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Imagine Barbara Kean being your mother and Lee taking you in after her fall.

Your arms curled around a teddy bear as you sat across from the woman you now knew as Lee Tompkins.

“Would you like some cookies, [f/n]?” Lee offered gently, flashing a warm smile.

You shook your head, still staring at her. “No, thank you,” you mumbled. Your mother had always taught you to be polite. She hadn’t been around much for the last while. She was always off with Mr. Galavan and the other grown-ups, leaving you to play with Silver or your toys. Silver didn’t seem to like you much, though, so mostly you played with your toys since you weren’t allowed outside.

You stopped staring at Lee in favour of adjusting your teddy bear’s worn fur. He was missing one of his eyes and his stitching was starting to fray in places, allowing bits of stuffing to slip out every so often.

“That’s a very cute teddy,” Lee piped up. “Does he have a name?”

You nodded. “Mama calls him Sandman. He’s a gangster.” You held him out so she could see him better. “He says it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lee smiled and shook his little paw. “Thanks. You’re cute. For a gangster.”

You hid the tiniest hint of a grin and hugged Sandman close again. “Mama says Sandman is supposed to protect me when I sleep if she’s not around.” You blinked at Lee, “Is mama okay?”

Lee’s lips tightened, “She had a bad fall and she’s been very sick. She’s going to need a lot of help before she’s back to normal again.”

You tilted your head to one side, “Does she need my bandaids? They have pictures of puppies on them.”

Lee shook her head, smiling softly, “I’m sure she’d appreciate the sentiment, but the doctors have lots of bandaids.”

“Do they have puppies on them?”

“I’m sure they do.”

You nodded seriously and pursed your lips. “Is Mr. Gordon going to come home soon?” you asked after a few moments. “He always tucked me into bed when he and mama were dating. They were gonna get married but then bad stuff happened and mama and me had to leave. Is he still gonna be my daddy?” You paused as though deep in thought. “Does that make you my new mama?”

Lee smiled, “Do you want me to be your new mama?”

You considered it. “Sandman says he’d like that,” you announced after a long moment.

Lee laughed, her eyes crinkling at the edges. “I’m glad to have his approval.”

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to everyone going back to high school!!

alright y'all, I’m gonna tell y'all about my super handy school survival kit! this thing has helped me time and time again and i wanna help you guys too! 

so this is pretty much everything and it may seem like a lot but you probably have most of this stuff in your house. I’m just gonna go through each thing and tell you what it is/why you should bring it ok! aight lets go!

the first thing I’m bringing is an extra set of clothes – jeans, tshirt, underwear, bra, and socks since I’m such a HUGE WHORE at my school apparently, i get dress coded a lot! and sometimes they make you change into your ugly pe clothes and i will NOT stand to wear my pe clothes around the rest of the day! so I’m bringing all those so at least my outfit can be kinda cute but if u think its very unlikely you will need all this stuff then don’t bring it. however, if you have periods, then an extra set of underwear (and maybe pants) will be helpful if you happen to leak a bit! (I’m putting all this into my locker, not my backpack obviously!) 

next are pads, pantyliners, (tampons if u use those) and advil because i have periods. if you have periods or (if you haven’t gotten it but you are able to get one) this shit is very important to have! also i have advil for cramps but its just pretty useful to have for headaches and stuff too, even if you don’t get periods. 

next in the clear bag we have oral hygiene! I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, toothpicks, and breath strips. if you just ate garlic, forgot to brush your teeth in the morning, or sucked dick in the bathroom you deserve to have minty fresh breath afterwards! so bring this stuff it can and will save you

ok also bring a thing of tissues bc some teachers don’t have them in their classroom and if your nose is stuffy then you’ve got a lifesaver!

oil absorbing sheets are great cause i have really oily skin so i always bring them so that i can take the oil off my face without my makeup coming off. clean and clear is apparently the best brand but i only have the cvs brand which works fine too

q-tips for makeup under your eyes or something else, idk. these will probably be handy

compact mirrors are great for checking up on your makeup or spying on the person behind u or something. idk man like u don’t wanna have to go all the way to the bathroom just to see if ur makeup or hair are still on fleck so having a mirror is good for quick checkups

bobby pins and hairties, if you have long hair then you will probably want it out of your face sometimes! especially if you’re doing a lab in a science class, you don’t want your hair to get into some weird substance and explode the school

lotion, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and soap: lotion for weird dry patches (also to ward off bad b.o. – there was once this guy in the bio class before me who always left weird smells behind and he sat in my seat so i put on some lotion and the smell of the lotion overpowered the smell of the b.o. so this shit saved my life!) hand sanitizer because its school and there will be weird gross substances that you may touch and if u can’t get to the bathroom, hand sanitizer will save the day! deodorant bc u don’t wanna smell nast after pe and since i take dance and pe i sweat a lot during the day so. deodorant! also soap cause idk about y'all but at my school there are showers with no soap? so if I use the weight room and I’m all sweaty and gross i wanna shower off with soap. soap is not necessary if you have enough at your school

thread, buttons, safety pins, needles, needle threader thingy, measuring tape, and tiny scissors are all part of this mini sewing kit my friend gave me. this will be useful if you tear your clothes or something. idk. sewing stuff is useful and its tiny

a hairbrush or comb is good to have so that u can fix unruly hair especially after exercise also if you get electrocuted and ur hair gets crazy then u can tame it again with a brush! also if u usually use hairspray or mousse or gel on your hair then you may want to carry an emergency thing of that

emergency money is good if u forget to bring your wallet but you still wanna buy lunch or something

dark chocolate because if I’m in school and I’m sad then dark chocolate will make me happy and seriously. like. if I’m stressed or sad or angry or anything then dark chocolate can be there for me 

cough drops are helpful for surprise sore throats. y'all know what they’re for

gum/mints (not pictured) are good for freshening up breath and they’re just something to put in ur mouth which is good if u bite ur nails or something also gum is fun and mints are fun also yes i did put gum in this picture twice i just realized this

lip balm for those darn lips that get chapped all the time also if u need to kiss somebody u don’t want gross dry lips no u want soft and nice lips that are freshly balmed

(solid) perfume for after pe or dance or something or if u just smell gross then perfume is good and solid perfume is useful for like if ur in class but u don’t wanna spray perfume all over the classroom like thats almost as bad as a fuckboy sprayin axe everywhere so u can just casually put some perfume on plus it stays on and smells delicious

nail file for all those gross hangnails or sharp nails or if ur nails just look whack. this is very useful and important and yes u probably will need this

tide pen is sometimes helpful for stains but honestly like more often than not it doesn’t really do much and once it actually made the stain worse so idk. i mean i guess 

for all my makeup wearers I’m bringing concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and an eyebrow pencil so that in case u have to take your makeup off or it comes off or something u can put it back on

sunscreen just in case you forget to put some on in the morning bc taking care of ur skin is very important and not having sunscreen on can be very bad so always having some is probably good

pen and pencil in case you lose or forget your pencil bag because if u don’t wanna borrow writing utensils from people for the day then you’re good because you have extra stuff! maybe also a highlighter and a red pen for correcting would be good to have as well 

tiny lint roller (not pictured) handy for getting cat or dog fur off of clothes bc u don’t wanna have a gross hairy sweater or something weird like that. seriously one time i wore this white sweater and i picked up my black cat and i went to school and i didn’t realize it but there was cat fur ALL over my sweater and i was so pissed it was really gross and i was wishing i had one of those. idk where u can find one but they’re bound to be somewhere 

bandaids (not pictured) good for if u get a paper cut or something and ur classroom doesn’t have bandaids like at my school u have to go to the front desk to get bandaids which is super lame so its probably gonna b helpful to bring some 

little notebook (not pictured) in case you forget paper or something and u need to write down notes or just for reminders or anything. this may come in helpful but this is def not necessary cause you can always just ask someone for paper or ask the teacher idk. if u get anxious asking ppl for paper then this is good

don’t forget a little bag to put all this in! i can fit pretty much everything (except for the clothes and the hairbrush) into this bag which is about 8 x 2 x 6 “ and theres still a little space so yeah!

anyways i hope that this was helpful and pls let me know if theres anything else that u bring to school that has saved your life before also let me know if i helped u! seriously most of this stuff has helped me before! <3

you-have-startled-the-witch  asked:

ok can u give me some advice on moodboard making because. i've always wanted to try making some but I'm not sure the best way? how do u come up with pics, how do u find the right ones for what you're envisioning??

YES okay here are some components of how I make craft a moodboard:

I follow a bunch of aesthetic blogs already and also have one of my own. I usually go through the blogs’ archives and pick out photos that remind me of a character.

I think of a bunch of things that represent them symbolically. (For Magpie it was stuff like mirrors, magnets, hands, curly hair, and actual magpie birds. For Ajax it was bandaids, muddy shoes, and oversized clothing.)

I search up those things on tumblr to find aesthetic pics. (That’s how I came across #cleancore: while looking for artsy pictures of bandaids lmao)

I also search these on plain ol’ Google and use “usage rights” under Tools to pick ones I can use.

I also look up non-object things I associate with chars, like for my Hamnet/Mareth moodboard, I searched up words like “adventure” and “bravery” just to see what it got me.

I also make my own things! For Hamareth I wanted something about bisexual boys so I just got on Google Drawings and made myself a “Support Bisexual Boys” word art thing.

And basically I try to have an even balance of pics with words, pics with humans, pics of places, and more symbolic pics (like the bird with the Dead End sign in the Magpie & Ajax one).

And I try to make sure the colors dont clash! Sometimes I use to adjust colors until they match the others in saturation/contrast/hue, etc.

Finish it off with a title, an artsy quote, and the photo sources in the caption!

Also PS: I’m glad you enjoyed my Magpie & Ajax moodboard!! More IS on the way!!


Bandaid Bubblegum

giant stacks of picture books from the library

counting with M&M’s in math and then getting to eat them afterwards

PB&J sandwiches every day for lunch

Happy Meal toys (with that distinct Happy Meal Toy smell. You know the one!)

standing on a chair to reach the freezer

warm, gooey toaster strudels

watching the Magic Schoolbus in science class

doodling on all my papers

lifting rocks to find worms and rollie pollies

shoving straws through Caprisons

freeze pops

sharing your cookie with your friends at school


I hate how people and tabloids use picture A and say things like, 

-“Michael Jackson was cute in the 80′s but he messed his face up with all that surgery!” (Excuse me? Let’s look at a picture of your crusty ass at 20!)

-“Did you know he had to tape his nose on because it fell off from the surgeries?” (I mean is that even a real thing though?)

First of all, that shit in picture A WAS A BANDAID!!! The reason why picture B is so rarely seen is because tabloids know that the truth doesn’t sell to half-baked idiots. 

But this goes beyond his looks, they’re too busy trying to belittle all of his hard work, accomplishments and all the help he gave to others! From the day he wasn’t baby Michael anymore he was criticized about his looks, and scrutinized for his insecurities and bad self esteem! 

It makes me sick that someone who was so caring, when he could’ve been an entitled prick, was bullied, used and profited on. All people did was take, take, take from him and didn’t even ask for a thank you in return! Even in death this man can’t get a break! I’m going to say this one time!

It Feels Like the First Time

Blaine breaks his arm and has to undergo surgery. When he comes round from the anesthesia with Kurt at his side, he briefly forgets he’s married. Based on this hilarious video and gifset. Written for Heather who needed some fluff this week. 2.8K [AO3]

“Papa, papa!” Elizabeth shrieked, running into the house, her curly brown hair a blur behind her.

Kurt looked up from the outfit he’d been sketching. The hair on the back of his neck stood up as he took in the look of wide-eyed terror on his daughter’s face. “What’s wrong?” he asked, already on his feet and poised to spring into action.

“Daddy’s hurt. He told me to get you,” she answered, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Show me,” Kurt directed, grabbing his cell phone off the desk and sliding it into his pocket before he followed Elizabeth out the door and into the backyard.

Blaine was sitting awkwardly on the ground next to the tire swing, his right arm drawn up to his chest, cradled gingerly by his left hand. “Honey?” Kurt called out as he knelt beside him, stomach twisting as he got a brief glimpse at Blaine’s arm which was jutting out at an unnatural angle.

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