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What is the bandana thing? I don't get why the blue bandana is so significant?

THANKS FOR ASKING, ANON! I want to talk about this forever.

Earlier this summer, some fans decided to start the Bandana Project — asking concert attendees to wear bandanas representing their favorite members of One Direction.

It’s unclear how successful/widespread it was — it definitely came across my dash weeks ago, but a lot of people have said that they never saw it before the recent chatter about it. But that’s not actually important.

Slightly more important but still not the main point: Harry wore a blue bandana during the August 22nd show.

Basically, were he participating in the Bandana Project, he would be declaring that Louis is his favorite member of 1D.

Fans made a connection between the bandana project and Harry’s blue bandana, and started speculating in earnest about whether it’s possible that he would have known about the project. Lots of people concluded probably not and that it was just a cute coincidence.

But then! WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Even after the fandom started talking about Harry wearing the blue bandana, he kept wearing it.

And then even after the fandom started talking even more loudly about Harry wearing it AFTER fandom discussion of it, he still kept wearing it.

He’s still wearing it. He wore it last night.

There is no fucking way that Harry doesn’t know about all the bandana speculation at this point. So either: 1) he doesn’t care if we think that he’s out there proclaiming with a blue bandana that Louis is his favorite, or 2) he IS out there proclaiming with a blue bandana that Louis is his favorite.

Or both. I’m going with both.


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