bandcamp gave me 1000 free download codes. you can get almost all of the 20+ releases ive finished in two years for free. ill be able to pay my rent this month thanks to all of the support ive gotten from friends on and offline. can’t thank you enough or be more grateful.


Anime Love Story by Flowers Taped To Pens

“Laura Palmer” by Mantle // Laura Palmer - Single (Out Now via Bandcamp)

I’m a sucker for a good Twin Peaks reference and here, Brisbane based bedroom pop artist, Mantle, forgoes simple reference and heads all in - singing a sweet ode to that show main focus, Laura Palmer and her death. Sounding something like a cross between soulful orchestral pop of The Tindersticks and the ethereal dream pop of Beach House, Mantle creates a widescreen, cinematic beauty that certainly should appeal to fans of the series and just fans of lovely, dreamy sounds in general. 

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Brittany couldn’t take the hurt, she drank so much her liver burst
If she was really meant for earth, then life sure let her down
She was two weeks pregnant with a kid she’d have by a boy she never met “what a shame” everyone said when she was found.

Look at all the houses in my kingdom - they’re burning down, they’re falling down.

Jackson killed his brother over seven hundred dollars, he just couldn’t take withdrawals anymore. And when the cops came in, he shot himself in the basement of his parent’s house - he learned to crawl and died on the same floor.

I’m ready, I’m tired of this cage that I’ve been living in.
I’m ready to be new again.

Howard just turned ninety, all his family is gone except a son who won’t talk to him anymore. He’s worthless to the younger kids, pathetic and embarrassing in a brand new age of medicine where you don’t have to die, but he’s ready