bandcamp is the shit

[ég mun syngja fyrir heiminn] I will sing for the world
[svo þau finni loksins til] so that they may feel pain
[ég mun syngja svo þau sjái] I will sing so they see
[það sem blundar inni í mér] what slumbers within me
[ég mun syngja svo þau gráti] I will sing so they cry
[ég mun syngja svo þau elski eins og ég] I will sing so they may love like I do

[ég mun reykja heiminn] I will smoke the world
[gleypa stubbinn] and swallow the stub
[svo ekkert verði eftir nema ég] so nothing remains but me

[ég er guð] I am god

[ég mun sjá heiminn brenna] I will see the world burn
[ég mun sjá hann ljóma] I will see it glow

[ég er föst í stjörnuþoku] I am trapped in a galaxy
[og einn daginn mun ég springa] and one day I will explode
[ég er það fallegasta] I am the most beautiful thing
[sem að ég hef nokkurn tímann séð] that I have ever seen

this is the most Icelandic thing I have ever seen.

Reminder that I make music! My two cds are available to download and they are absolutely free! If you listen please tell me what songs you like. You can also donate through the site as a thank you if you are feeling extra generous. All donations will go toward funding my trans related medication and surgeries.


The New Low Expectations shirt!..Great for kids, your mom, your local homeless man, or yourself! Available online at our bandcamp as soon as our guitarist Anon gets his shit together and puts it up! We promise we will force him to do it by Friday! Also, we have made you wait long enough..a new song will be up on our band page on Friday night! Two new show announcements going up tomorrow!

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite albums that are free on bandcamp

Now + Loud - Brightside happy jammy poppy summery rock

Posthumous Release - Coma Cinema more melancholy relaxing chill acoustic stuff. solo project of elvis depressedly’s frontman.

Get Olde - Crying chiptune crossed with emo focusing on themes of insecurities. female vocalist.

Mickey’s Dead - Elvis Depressedly funny and enjoyable but also somewhat dark.

Wood Circle Sessions: Christian Holden - The Hotelier a short acoustic session the hotelier’s frontman did. id actually recommend starting somewhere else as far as listening to them, but its very good and the only free hotelier stuff up.

Still - Nouns the weirdest darkest and most cathartic shit ever. trigger warning for virtually everything. a brilliant and very unique band.

Where Were You While We Were Getting High? - One Hundred Year Ocean Derrick from twiabp’s other band(well, one of). more straightforward than twiabp, lyrics are more direct and less hard to figure out. my number one favorite ep. i also recommend their other ep, which is not free but has a link to a free download of it in the description.

Lights Off For Danger - Sioux Falls picture nineties emo with more edge.

A Necessary Bummer - Sledding With Tigers bright folk punk on themes of anxiety, being uncomfortable in your own body, and general angst. sounds happy if you ignore the lyrics.

I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted - Snowing aggressive twinkly emo. suicide trigger warning. good lyricism on themes of depression.

Forgettable - Sorority Noise pop punk but good

Still Water - Told Slant picture a more chill modest mouse singing on themes of identity and relationships. singer is nonbinary. (idk why i didnt mention this for ohyo but derrick is also nonbinary)(i also dont know why im writing this under the told slant description but hey w/e im almost done here and i dont feel like fixing this)

Wish List - Wish List stoner punk. jammy and psychadelic. picture tie dye in musical form.

XXYYXX - XXYYXX really chill relaxing electronic. i dont know shit about electronic so idk what else to say but its good.

these are just alphabetical and in no kind of order. and there are a handful of albums i wanted to include but when i checked seem to have stopped being free, which is sad. although maybe theyre just out of free downloads for the month and i should check again in september. also has more shit. i didnt put more than one album per artist on.