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The boys favourite things to see Candy wearing? (ie dresses, shorts, lingerie -wink wink hint hint-)

Hello dear and thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy what I have for headcanons about what the boys like to see! Though be sure to know that you shouldn’t change to your own personal style to match that of someone you like or to please someone you like. If you have to change anything about yourself, it’s worth it.


Nathaniel actually likes seeing Candy wear clothing that seems innocent; to him, innocent is sexy. This includes everything from school girl-like outfits to clothes that are modest that show only hints of skin. For example, shirt that covers her breasts and cleavage, but goes off her shoulders and exposes her neck and chest or a shirt that exposes just a small strip of skin on her skin. For some reason, Candy manages to turn even the most innocent thing into an absolute sin to wear. School girl outfits are, however, his absolute favorite and turn him on the most.

As for lingerie, he loves lingerie that’s a bit see-through but hides the important parts. Seeing her in it is almost sexier than just seeing her naked.


It’s no surprise that Castiel likes as little clothing as possible. He likes to see skin. Shorts, short dresses/skirts, cutoff shirts, bandeau tops, he loved it all if skin was showing. He liked short skirts the most, however, because Candy usually pairs it with a cutoff shirt. The whole outfit is just a tease; something that Candy likes to flaunt in front of him and she knows exactly what she’s doing to him.

For lingerie, he loves anything that pushes her breasts up and together like a push-up bra. It’s enchanting to him to see her in a matching set of lingerie, especially if there is just a bit of lacy.


Lysander loves seeing Candy in skirts and/or dresses that are elegant and sexy. To him, elegancy is the sexiest thing a girl can wear. Corset tops are also very sexy to him, but remind him of lingerie so much that he ends up becoming a blushing mess when he sees Candy wearing them.

Speaking of lingerie, Lysander prefers a bustier bra (due to its resemblance to corsets) or corsets themselves and sexy matching underwear and thigh-highs with garters.


Armin loves shorts. He likes to see Candy’s legs go on for miles and a loose tank top that shows peeks of her bra on the sides. He just loves it if she pairs it all with thigh-high socks. It’s a type of casual sexy that turns him on and he loves to admire. Sexy cosplay is something he is also very much into.

He loves mismatching lingerie. Something about it not matching seems casual and fun while still being sexy. He loves it even more when it’s a bra or underwear that’s not just a simple color; for example, he loves Candy’s pokemon ball bra and her Cookie Monster underwear.


Kentin finds sundresses and cute clothing to be sexy. Sundresses do a good job at hinting at her curves while still being cute. They are also typically bright and fun, which he adores. Anything that has flowers, bows or anything else cute is also good to him.

For lingerie, he doesn’t really care. He likes seeing her in anything (or nothing). Though he really loves the ones that have tiny bows on the fronts or sides.

Lacey bra, golden chain
Cigarettes covered in lipstick stains
Bright red lips, jeans all blue
Arms covered in tattoos
Leather jacket, something floral
My smirk is absolutely adorable
Smudged eyeliner, heavy rings
I’m not afraid of anything
Combat boots, little skirt
Let’s act like we’ve never been hurt
Pink hickies, black knee socks
Your touch gives me electric shocks
Sheer shirt, a bandeau
In the morning, please don’t go
Messy hair, stolen darts
Don’t you break my fucking heart
—  Me, to you

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could you post some nymphet clothes from Romwe :)


Pleated Pink Short-sleeved Bandeau Shirt

Lipstick Single-breasted White Shirt

Polka Dot Print Bowknot White Bandeau also in black

Heart-shaped Cutout Pink Bandeau

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Bandeau

Green Lace-up Bandeau

Crop Black Lace Camisole Vest also in white

Straps Flouncing Backless Floral Print Apricot-yellow Vest

Flower Print Layered Blue Bandeau

Sunflowers Print Crossed Straps Slim Black Vest

Straps Sunflowers Print Flouncing Black Vest

Bowknot Hollow-out Elastic Slim Sheer Black Suntop

Halter V-neck Backless Midriff Black Vest

Flower Print Layered Pink Bandeau

Barbie Print Pink Sweatshirt


Washing Fading Destroyed Lip Embroidery Shorts & here

Red Lip Stitching Distressed Blue Denim Shorts

Sunflower Print High-waist Denim Shorts

White Floral Print High-waist Denim Light-blue Shorts

Red Lip Print Split Side Apricot Shorts

Polka Dots Pleated Print Blue Shorts 

Elastic Pleated Sheer Blue Shorts

Zippered Goose Embellished Light Blue Shorts

Cherry Embroidered Pocketed Blue Shorts

Zippered Floral Print Black Shorts also in white


Heart Print Pleated Black Skirt

Sunflower Print Pleated Zippered Denim Skirt

Sunflower Print High Waist Light Apricot Skirt also in blue

Falbala Dual-tone White High Waist Skirt

Pleated Slim Sheer White Skirt

High-waisted A-line Light-blue Denim Skirt

Scotland Stripes Print Zippered Flouncing Skirt

Wool Panel Bodycon Flouncing Sheer White Skirt

Red Lips Print Elastic Black Umbrella Skirt

Polka Dots Print Black Umbrella Skirt

Floral Print Zippered Pleated Black Skirt

Elastic Waist Falbala Sheer Black Skirt also in blue & pink

Dark Blue Denim Skirt

Flouncing Light-blue Skirt

Floral Print Pleated Black Skirt

Hearts Print Pink Skirt

Colorful Holographic Material Vinyl Skirt

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Skirt

High Waist Light Blue Denim Skirt


Navy Striped Bandeau & Skirt Two Pieces

Floral Print Sleeveless Purple Lace Two Pieces


Flower Print Buttoned Embellished Pink Camisole Dress

Flowers Round Neck Sleeveless Light-blue Dress

Daisy Print Sleeveless Slim Black Dress

Cut-out Dress also in pinkblack and purple

Round Neck Sleeveless Pleated Loose Sheer White Dress

Polka Dots Print Backless Bowknots Zippered Pink Dress

Hearts Backless Pleated Slim Print Dress

Cut-out Bowknot Sheer Yellow Strap Dress

Flouncing Puff Hem Sleeveless Sheer Pink Dress

Pleated Puff Hem Sleeveless Sheer White Dress

Polka Dots Print Pleated Black Dress

Pleated Sleeveless Puff Sky-blue Dress

Sleeveless Waisted Fish-tail Flouncing Sky-blue Dress

Beads Embellished Camisole Purple Dress

Lolita Lace Short-sleeved Bule Dress

Pleated Round Neck Dress

Panel PU Cut-out Lips Print White Halter Dress

V-neck Polka Dots Print Pleated Black Dress

 V-neck Pleated Sleeveless Light-blue Dress

Heart-shaped Cutout Sleeveless Black Dress

Heart-shaped Embellishment Blue Camisole Dress

Beaded Pleated Layered White Dress

Beaded Pleated Layered Apricot Smock Dress

Retro Lapel Neck Black Dress

kay lets try to do this...

Ok here we go!

Aight so we first get there and see the longest line ever wrapping around the whole damn building… then we realize vip has their own entrance :P so we go the that door and the first thing i see is nicoles mom dealing with some random woman with no ticket trying to get into the vip area…and she seemes kinda irritated with her but i dont blame her.. 

Anyway! we get in and get our vip bracelets and the first person i see when i get in there is zendayas dad and it was surreal :P he was super smiley and so nice and then i met vals dad and he was super busy trying to organize everything so he left after a while.

after walking around for a bit, nervous as fuck, not knowing what to do with myself we finally went to sit down.

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