Dear friends,
I’d truly appreciate if you’d check out my new single on bandcamp, and if you dig it, it’s a 99 cent download.
I wrote it back in November, and it’s about growing up, getting lost, and some advice given to me by Langhorne Slim earlier that year.
It’s the first recording I’ve made that I’m truly proud of.

Without Rock and Roll - ‘as i get emotional’ 2014

Without Rock and Roll my life is pointless
The instrument is hanging on my wall
My life has no meaning
Without my ears constantly ringing

All my dreams are filled with anxiety
I forget the words to every song
The crowd is patiently waiting
But they have waited way too long

If I had a band there would be a solo here
The C minor scale would do just fine
But I sit with these lonely chords
Wasting all my precious time

Download complete album for FREE here, via bandcamp. [Bird in Flight]

  • riningear

(ft. GUMI English) 

Hey, this is my first original song – in its final-final, I gotta-stop-touching-it form. I honestly put a lot of heart into this song so I really hope you enjoy it! 

Bandcamp - For more information & Lyrics. 

(If you can, please consider buying this track! I’m saving up for a new computer that I need. Plus if I get enough support I’d love to put out more tracks!) 


One of my closest friends put his first album on bandcamp. It’s really amazing and it would be awesome if you could check it out for me. Even if you don’t like it could you do me a favor and reblog it so other people can have a chance to listen to it?

I’m pretty sure it’s up for a free download right now so try it out, what can you lose?

An iron mind commands
The deeds I have to do
Black holes inside my soul
Are pulling me from you

Black Holes is a Portal 2-based electronic rock song and the first single of Aviators’ (aviatorsmusic) upcoming album, From Oceans To Skies, releasing september 8, 2015.

(This is a name-your-price song, meaning you can also get it for free!)

Nat's Declassified Band Survival Guide

25 Tips to Help You Get Through Band Camp! Band Camp is coming up fast, are you ready?? Here are some helpful tips to help you survive band camp! :)
1. BRING WATER! Water is very essential to keeping you healthy and hydrated. Don’t rely on gateraid alone.
2. Wear sunscreen. I would recommend using one with an SPF of 30 or more.
3. Wear the right clothing. Tank tops and exercise shorts are preferred. Avoid wearing black shirts and jeans.
4. Wear the right foot wear. Tennis shoes or marching band shoes are the go to. Do not wear flip flops, converse or vans!
5. Put your hair up. Pony tails and braids make it easier for you to keep cool.
6. Wear a hat. Hats help protect your head from the suns harmful rays.
7. Wear sunglasses. It keeps the sun out of your eyes so you can watch the drum major more easily.
8. Bring your instrument. This one is pretty self explanatory unless you play percussion. Then bring the right sticks and or mallets.
9. Bring your music. Again this one is self explanatory.
10. Drill markers. I use poker chips, they’re small so they easily fit in your poket, and colorful so easy to find when your making your way to your next dot.
11. Bring snacks. You will get hungry, fast.
12. Bring a lunch or money for food. Our band parents make lunch for us.
13. Bug spray. It is a must when mosquitoes are out and about.
14. Drummers, bring stick tape. This is the holy grail for drummers.
15. Stretch out before practice. It is always a good idea to do some calf stretches, butterflies, arm stretches, etc. before any physical activity.
16. Speak up. If you want to talk to someone go and do it! More than likely they want to talk to you too. Making friends is easy in band because we’re all weird.
17. Help the pit. They have a lot of equipment that they can’t all bring in and out themselves. You don’t have to do this one but you may gain some friends by doing it, plus it’s just a nice thing to do.
18. Attend EVERY practice. It is hard to make up a day if they’re constantly learning new drill.
19. Get your show music down. Memorize most of part 1 during band camp so you’re ready to go when school starts.
20. Bring deoterant and body spray. One application does not last you the entire day!
21. Ladies, wear a sports bra. Sports bras don’t come undone when your marching. If your at attention the wire doesn’t bother you because there is no wire. Plus if you’re on drumline the carriers sit on your shoulders so it’s much nicer to have these because the straps are flat instead of the weird clasps things.
22. Bring a binder to keep your music in. Maybe even a folder, whatever your band does to keep their music organized.
23. Practice outside of band. If this is your first time in marching band practice those hard to learn drill moves so when you come to band the next day you are good to go.
24. Have fun! Some kids are scared and they have a hard time opening up. Don’t force them to interact but let them know you want to be friends. Introduce yourself and then tell them they are welcome to sit with you at lunch if they want.
25. Last but not least, a good attitude. It will be hot and you may not know anybody when you first come into band but I can assure you having a good attitude will help change that.
I hope this little survival guide helped and I hope you have a wonderful time at band camp! (p.s. sorry if this was a little long)



Since I’m working on this mixtape, I’m changing all the songs on my bandcamp (save for Tarantula Hawk which will be on the tape) from a dollar to free/pay what you want. I would eventually like to sustain myself on my music career, but I also understand that not everyone is at a point where paying for music is an option, and people who can’t pay for my music have supported me in other ways. I want to thank everyone for having been so supportive in voting for me for shitty contests, coming out to see me live, making fanart, and sending me supportive messages that keep me going. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me and I’m gonna try to keep it up for everyone. 

By the eighteenth day of the Starship Fitzgerald’s maiden voyage, most of its crew have begun to settle into their life among the stars. It’s rather majestic, when you think about it, to be floating through space like this. The good ship and crew expect a long and exciting journey ahead of them.


the new EP - 0 11001 01010 1

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