bandaid 6

Whenever Nezumi and Shion went to the correctional facility and Sasori starts freaking out about how Shion is this evil demon that will kill all them all, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically because it reminded me of that one scene in Monster’s Inc. Every time I see it, I just picture Nezumi as Sulley and Sasori as Mike yelling, “THAT THING IS A KILLING MACHINE!!!” And Shion in the background spinning around going, “Lalalalala lalala~”

Trying to explain your bfrd
  • Me: I have a picking disorder
  • everyone: yeah I scratch at scabs too!!
  • Me: *book bag is filled with bandaid wrappers, 6+ scabs on my scalp, cuticles peeled, lips raw and red, blood in my hair, blood under my fingernails, scars covering my entire body, balding in a few places, is afraid of my head being touched, afraid of someone seeing my finger bleeding constantly*
  • Me: oh