Jimin really cared about your well being. Agreeing you rushed off to go change into a swimsuit you wanted to wear, for him. Sitting there waiting for you to change he began singing Miss Right to himself thinking how you were Miss Right for him.

As you walked over Jimin would look up and be shy as a fluff ball. His face would be flush and a goofy adorable wide smile would spread across his lips as he sees the adorable yet sexy light blue Bandeau style swimsuit you had on. ‘God, she is perfect.’ he would think to himself as his smile turns into a smirk looking over your entire body enjoying the swimsuit and the curves of your body.

“J-Jimin?” you would shyly blush as he snaps his attention to your blushing face making him feel so warm and giddy, god the kind of affect you had on him was incredible. He couldn’t take how adorable you looked so he just hid his face in his hands and looked away from you while muttering something to himself.

*you are left standing confused as your shy boyfriend mutters stuff to himself* “God dammit she is like a freaking angel.” *the rest of the day ends up with him keeping the image of you in his mind*


Knowing Taehyung he was the one who suggested to go to the beach and play, he was the one who also suggested that you guys should bring the dogs and have a picnic. Being in a relationship with the hyperactive alien was always exciting with the way he’d just pop in an out of the place while spoiling you, you’d always have to scold him to be careful of the money he was spending.

So you were glad that this date was simple and easy, leaving the picnic basket in the car you watched Taehyung bring the dogs out and run with them in his swimming trunks, oversized white shirt, and sandals. He ended up tripping in the sand making you laugh as the dogs began running around him and barking as if they were laughing at him too. 

The plan for the day was to take it easy and simples, just relax and take it easy. You let your boyfriend run around and play with his dogs that he hadn’t seen for a while, in the meantime you took off your clothes revealing the purple bikini you already had on underneath.

So you decided to take a nice relaxing swim in the clear waters of the beach, the weather was nice and warm, but not to warm just perfect the perfect temperature.~ 

After floating in the waters and enjoying the partly cloudy skies you went back to find your boyfriend sitting on the beach petting the dogs relaxing as his feet were underneath the sand. You smiled and walked over at the sight of seeing him being so relaxed, he had deserved it after such a long time working. 

As Taehyung laid his eyes on you they widened at how your body was teasing him with the perfect purple bikini that complimented your skin tone and type of body. How it tortured him how slowly the water droplets tracing your curves as they go down your body and hit the sand. He just stared with his jaw wide open forgetting to pet the dogs making the poor little doggies keep pawing at their owner whining for attention. 

As you stood in front of him you laughed softly raising an eyebrow at him then bent down petting the adorable cutiepie dogs. “What’s wrong Taehyung?” you asked him since he just kept staring at you. “N-Nothing, but…man you look beautiful…kitten.” 

Your eyes widened at the sudden call of your nickname, looking at him you knew you were in trouble. His eyes were filled with a dark kind of lust as a smirk appeared on his perfectly soft lips making you realize that you were probably blushing. But the moment was ruined when his attitude changed into a hilarious flirty guy.

“Aye girl, you can call me your Nemo cause I’ll tap that butt~ ” *he then sends you a kiss and raises his eyebrows at you, making you laugh hysterically at the horrible pick-up line and push him over while asking if he learned it from Jin* 


All right this guy is just the definition of awkward and shy. I mean at least I think he was, now I ain’t so sure cause have you seen him?! Alright this would depend on how long you’ve been dating, but I am assuming this is still the beginning of the relationship.

So, Jungkook would be super shy around you. You had to make the first move cause you got fed up about the shy bunny never making a move. But since then it has been adorably awkward and sweet, he would text you good morning and always bring you snacks and sweets.One day he invites you and your friends to a beach party with the boys or just some of his friends. Immediately arriving at the beach Taehyung challenges Jungkook to see who can swim faster and the farthest, with Namjoon supervising of course. :P

During that time you and your friends got changed into the newly bought swimsuits you got just for the occasion. However, Jungkook and you were in different parts of the beach as you and your friends were beach combing and looking for shells or just splashing water at each other, while your active muscle pig boyfriend was playing every beach sport possible not noticing you. 

However as lunch rolled around he began getting hungry and wanted to spend some time alone with you, searching the beach for you he found you staring at the water. As he came closer he felt that his heart was in danger of beating too fast and exploding right on the spot. You were in a pure white swimsuit with your hair tied into a high ponytail exposing the back of your neck, his heart just couldn’t stop beating. 

You turned around to find him awkwardly standing there, although you had made the first move in your relationship everything else was awkward because it was your first and you had no idea what to do. The two of you ended up just staring at each other until Jungkook panicked and made a move. 

He jumped onto the hill of sand he was on and rolled down to you. Wide eyes you just watched your boyfriend expertly role down the hill and pose in a cool heroic pose. He stood up and rubbed the back of his neck, once again with silence taking over. Breaking the silence was your beautiful laugh, you were so surprised and shocked by his actions you couldn’t help but find them hilarious. “W-Why the hell did you roll in the sand like that?! Y-You couldn’t- Hahaha! Ouch my stomach hurts from laughing. Oh my god! Hahaha- You couldn’t think of a better way to break the awkward silence?! Hahaha!” You just kept laughing as his face became super red and a bit pouty that you were laughing at him that he just bursted out his thoughts, “O-Oh yeah? W…Well it’s your fault for looking so sexy and beautiful that I was left standing completely in awe!” 

Again silence, but now you were the one embarrassed. “S-Sexy and…beautiful?” Jungkook couldn’t handle it anymore and just ran away, with you chasing after him yelling to wait and that you should get lunch together. “Wait! Jungkook, let’s go get lunch!” 

“Nooo! You’ll make fun of me!” *runs for his life while thinking* ‘She’ll be the death of me…It’s her fault I’m this awkward around her, she’s too much for my heart to handle.’ *in the end he makes you where his hoodie while eating lunch together*

Credit to the owners of the gifs, they are perfect and I do not own any of them…sadly, but yeah. Hahaha~ ENJOY!

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any swimwear diy?

Sunny swimwear tutorials incoming! I only included feminine styles. Let me know if that wasn’t what you were looking for.

DIY Neoprene Bralette

DIY Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

DIY Pucker Butt Bikini Bottoms

DIY Retro Swimsuit Tutorial

DIY Bandeau Knotted Tankini

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Bet you can’t tell which of these irresistible one piece swimsuits will make your wallet hungry!

Gone are the days when one piece swimsuits meant boring, vanilla designs. One piece styles today let you look as sexy, playful, or elegant as you want. The 5 hot one piece styles below are perfect for your beach and pool side excursions this summer. The catch is, half are just over a hundred dollars, while the other half will take more of your money. Can you tell which is which?

1) Bandeau

Up first are two minimal bandeau style swimsuits that bring out the sexy in you, but one is just over $100, while the other is closer to $300. Do you know which of these bandeaus save you cash?

Bead-Detail Bandeau | Caractere Urbain Bandeau

2) Swimdress

For times when you’ll be spending as much time on dry land as you will be in the water, one piece swimdresses give you an elegant look for the beach or poolside. These two swimdreses are both chic, but one is a more humble $139, while the other is $350!

Bill Mio One-Piece Swimsuit | Halter-Neck Swimdress

3) Cutout

Whether they’re on a dress, a tee, or a swimsuit, cutouts add a touch of flirty detail without fully revealing you skin. Click through to find out which of these side cutout one piece styles is more wallet-friendly.

Wild Side One Piece Swimsuit | Strappy Bustier One Piece Swimsuit

4) Patterned

Why not go for a patterned style to show off your playful personality? Fresh fruits or bubbly balloons? Pick wisely; one of them is $148, the other will set you back by $340.

Retro Twist One Piece | Classic Strap One Piece

5) Deep-V

How deep will you go? The deep-v style is for daring ladies that love the spotlight, without going for a bikini. Can you believe one of these pieces is less than $80?

Bermuda One Piece | One-Piece Suit

So, were your guesses right? Let us know which of these one piece styles you liked the most!

Bold Prints for Bold Fashionistas

Those mid-winter blues got you feeling blah? We’ve got some bold prints to brighten up your day and get you ready for spring. And all those rules about not mixing patterns no longer apply - pair stripes with plaid, or polka dots with checks. When it comes to prints, our philosophy is: go bold, or go home!

Sometimes a little print goes a long way. These gorgeous pumps have got it all: dazzling colours, an eye-catching pattern, and a contrasting 4-inch heel.

Nicholas Kirkwood Zigzag-pattern Point-toe Pump

And for those of you that aren’t feeling quite so brazen but are still looking to bring some excitement to your toes, these heels also come in a fabulous black and white combination.

Nicholas Kirkwood Zigzag-pattern Point-toe Pump

The smooth curves and feminine ties at the back of this one-piece suit provide a striking contrast against the strong geometric print on the front. A detachable strap adds versatility - you can wear this as a bandeau or a halter top.

ASOS Bold Graphic Print Bandeau Swimsuit

This patterned shirtdress can be worn at work or at play. The black and white print can be easily dressed up for the office with tights and ballerina flats. Add some colourful accessories and switch your flats for heels, and you’re set for a night out on the town.

Banana Republic Bold Print Shirtdress

Equally suited for the beach, at the office, or out and about, this tunic pairs as easily with a straw hat and a pair of flip-flops as it does with leggings and boots. This beautiful piece boasts a Mandarin collar, a fun pattern, and a bright colour-contrasting trim.

Tory Burch Patterned Tunic Top

This strapless cocktail dress will really make you stand out, with its geometric pattern and sleek lines. The contrasting metallic sequins glam up this simple but stunning sheath dress.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Sequin Pattern Sheath Dress

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it – and this peacock-inspired dress is definitely a showstopper! The jewel-toned paillettes add glimmer and texture next to the stark white background, making this statement dress perfect for any special occasion.

3.1 Phillip Lim Paillete-Patterned Silk Dress

This tote has boho chic printed all over it. The multi-coloured geometric pattern fits easily into any wardrobe, and there are plenty of pockets inside to stash all your stuff.

Cynthia Vincent Berkeley Printed Tote Bag

Of course, we couldn’t write about bold prints without mentioning argyle socks! These knee-highs are as cute as they come, and would look great peeking out from the top of a pair of classic riding boots.

Nordstrom Soft Touch Argyle Knee Socks

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Khahy H. 
Contributing Writer at Wantering

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