Yesterday i posted about new pins and prints in the shop, today I want to introduce to you to a new thing I made. 

Professor Pam’s beetle Bones Casting Cloth

As I think it’s been established, I’m pretty fascinated by fortune telling and prediction. I made this mat after doing a lot of fun research on how people all over the world have their very unique versions of throwing bones. 

I include a guide to the symbols and a way you can use it. Honestly I’ve been using mine as a scarf so every way to use it is cool with me.

Inside the pack I’ve included three objects to use as throwing items. I’ve randomized it, thinking that would make your kit a little more special. You might get stones, crystals, keys, hand forged iron nails (thanks to my boyfriend,) hand carved wooden skulls that I had fun doing, beads, beach glass, painted stones, etc. All sorts of cool things and you get three of them!

They’re in the shop now and I should have them at upcoming shows! I hope you like it!