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As an AWESOME transgirl with good taste do you have any fashion/look/whatever tips for a transgirl who wants to dress more tomboyish without just looking like a normal dude? (aside from just "dress in what you want because you're a girl no matter what you wear" cuz I embrace that I just wanna look even hotter)

First of all thank you so much for saying I have good taste! 

Ok, if you want to go for a butch / tomboy look & you don’t want to get misgendered, here’s some of my inexpert subjective opinions:

(After writing this post I considered that I want to make a disclaimer that I’m white, I have straight hair, & I really wouldn’t know how to give styling advice for curly hair, all of the advice that I’m giving in this post is hugely informed by cultural whiteness. Even though I’m not a professional or even an expert by any means I thought that I should state this acknowledgement because it’s a really long post at this point and because I have like 2000 something followers I have this position of social capital.)


  • If you want something for longer hair, I think that some good options are wearing a loose bun or a high ponytail, with the option of adding a headband. There’s a ton of different styles of headband out there so there’s a lot of room to accessorize in a way that fits the look you’re going for. One look that I have seen a lot among lesbians is wearing a bandanna as a headband. You can tie it in the back or the front, either way works. 
  • One basic principle regarding wearing long hair as a trans girl is that, if you look at yourself and you feel like you just look like a guy with long hair, try accessorizing somehow. Barrettes, buns, headbands, hair clips, bobby pins… There are a ton of these different accessories that are seen as feminine, that guys with long hair practically never use.
  • Also, bangs, either side-swept, straight, or whatever, are all pretty popular among trans women because they have the benefit of covering your forehead and framing your face in a way that’s traditionally feminine. Though that is a matter of personal preference. 
  • When it comes to shorter hair styles, yeah there’s the instinct a lof of trans women have that says “don’t risk having short hair!” but this isn’t necessarily true. I think the most important thing to understand in terms of the general area of short hairstyles is that there’s a pretty concrete conceptual division between short hairstyles for men and short hairstyles for women. Now, I’m not saying this as someone who wants to enforce that concept, that’s just how the hairdressers and the schools of hairdressing see it. 
  • If you’re looking for a short hairstyle, the benefits of a ‘feminine’ short haircut are that they are, in fact, generally seen as feminine. Short hairstyles for women are generally layered, giving a softer look, with more stylistic possibilities for length in the bangs and the sides & top than men’s hairstyles have. 
  • So yeah, if you have short hair already in a more traditionally male style, getting a pixie cut would have a more feminine appearance. 
  • You also have the option of getting an undercut, which i would definitely classify as a feminine lesbian-coded hairstyle. And I also would argue that when hairdressers do undercuts on men vs women, men’s undercuts are always shorter, more contained, and have a “neater” appearance whereas women’s have the tendency to be longer, more layered.
  • …In the process of writing this post I have stumbled onto the pinterest “explore” section for “lesbian hair.” This may be of interest to you for visual brainstorming. 


  • Hats are definitely an option for a tomboy/butch look, and I have stumbled on a blog post from 2010 on this very topic and they list several viable butch hat styles that you can feel free to look into. Obviously I’m not agreeing with every single style opinion from that blog but it’s a good list of hats. 
  • Another hat option for colder weather is a beanie, which due to the variety of styles, can be presented as more “masculine” or more “feminine” or “tomboy-esque.” One benefit to beanies is that you can still have your hair somewhat visible via the front while still staying warm. 



  • Again I advise that pretty much anything you buy from the “women’s” section will be cut & fitted in a way that is intended to look feminine and accentuate the chest & hips. Personally I have had a lot of annoyance from trying on tops that fit my torso in every dimension EXCEPT for shoulder width or arm thickness. So, be wary of online shopping, which i would advise to try to use for stuff that’s one-size-fits-all or is elastic. Personally I do a lot of my clothes shopping at thrift stores, Target, and Forever 21. I have no idea what your financial situation or geographic location is so that might not be helpful for you. 
  • Anyway, when it comes to tomboy stuff, some tops that I would recommend are tank tops, short-sleeved blouses, and flannel. Tank tops are good because they’re form-fitting, but they also are somewhat androgynous with an air of athletics or manual labor around them. A good combo is wearing a tank top with an unbuttoned flannel top over it with the sleeves rolled up. That way you get the form-fitting tank top plus the lesbian vibes of flannel. 
  • When I say “blouses” that kind of covers a really wide variety of garments. But there’s a lot of women’s tops that are collared, button-up, & also form-fitted, sort of a feminized dress shirt. I think those are a type of blouse but I’m not really sure. 
  • When it comes to flannel, cotton, or other button-up shirts, you may want to pick ones from the “women’s” section because they will be tailored to accentuate bust & hips in comparison to “men’s” shirts which have more of a “boxy” look. 
  • Jean jackets, jean vests, and leather jackets are all pretty popular among lesbians as far as I know. 


  • Jeans are good because they’re incredibly versatile and can fit in with a lot of different looks. 
  • I would honestly say that overalls are making a bit of a comeback and I think they’re a viable option for tomboy trans girls. I personally want to get a pair of overalls but I don’t have a lot of money generally so I haven’t gotten around to it. 
  • Corduroy pants are also a pretty good option, right now i feel like they’re popular among lesbians and work well as part of a tomboy look. 
  • As far as skirts go, I feel like maxi skirts can work pretty well as a tomboyish thing to wear, particularly linen & cotton & other more hardy, less decorative fabrics. 
  • Shoes:
  • I wear a good pair of workboots like, all the time. Mine are Red Wing, though I see a lot of lesbians wearing Timberlands or Doc Martens. Converse are popular among a wide variety of demographics so I feel like they’re a pretty viable option. Clogs, like the kind made by Birkenstock, are pretty tomboyish as well. 

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now. 

Please feel free to reblog with any other fashion advice for butch/tomboy trans girls!

Braided Updo

Other than buns, I don’t generally do many full updos on I’m Hair For You. That all changes today with this fun Braided Updo. This is a different take on the common headband updo, except instead of using a headband or bandanna to tuck hair hair into, you use even more of uour own hair. This style works well on both long and shorter hair, so don’t be afraid to try it out!


1) Brush

2) Large Hair Tie

3) 3 Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing through your hair.

2) Take a small section of hair from the front right of your head.

3) Braid this section down to the bottom.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the left section of your head.

5) Take the two braids and tie together with a large hair tie at the back of your head.

6) Separate your free hair into three even sections.

7) Braid each of the sections and tie each off with a small hair tie.

8) Take one of the sections and loop it up and around the small braid created earlier.

9) Continue looping the large braid through the small one until there is no hair left. Then, pin in place using a bobby pin.

10) Repeat steps 8 and 9 with the other two braids. Hide any flyaway hair using bobby pins and hairspray. 


Bandanna band!! Imma go ahead and give Pac props for this one. 😜 Though it’s considered more of a Rockabilly style today, this was considered more of a Urban style in the 90’s especially when you rock it with some huge hoop earrings! Mami yasss!! ❤️😍😘🔥💯

I’m going to do Hunk headcanons cause, it’s my birthday so why not?

  • Hardcore animation nerd. Doesn’t matter if its Western, Eastern, European or in a different language, he just loves all forms of animation.
    • Especially loves the shows that came out in the 80′s/early 90′s.
  • His fingers are extremely rough, but his palms are very soft. This might be because he has to use his fingers to hold and wire very small complex wiring/machinery.
  • Always been extremely strong. Most people assume he wouldn’t be, but the boy has been moving large pieces of iron and fridges since he was a kid.
  • Actually played football for a good 3 seasons as a child, he quit because he just lost interest.
  • If invited to a neighbors party, Hunk would help his mom prepare a dish to bring over.
  • It was his mom that gave him the nickname ‘Hunk’ 
    • No one ever calls him Tsuyoshi outside of the elders in his family or when his name is being called on role call.
  • He doesn’t have a favorite genre of music, he listens to what ever song he likes. 
  • Once his cousin scared him with a furby during a sleepover. That furby went out the window so fast.
  • Always like warm, neutral tones over loud, active tones.
  • Loved art class because he could doodle out cool machinery and redraw mechs he saw in the shows he watched.
    • Lance thought it was the coolest thing he ever would see.
  • He is the type of guy who would keep wearing shorts even though its under 32° F just because he is comfortable.
  • Wears the headband/bandanna because it is more of a comfort mechanism than a fashion statement.
I’d just like to point out...

None of the Rubies so much as second-glanced Ruby’s headband/bandanna thing. Which makes sense; they aren’t so bright, and each of them have their own personal uniforms. They probably just assumed it was always there, and they don’t wanna be “that Ruby” and bring it up.

Which means Ruby literally had no practical reason to wear her snapback. She’s not pretending to be human, and nobody complained about her earlier.

So she wore it just to wear it.

That’s how gay Ruby is.