Bandcamp Holds Fundraiser For Transgender Law Center
More than 200 record labels and artists will also be donating proceeds from their sales Friday to the nonprofit.

The music distribution site Bandcamp will be donating 100 percent of its share of music sales Friday to the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit based in Oakland, Calif.

In an announcement of the fundraiser posted on July 31, the company declared that it is meant as a direct response to President Trump’s recent Twitter announcement that the government will bar transgender people from serving in the U.S. military.

Great Ways to Ask Out a Girl

•Will you be in a duet with me?
•Will you be the harmony to my melody?
•Will you blow my horn?
•Wanna learn some new fingerings?
•Will you be the drum to my major?
•Wanna get picco-low?
•Will you be my first chair?

•Will you be the major to my minor?

Hey i put out this album! check it out and donate if you can :) 

We’re a diy Fun Rock band from ct, ffo/ Hop Along, Sorority Noise, Told Slant, Elvis Depressedly, Third Eye Blind, Best Friends Forever, being angry n gay 

I can’t listen to instrumental music when I study I’m a band person I music I analyze the music while I listen to it what have you done to me band? It’s like WoAH nice crescendo trumpets I’m likin the Eb scales right there flutes keep it up barries you go mallets and those 8th note Sforzandos in the low brass are fucking amazing And there i am at midnight when i was supposed to be studying for biology 3 hours ago

internet genres #1: lo-fi beat tapes

featuring 15-20 minutes of:

  • weed references
  • all lowercase song titles
  • every song is some jazz or synth sample looped for 4 bars with a vinyl crack, maybe there’s a few word cut of some rap lyrics every 16ish bars
  • also every track has a drum machine with the sample rate turned way the fuck down, also everything is off by like a 32nd note and the kicks are probably sidechained

and then the bonus round:

  • random homage to J Dilla or Nujabes
  • out of context film dialogue sample that sounds really sexual or like complete nonsense
  • every song fades in and out