bandcamp hunter

Bandcamp Hunter is now accepting donations

After nearly two years of Bandcamp Hunting I’ve decided to add a donate button to the site. I have a strong distaste for advertising so I think this is the best way for me to potentially earn a bit of money from a project that I’ve poured many, many hours into.
I was planning on holding this off until a long delayed redesign of the site later in the year but, hey, I’m a struggling student and I think my cat needs to go to the vet. The money will also help in funding a few oth

er musical projects I have planned in the coming year (ixnay on the ecordray abellay) and maybe even making a visit to some of my international friends that I’ve met through the site…
If you appreciate what BCH does please consider throwing a few dollars in the BCH tip jar by hitting the donate button. Thank you all for your ongoing support and suggestions, I look forward to many more days of BCHing.