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Thanks all for your patience and kindness. I’m close to wrapping everything up, but I will go ahead and warn you that I will be taking a break starting next Tuesday. While I enjoy keeping the comic going, it is stressful when piled on top of long hours at school. And since I am taking classes and doing additional projects over the summer, I need a little time to relax and recompose before all of that begins. We’re in a crazy time for the comic (that I hope you’re all enjoying), and I know delays are a pain. I hope you’ll bear with me. Thanks everyone. See you on Saturday.

Christmas eve with Harry

Moving around the kitchen, she quietly hummed along with the Christmas album she played every year. It was her favorite time of year, the crisp snow, cozy sweaters, warm fired and plenty of treats made it hard for her not to love it. She was on her third batch of cookies, deciding to make cookie baskets for close friends and family this year along with their presents. Just as she had set the last pan into the oven and started on the new batch, she heard the click of the door, and she knew he was home.

Stomping the snow off of his boots, he shivered and rushed into the warmth. While the designer boots and clothing looked nice, they offered little warmth. As soon as he walked in he was hit with the scent of delicious cookies, and knew immediately that he would be having a much better night than his day.

He slipped his shoes off at the door quickly, hanging up his jacket and taking his hair into a bun before walking into the kitchen in his socks. He saw her mixing cookie dough, his sweater hanging off her shoulder and leggings adorning her legs with Missmatched green and red socks on her feet. Smiling at her adorable figure, he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, his head on her shoulder.
“ ‘ello gorgeous. Smells great in here.” He said, turning his head to kiss her neck.

She shivered lightly as his cold skin touched hers. “Shit, H, you’re freezing.” She scolded lightly. She always told him to buy a good coat, but he never listened. He chuckled against her neck, pressing his cold cheek to her bare shoulder to get her to shiver again, and to warm up his cheek. “You’re a right menace, Styles.” She said as she put down the bowl of dough and turned to him.

“I slave over nice cookies all day, and what do I get in return? A boyfriend trying to freeze me to death, without a proper kiss too!” She fake pouted. He smiled at her antics, before leaning down. “Let me fix that then.”

He kissed her lips softly, enjoying the feeling of her smooth lips against his chapped ones. This was one of his favorite parts of his daily routine, coming home after a long day to her sweet kisses. She tasted like icing and cinnamon, which was to be expected.
“You taste like a bakery.” He laughed. “Hey, did you know that I-”
“Used to work in a bakery. Yes, you’ve told me maybe a million and threw times.” She sighed, cutting him off.

Detaching herself from him, she went back to forming her cookies. “How was work? I’ve got a pizza ordered, too lazy to make actual good.” She said, laughing at herself a bit.
“It was alright. Tiring, as usual but I get to do what I love.” He sighed happily thinking about the songs he wrote and how many takes it took to get he right vocals, but how he met a couple fans and how worth it it really was to him.

“Good! I made cookies all day. Finished wrapping presents, called my mum and your mum to firm up plans for tomorrow. That’s about it. Oh, and went out to the shops to get food for Piglet.” She said, referring to their Pug Puppy that Harry just had to get once he saw him at the animal shelter. But he brightened up their lives, and made it feel more like home for her when Harry wasn’t there.

“Sounds like a fun day.” He hummed, taking a bit of a sugar cookie shaped like a Christmas tree.
“Hey, hands off the cookies you thief.” She batted his hands away from the plate before laughing. He had a bit of green icing on his nose, and looked confused as she laughed.
“What?” He asked after he swallowed. She said nothing before leaning over and licking the icing off his nose, his face scrunching up.
“Hey, I don’t know where that tongue has been!” He squealed, wiping his nose off. She raised her eyebrows, as if to challenge him to say something else as he thought of what he had actually said. His cheeks flushed and mumbled a quiet “never mind…” Before going back to munching on his cookie.

After eating pizza they sat on the couch, her on top of Harry and Piglet on Harry’s feet. The fireplace was going after multiple tries and a slight burn to Harry’s now 'my little pony’ bandaged pinky finger. They watched Rudolph while Harry rubbed soothing patterns on her back under his sweater. It was times like this where they both knew they were home. Even when things change so fast, as if overnight, they always knew that this was where they belonged.

The Christmas tree’s lights were tinkling and the presents under the tree were left undisturbed, except the one opened present that Harry had convinced her to open with matching pajama pants with his. The house was calm, the snow was falling and their bellies were full. Happiness was in the air.

The snores of Piglet were soft, Rudolph playing the background while Harry made his little comments about how unfair the other reindeer were to him, and how if he was a reindeer he would try to be friends with him. And with that, she kissed him deeply, wondering how she got so lucky with such a caring and beautiful man.

And with him, every day felt like Christmas.

New Challenges Part 28

Sweeties! I have finally finished it! You all have send me sooo many great ideas, and I hope you’ll like what I’ve done with them! It’s divided it multiple parts, I think it’ll be pretty obvious. Leave me a message!! :D

1. Precious

“Hey Hannah, do you want to do a video with me?” Grace asked.

“Uh, sure,” Hannah shrugged, “But we’ll shoot it in the living room, I want to keep an eye on Alex.”

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