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heey, i'm the anon who asked about the pic from your icon yesterday, i just saw you reply and i wanted to thank you for blessing my life, wow :______ the bandana is just too much for my heart

tae in a headband/bandanna..
NOT EVEN IN THOSE BUT HIM SHOWING OFF THOSE GODLY SCULPTED EYEBROWS IN GENERAL, is honestly the biggest blessing a person could ever want


Bandanna band!! Imma go ahead and give Pac props for this one. 😜 Though it’s considered more of a Rockabilly style today, this was considered more of a Urban style in the 90’s especially when you rock it with some huge hoop earrings! Mami yasss!! ❤️😍😘🔥💯

I’d just like to point out...

None of the Rubies so much as second-glanced Ruby’s headband/bandanna thing. Which makes sense; they aren’t so bright, and each of them have their own personal uniforms. They probably just assumed it was always there, and they don’t wanna be “that Ruby” and bring it up.

Which means Ruby literally had no practical reason to wear her snapback. She’s not pretending to be human, and nobody complained about her earlier.

So she wore it just to wear it.

That’s how gay Ruby is.