band: versaemerge


This song was inspired not only by [the movie] Avatar, but mainly our supporters—like the VersaVultures. So many of them have reached out to us, telling us how much we’ve helped them in some way. It’s also inspired by specific people I’ve met at shows and keep in touch with because they just need someone to talk to. I see them in a confusing point in their lives, just like me. Maybe they don’t love or believe in themselves or they don’t feel as if they’re worth it. I use my voice to let them know they need to take chances and follow their dreams. I sound like a preschool teacher, but I’m dead serious. This song is 110 percent for you guys. People always ask about the arrow tattooed on my finger. Besides the fact that I like arrows, I’m also a Sagittarius—everyone in the band is—and the tattoo always points me in the right direction. So the thought of aiming your arrows high is very hopeful. It’s all about pushing forward, busting through the obstacles of life and not letting one single person bring you down. We’re all a wreck, but we’re also unique because of it.