bandaged eyes


i wanted to put happy things in here but apparently the only things i doodled in my last absence were tired and sad kids… oops

wilford: fuckin loser how can u know what ur doing with that fuckin bandage on ur eyes, bet u dont even have eyes

host: you’re right, but i can still see youre a pussy ass bitch

wilford, sniffing: daaaaark heeees beeeing mean to me againnnnn


Summary: (Request) Where bucky ignores y/n or responds to her with one word or something like that? and when she confronts him he randomly blurts out that he likes her all along 

Word count: 707

 A/N: Kinda changed it up a bit but it’s still around the same concept. Hope you don’t mind 

She knew she was fucked the moment she realized she fell for him.


Because Bucky Barnes hates her. Even more after their recent mission. Y/N wasn’t able to dodge the bullet targeted on her thigh, incapable of finishing her assigned task which according to Bucky, messed up the whole mission.

But god, she was too tired to fight back, staying seated on the couch and choosing to listen to Steve and Bucky’s bickering instead, constantly rolling her eyes on every remark. Steve just had to defend her to avoid another 30 minutes of yelling probably every curse word possible in the dictionary. Telling Bucky that it could’ve been you. It wasn’t her fault.

“But I didn’t get shot, didn’t I? She’s too weak to even be assigned on a mission!” Bucky fought back, jaw clenched while running a hand through his hair.

“You’re being an unreasonable ass, Bucky.” Steve shot back. Despite being his best friend, he was being too shallow right now that he would do anything to avoid another migraine from coming.


“Shut the fuck up, Tony.” Steve spoke sternly, eyes still set on Bucky’s face.

“You know what, Barnes?” Y/N said, wincing as she stood up from her seat. She was fuming now, range consuming her. Fuck, it hurt that he felt nothing for her. Not even a bit of sympathy.

But that was all a lie. An act.

“If you want me out, just say the goddamn words and I’ll start packing up my shit for your sake.”

Tears prickled in her eyes but she didn’t want to break down in front of him because crying wouldn’t change the fact that Bucky already saw her as someone weak.

He never hated her. Not even close. But the truth? He hated himself for not being there to save her. He was never angry at her, more to himself. And the thought of losing her terrified him, unable to breathe as if his lungs were taken out of his body.

Before anyone could say anything, she turned on the balls of her feet to exit the room. Nat immediately rushing to her side to help her out, only for Y/N to tell her that she was fine through gritted teeth but Bucky beat her to it, blocking out the elevator before she could leave.

“Y/N?” He whispered.

He’s never felt this guilty. It was his fault. He did this to her. 

 “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry.” 

 She laughed and it wasn’t filled with any humor at all. And with those bloodshot eyes, a bandaged thigh, scars and bruises all over her body, Bucky couldn’t help but wonder- 

 How was she still so beautiful? 

“Get out of the way. I don’t need your pity, Barnes.” 

 Bucky almost winced at the tone of her voice. 

 What have I done? What have I done? What have I done? 

“Please just listen to me, Y/N.” He almost begged. Bucky just wanted fix the mess he’s made. But after what he did? It was impossible. 

“Listen to you? After underestimating me in front of the whole team, you want me to listen to you?” She scoffed. 

“I’m angry at myself. Angry that I wasn’t there to protect you when I could’ve lost you then and there. I should’ve protected you but I didn’t. It should’ve been me. You don’t deserve this.” He was breathless now, eyes wide in realization that he admitted everything to Y/N. To himself. 

“You screwed me over, Bucky. All these months, you treated me like–" 

 "I’m in love with you, Y/N.“ 


 She almost missed it. 


The next thing she knew, he was in front her, lips a few inches apart, able to feel his breath on her face and wow his eyes were blue. So fucking blue that she wouldn’t mind getting lost in them for days.  He slowly pressed his lips against hers, Y/N laying her hand on the nape of his neck, fingers intertwining in the soft locks of his hair. Bucky felt butterflies in his stomach and for the first time in years he’s never felt this much love. For the first time in years, he’s never felt so alive.

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  • Dazai: How are you going to impress me on our first date? ;)
  • Chuuya: How about this: I'll actually show up.
Done [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Requested by anon: “For the angst prompts can you do 18 and 2 with Damian“

Prompt 2: “I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you.”
Prompt 18: “I don’t love you. I never have.”

A/n: Here is another angst request! Hope you guys like it.
And like always Damian is like 16, he’s older.


It had been a long night for everyone. Patrol had not gone as smoothly as it usually does, it felt like every criminal in Gotham decided to make any appearance. From small time mugger to super villain. When the batfam came home, you, Babs, and Alfred were there to greet them. Everyone was pretty beat up and Bruce was not happy with how Damian had been acting while out there.

The three of you had seen and heard Bruce’s scolding over the coms. Along with seeing Damian’s recklessness and disregard on security cams. Currently Damian was giving his father the silent treatment. You’d glance over at him as you helped patch up Tim, who had a large gash on his shoulder. While Alfred was sewing up a bullet graze on Steph’s leg.

Tying off the stitches, you grabbed the gauze and placed it over the stitches. “There that should do.” Saying while tearing a piece of medical tape and taping the gaze down. “Thanks [F/n]” Tim thanked you before climbing off the table and pulling on a shirt.

You looked around at the members of the batfamily. Dick was stitching himself up because he had a small gash on his forearm. Jason was holding an icepack to his eye, bandages wrapped around his torso from where you had stitched up two bullet wounds earlier. Steph was still getting stitched up by Alfred. Bruce sat at the batcomputer looking around at his kids, same as you. Cass only had sustained a few bumps and bruises. Finally your eyes landed on Damain.

He sat with his arms crossed, holding an ice pack to his broken nose. You knew first hand how stubborn he is, being your boyfriend and all. Alfred finished up stitching up Steph and that’s when Bruce decided to address what happened.

He stood from his seat, “Okay, shall we reflect on what happened out there tonight?” Bruce asked while looking around the room. You glanced at him but continued to put away the medical supplies. The room stayed silent, “Alright, Barbara pull up security footage please.” Asking as he sent a glare at Damian.

Barbara followed directions and pulled up footage from a robbery Bruce and Damian had dropped in to stop. Damian didn’t follow a single one of Bruce’s orders and it almost resulted in the security guard in the bank getting injured by one of the gun wielding men. Though Bruce saved the man before anything could happen. When the video ended everyone looked to Damian, “Well Damian? Care to explain what happened?” Bruce crossed his arms.

“What happened was you got in my way!” He countered, hands clenched into fists. Everyone’s jaws about dropped. “Excuse me young man?”

“God I’m not a kid anymore father! I could’ve handled that.” He yelled, making everyone turn to Bruce. Though Dick was the one to speak up, “Damian, you’re acting like you’re still 11. Stop!” He scolded, usually if anyone could get through to him, it was Dick.

Damian’s glare only turned to him. “Tt, you’re one to talk Grayson.”

“Damian!” You yelled at him, “For christ sake, just sit down and listen to them.” Saying while slamming a drawer closed. You love Damian but when he acts like a child it makes you angry, especially when he disrespects his family. He turned to you before crossing his arms again.

“As I was saying, you can’t just go in like a bat out of hell. Do you realize how close that man came to death, because YOU were reckless.” Bruce continued. “Going in guns blazing never stopped Todd.” He defended as Jason just shook is head at the younger Wayne. “That’s my fighting style and I know how to use it. There’s a strategy behind it, it’s not being reckless. Plus I know when to use it and when not to.” Jason crossed his arms, having set the ice pack aside. Of which you walked over and placed it back in his hand, sending him a look that told him to keep icing that eye.

Damian scoffed, not just at what Jason said but the way you both interacted. You’d become an important person to the family and had grown close to all of them.

“I am capable of taking care of things myself. You keep babying me.” Damian claimed, still growing more angry. “It’s not babying, it’s being an adult and knowing when and how to act. You’re still too impulsive Damian.” Bruce’s tone was deep and intimidating, but Damian didn’t even flinch.

Damian growled, “I am more than mature enough! I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you.” Looking around at all of the members of his family. “Damian” You said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder. Trying to get him to calm down.

Though he turned and hit your hand away. “And you! I guess it’s a good thing that you’re so close with Todd and Drake because I don’t love you. I never have.” His eyes were full of anger and jealousy as he stared at you. “What?” you whimpered. “You heard me!”

“Damian!” Dick yelled at him. Though the next sound heard was the contact of skin as your hand connected with his cheek. “How dare you! I’ve done nothing but supported you and helped your family and you say something like I’m flirting with your brothers! They’re right you are a child and I can’t take it anymore. Fuck you Damian, I’m finished with your immature and childlike behavior. I guess it works out that you claim not to love me because I never want to see you again.” Yelling, as tears stung your eyes, before turning your back on him and storming out of the cave.

“[F/n] wait!” Steph yelled, getting up to follow you with a limp. Cass and Babs joining her to stop you. Leaving Damian there with his brothers, father, and Alfred. “You really are an idiot” Jason said as Damian turned to him. “Jason” Bruce scolded.

“No, it’s about time someone tell him like it is. He crossed a line there. [F/n] was the best thing to ever happen to you and you just fucked it all up. Accusing us of flirting, [F/n] loved you dammit. Honestly.” Jason scolded, hating having seen you hurt. They all considered you a sister at this point.

“Jason’s right. Damian you were out of line.” Dick spoke next, staring at his little brother. Gaze less scrutinizing than Jason’s but it still wasn’t comforting. “[F/n] did nothing but care for you and put up with everything you’ve done. You need to apologize before you lose her for good.” Tim added, before exchanging a glance with Dick and Jason. They all stood up completely and headed out of the cave to see if you were still there.

Damian only looked at Bruce and Alfred who gave him disappointed looks before following the boys. Leaving him to reflect on his own actions. ‘What kind of idiot am I? I know they’re right, but why can’t I just get a grip? I shouldn’t have yelled at [F/n] like that, I love her and I told her I didn’t, what kind of boyfriend am I? She was just trying to help. I’m such an idiot, Todd was right.’ He thought before turning and running up to the Manor.

Finding everyone in the living room, all with somber expressions. “Is she gone?” he asked, regret eminent in his tone. Everyone in the room turned to him. “Yeah, and she cut ties to all of us. Saying that it just made leaving harder if she knew she’d be coming back for us and not you. Hope your happy.” Steph said, sending a glare at him. She had especially grown close to you.

Damian hung his head in shame, he didn’t mean for this to happen. But it did, and now you’re gone. For good. 

LEBANON. July 2006.

Abbas, a chubby young boy, sat on the side of a narrow village road, held his injured mother’s hand and wept. “Don’t leave me, mother, don’t go, don’t go.” “Take care of your brothers and sisters,“ the mother moaned softly, as her eyes closed leaving two white slits. A piece of shrapnel had cut into her chest and almost severed her right arm. Blood stained mother and child.

Abbas, his mother, brother, aunts and a grandmother, 18 in total, were cramped inside a small white minivan, fleeing their village in south Lebanon when an Israeli rocket pierced the roof of the car. Now the survivors were scattered on the road or in the shadow of a building crying, while inside the van lay the headless corpse of an uncle, a dead grandmother and a neighbor.

“Why are you leaving me,” Abbas started yelling at his mother, as her arm fell on the ground. He buried his face in his hands and wept. His brother, 12-year old Ali, stood on the other side of the mother, his hand bandaged and eyes staring into the horizon, as the Lebanese Red Cross started helping the survivors.

Photograph: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Getty Images

MC Falls Asleep

MC is tired and falls asleep on the RFA + V and Saeran, I hope you like and sorry for being gone.


  • You guys were in a park, walking around and looking at all the animals that were just coming out of their hideouts and hibernation.
  • It was so cute, but Zen was staring more at you than the little squirrels and robins
  • Eventually you find your way to a park bench to watch the ducks coming back
  • The sound of the water fountain, the ducks splashing around and looking for food, it’s all so calming
  • And Zen’s shoulder is so soft…and warm….and…..
  • Boom asleep!
  • Zen of course notices almost immediately
  • Unfortunately it’s a good three block walk to the apartment
  • Fortunately  there aren’t a lot of people there
  • Zen strokes your hair a bit, and eventually kisses you on the forehead
  • You wake up in his arms, and smile brightly at him
  • He feels his heart swell
  • You being here with him, smiling at him in that special way and looking only at him when he doesn’t even feel like he deserves it
  • He gives you a huge hug, and begin to walk home for another round of cuddling


  • Okay, he just stopped
  • You were adamant on staying up late while he was playing LOLOL
  • Snuggling up next to him
  • He was fighting a major boss with his team, and honestly didn’t notice you nodding off
  • Eventually your head hit the middle of his chest, and to the tune of his heartbeat you fell asleep
  • He finally gave up the game at about two o’clock in the morning
  • And he felt so lucky
  • You were there, you trusted him enough to fall asleep on him, to allow him to see you when you’re your most calm and peaceful
  • He wants to cry
  • Instead he scoops you up, pressing you against his chest, and take you to the bedroom, happy to be you knight in shining armor for once
  • Even if you are asleep T_T


  • You guys decide to go to a late night movie
  • After much debating you guys decided to allow your inner child to win and agree on Moana
  • It’s around 23 PM so you are dead tired
  • You try to stay awake, you were so excited to go see this
  • But about halfway through, at a soft point in the movie, you accept defeat and drift off to sleep
  • Unfortunately you flop right onto Jaehee’s lap
  • There’s no way she doesn’t notice
  • She tries to continue watching the movie, so she can tell you what happens
  • But eventually her attention wanders from Moana, as much as it’s a great movie, to the person asleep on her lap
  • Strokes your hair, kisses your face softly
  • Even if movie night didn’t go as planned it was still good for both of you


  • You guys were going to a party and boy was it long!
  • You were fighting sleep through the social interactions you had to participate in
  • It was a long and hard battle
  • You eventually down a cup of coffee with a high sugar quantity
  • And proceed to fight the coffee buzz that you now also have to regulate
  • Eventually you give up and hang around in the corner, mumbling random things in the haze of coffee and fatigue
  • Eventually Jumin gets the idea of how tired you are and asks if you want to go home, it’s almost done anyway
  • You happily agree and he says goodbye to a few friends before you guys get into the car and go back home
  • On the way in the car you mumble more random things, leaning against the frame of the car
  • “Jumin, I, I love you, I’m tired…. Elly… so cute.”
  • He just kinda snorts, smiling at you softly
  • You managed to get out the car and into the apartment
  • But while Jumin’s petting Elizabeth you slump onto his shoulder
  • You’re just kinda dead by now
  • And unfortunately you’re in a really awkward position and Jumin can’t move with Elizabeth on his lap
  • So he just falls asleep there
  • Probably a bit grumbly in the morning, but he doesn’t really mind that much
  • But the crick in his back is killing him, so he goes to take a bath
  • And when he’s done there’s cat-shaped pancakes waiting for him!


  • You guys were binge watching old movies
  • Who knew Saeyoung was obsessed with old American 50s films like “Singing in the Rain”?
  • It the scene right after Gene Kelly dances around in the rain, almost getting in trouble with the police
  • And the sound of rain in the tv, the humming of the song
  • It’s the perfect setting to take a nap
  • You’re pressed against Saeyoung’s chest, and the steady heartbeat in his chest is relaxing
  • You’re happy for the constant company of him, and the way you two are so trusting in each other
  • You keep thinking these thoughts of happiness and contentment, and slowly nod off to the troubles of Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen
  • Saeyoung was focused on the movie, but when he feels your breathing slow down he looks down and sees you smiling softly, in a shallow sleep
  • He knows that it’ll be easy to wake you up, so he puts the volume down a bit lower, and strokes your hair
  • The movie eventually ends, and he turns off the television, and carries you two bed
  • It was a peaceful night


  • He ended up having the surgery
  • And you were staying up all night waiting for him
  • He returned to the hospital room he was going to stay in for at least 24 hours after, and you were still waiting there, fighting sleep
  • You smile softly, his eyes are bandaged as part of the treatment, so you help lead him to the bed and lay down
  • You talk softly about a bunch of different things, about nature, and skies, and stories that you make up in your head
  • But slowly your voice slows down and you begin to forget your stories
  • Eventually you nod off on his lap
  • He feels the sudden weight and hears the flop of the bedsheets
  • Smiles happily and strokes your hair slightly
  • Is excited to regain sight so he can see your peaceful face
  • It took you two forever and a million years to have any sort of intimacy
  • When you guys slept in the same bed it was back to back, opposite side of bed
  • So when he asks to go out for ice cream with you and then go see some animals at a shelter you want to scream with happiness
  • It’s an amazing date, and seeing Saeran smile over ice cream, and sww over animals happily your heart just melts
  • He also holds your hand and arm throughout the whole things which makes you want to cry
  • But fatigue catches up to you, and you almost fall asleep in the middle of a bunch of wriggling puppies
  • But you keep up your spirits, because it’s definitely worth it
  • The date ends up being longer than planned, because when you get to your apartment Saeran remembers that he wants to watch some Game of Thrones so you watch about five episodes
  • You go to get some food for you both that’s not ice cream
  • It ends up being some chicken and soup
  • He’s wrapped up like a burrito and doesn’t want to get out
  • “Saeran I swear to god you have to eat something!!”
  • “No, I’m comfy!”
  • He gets really red in the face, but refuses
  • After some bickering you get too tired
  • You put the food on the counter and sit down next to him again, defeated
  • Listening to Game of Thrones, leaning on a fuzzy blanket person, you feel yourself drifting off
  • Eventually you fall asleep
  • Saeran notices, and he immediately blushes heavily
  • But slowly wriggles his way out of his blanket fortress to carry you to bed
  • For the first time he sleeps holding onto you
  • It was a great day

Hope you like!! I have a request I’m working on, but I wanted to post this before I forgot about it!! I’ll have the request posted either in a few hours, or tomorrow, I promise!

So if you were the one who submitted it don’t despair I got it!!

anonymous asked:

I need one of the Ipliers finding a sad Host and helping him break Dark's control. I crave that fluff and angst.

(I saved this one for last because we’re gonna end this angst fest with the Host getting a hug damn it)

Wilford finds him slouched on the conference table, head buried in his arms and a slight pool of blood beginning to form on the yellow wood. His voice (always soft) is muffled in the folds of his large coat, and Wilford can’t decipher a single word (a rarity for the Host, who has impeccable diction).

At first, Wilford thinks he’s fallen into an uneasy sleep and readies himself to wake him from whatever vision plagues him. But he listens closer and feels the start of dread shiver up his spine when he hears the quiet sobs in between the Host’s muttering. Though Wilford usually likes to leave tact and subtlety at the door, he keeps his footsteps silent when he approaches the Host, hands outstretched and body coiled tight in anticipation for- something, he doesn’t know what.

“Host?” he says as quietly as he can and curses himself when the timbre of his voice still makes the Host flinch. He doesn’t answer.

Wilford is tempted to call him by his former name, but doesn’t know if it will help or make things worse. Before he can make up his mind, the Host picks up his head, and speaks.

“He asks too much of me.” His normally stoic face is screwed up in pain, the bandage around his eyes heavy with blood and tears.

Wilford, despite his best efforts, feels a rare hint of anger touch the roiling emotions in his head and sighs to keep it back.

“Let’s get you to the Doctor”, he says to keep himself from blurting something about Dark.

He takes the Host in his arms and holds him, letting the blood stain his yellow shirt scarlet and not minding at all.

I Should See Other People - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Theo Raeken, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

“I just think we should see other people…at least I should. I don’t think you should.” Theo tells you as he pulls into your driveway.

“What the hell?” You unbuckle yourself and glare at him.

“I don’t mean anything by that I just think you aren’t ready for a new relationship.” He shrugs.

“Oh, thanks for deciding that for me.” You grunt as you get out of his car, slamming the door before running inside your house. You run straight up to your room and lock the door. You thought things were great. You were out for your one year anniversary when he dropped the bomb. He said he never loved you. You step out of your dress and get under the covers, kicking off your shoes as you get in bed. What an asshat. You cry yourself to sleep with no intentions of going to school the next day.

You wake up the next morning and go to the bathroom. You look in the mirror at your smudged makeup and you sigh. All of this for a boy. You wash your face and brush your teeth before showering. When you get out you check the time…9:05. You’re definitely not going to school today. You can’t face him. You put on some ratty pajamas and go back to sleep on the couch.

You’re awoken by a noise at the front door. You sit up and look, thinking maybe there was a package but when you sit up you see your best friend Stiles ducking. You get up and open the door.

“What?” You ask as he stands up clumsily.

“Why didn’t you answer your phone?” He asks as he walks past you into the house.

You shrug. “I turned it off.” You sprawl out on the couch again and he sits at your feet.

“Are you sick or what?” He runs a hand through his hair and looks at you.

“No.” You pull your blanket over your head.

“Well, I came to talk about Theo.” He says.

“Noooo.” You groan and scoot away from him.

“So you know?” He asks and you uncover your face.

“Know what?” You sit up.

“He’s flirting with Malia.” He raises an eyebrow as you tear up slightly. “I told you he was a mistake.”

“Stiles, he broke up with me last night.” You let a tear fall as you pull your knees to your chest.

“Oh, Y/N…I didn’t know.” He whispers and shakes his head. “I’m a dumbass.”

“No, it’s fine. How could you know?” You bite your lip.

“How’d he do it? If you want to talk about it.”

You nod and sniffle. “He said that he never loved me…that he felt stuck and that he should see other people.” You wipe your eye.

“HE should see other people?” Stiles questions. You nod “Forget the douche. He’s a dick. He’s a dickdouche.” He gestures enthusiastically. You giggle and wipe your nose. “I’m serious, Y/N.”

Your home phone rang and you got up to answer it. “Hey.” It was Theo. “Do you think you could bring all of my stuff by? All of my hoodies and stuff.” You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Are you serious? Like I really want to know is this all a joke?” You yell.

“You need to calm down, Y/N. We broke up and I’ve moved past that.” He says condescendingly.

“Oh, you’ve moved on? We broke up less than 24 hours ago.” You hang up and slam the phone down, Stiles right behind you. You turn and look at him, tears falling again.

“Oh, come here.” He pulls you into your arms and you cry into his chest. You stay like this for awhile, his occasional passive aggressive mutters making you feel better.

“I’ll take your stuff over there.” He says as you both pull away.

“You will?” You smile and he nods. You pull him to your room and threw everything into a box, even things that reminded you of him. You watched as he took the overfilled box down to his Jeep.

When he returns he knocks frantically. You let him in and gasp when you see him. He puts his hands on his knees and gasps for air. He’s got a black eye and his lip is busted. You’re pretty sure his nose is bleeding and his knuckles are bloody.

“What happened?” You dig in his backpack for his inhaler and you hand it to him. He stands up, holding a finger up as he uses it.

“Theo didn’t like that I was bringing your stuff and we fought.” He bites his lip before smirking. “I fisted his ass.“

Your eyes widen and you look up at him. “What? What did you just say?”

He uses his inhaler again before taking a deep breath. “I fisted his-”

You cover his mouth and laugh. “Punched” is one word, “Fisted” is another.“

His eyes widen and he starts laughing too. You shake your head and lead him to the bathroom.

“Let me clean you up.” You say and you hop up on the counter. He nods and comes in between your legs as you set the alcohol and bandages on the counter.

“Can we please pretend I never said that?“ He says lowly and you giggle.

“What, that you fisted Theo?” He glares at you.

“Yes.” He says through his teeth. You clean up the the blood around his nose and eyes as he winces in pain. “You don’t have to help me. I should be helping you.” Stiles says and you shake your head.

“It helps keep my mind off of things.” You say as you put a bandage under his eye. You pick his hands up and start cleaning them and bandaging them. Stiles gives you a half smile and you can’t help but smile back.


“What the hell!” You hear Theo yell. You and Stiles snap your heads over to him and you hop off of the counter, Stiles stepping back. “Do I need to kick your ass again, Stilinski?” He shouts as he walks in the bathroom, pushing Stiles back.

“Watch it!” You step in between the two of them. “You broke up with me! You are the one who wanted this to be over!” You push him back. “Leave.” You point to the door.

He shakes his head and steps forward. “I brought your stuff.” He crosses his arms.

“How ‘bout you stick it up your ass instead?” Stiles snaps and glares at Theo.

“You’re going to let him talk to me like that!?” Theo’s jaw drops.

“You’re a dickdouche.” You push him back out of the bathroom as Stiles grins.

“Yeah.” He murmurs. Stiles always has your back.

“God, why are you always such a bitch?” He heads for the door.

“You should leave.” Stiles says as he follows him out.

“Now.” Theo walks out the door and Stiles slams it closed behind him, turning to look at you. “So you’re single again?” Stiles grins.

anonymous asked:

Yo, but, Dark one day showing up with the Host and nobody knows who he is and he just says 'I am the Host', and it takes Dark to tell them that he was the Author and everyone is like 'what' because that energetic, somewhat crass person is now, well. The Host.

(Why do yall enjoy suffering so much??)

There’s a hush in the meeting room when Dark walks in, though that isn’t particularly unusual. But today, aside from his usual ringing, Dark is followed by what they assume is a new ego, one who’s resemblance to Mark is marred by the bloody bandage around his eyes and his slicked back hair, a streak of gold in otherwise black locks shining in the florescent lights

He’s quiet, subdued even, with his head down and silent words slipping out in what seems like a rapid fire soliloquy. He follows Dark to his seat and falls gracefully to the chair on Dark’s right, across from Google. Google eyes him quizzically, an odd feeling of familiarity surging though he’s sure he’s never seen this man before.

“And who might you be?” Bim asks cheerfully from across the table in an attempt to be friendly.

Google casts his eyes to the other end, where Wilford sits oddly silent, an even stranger critical look in his eye.

“I am the Host”, the new ego answers softly, his voice deep and soothing.

“Are you new?” Google chimes, not liking the feeling of not knowing.

“No”, responds the Host, not elaborating.

“You were the Author, once”, says Wilford, his voice strange and his eyes filled with some emotion Google can’t decipher.

And that’s a strange thing to say because the last time anyone had seen the Author he’d been a loud and prideful ball of energy with a semi-violent streak and an eloquent if sometimes vulgar vocabulary. The Host, with his oversized coat and gold streaked hair and quiet voice looks nothing like the Author. But the Host is quiet for only a moment before answers, firm and deliberate,

“Not anymore.”