band: the blackout

The Blackout inspired starters

“This is over and there’s no turning back.”

“Spend the night alone with me.”

“You’re my hero!”

“I wanna taste those lips, why don’t you shake those hips?”

“Why don’t you come and find me?”

“So come tell me, what’s your story?”

“You better stay away from him.”

“I’m sorry, sorry for what I’ve done.”

“You know you’re not alone.”

“I am sorry if I’m not good enough.”

“I’ll always love the way you move.”

“I’m ready, are you ready?”

“Liars, they’re fucking everywhere!”

“Just shut your fucking mouth!”

“I’m sick and tired of all the games you play.”

“You don’t, you don’t even know me!”

The tracklist for Kerrang’s Green Day tribute CD has been announced:

  1. American Idiot - 5 Seconds of Summer
  2. Jesus of Suburbia - Rise To Remain
  3. Holiday - The Blackout
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Neck Deep
  5. Are We the Waiting - You Me At Six
  6. St. Jimmy - Bowling For Soup
  7. Give Me Novacaine - Escape The Fate
  8. She’s a Rebel - Falling in Reverse
  9. Extraordinary Girl - Frank Iero
  10. Letterbomb - LostAlone
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends - The Defiled
  12. Homecoming - Lonely The Brave
  13. Whatsername - New Politics
  14. Welcome to Paradise - State Champs
  15. Basket Case - The Swellers

Pick it up free with Kerrang from Wednesday June 11th 2014.

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LYRIC VIDEO: The Blackout - Wolves

  • concerts are literately the best thing ever, like you are surrounded by people just like you they don't judge you, you are all there for the same reason to see your favorite band, you are always going to be happy at a concert, you make friends, you can go crazy nobody cares and one of the best things is when the crowd sings together because everyone in that venue knows how happy that makes their idols, it makes them proud, it makes us proud. At concerts its like you are one big family its honestly the best feeling ever