The Heart Of The Coral Triangle

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The present book is a photo report of a scuba diving exploration tour aboard the MV Raja Ampat Explorer in the Raja-Ampat and Triton Bay area in West-Papua, Indonesia. The tour took place in April 2009.

Starting point was the harbour of Sorong located at the north western tip in the indonesian part of the New Guinea main land.

The tour brought us to the most beautiful dive spots of Misool. From there via the Pisang Islands, Momon Waterfall and Kaimana to the Triton Bay area.

Triton Bay offers some of the most spectacular dive spots on earth by means of its marine biodiversity.

After exploring the islands around Triton Bay for a couple of days, we crossed the Ceram Sea again to reach Koon Island in the Banda Sea.

From Koon we transfered back to Misool and from there further north to Kri in the Raja Ampat area before ending our tour in the harbour of Sorong again.

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