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iluv1dandr514  asked:

Can I have a Riker imagine where he doesn't notice me so Rydel helps me out then he finally notices me and asks me out. My name is Taryn

Alright here you go :)

Riker imagine:

“Hey Riker, are you busy later?” You ask, smiling at him softly. He shakes his head, “No, not really” He replies, looking at his phone. “I was thinking of going to a movie later…” You start to say. He nods, “That’s cool, have fun” He says, completely oblivious. You frown and glance at Rydel, who gives you a sympathetic smile. “What movie are you going to see?” She asks you, a little loud so that Riker can hear. “I was thinking of seeing the new Spider-man movie” You tell her. She nods and nudges Riker’s side with her elbow. “Hey Rikes, didn’t you want to see that?” She inquires, smiling at him sweetly. He shrugs, “Yeah, I might go with the boys this weekend” He says, shrugging lightly. You look down at your lap and sigh quietly. “I think the boys are busy this weekend, you should see it with Taryn” Rydel urges. “No, they’re not busy. We already cleared our scheduals” He states simply. Rydel groans and rolls her eyes. “Seriously Riker? Just go on a movie date with Taryn!” She exclaims. Your cheeks heat up into a bright blush and you glare at her. “Del!” You groan, avoiding eye contact with Riker. Riker’s eyes widened and he stared at you. “Uh… I uh, have to go..” Rydel says quickly, rushing out of the room. “You want to go on a date with me…?” Riker asks after a few moments of silence. You blush harder and nod shyly. “Well… I’d love to accompany you to the movie tonight” He tells you, going over to you. You look up at him and smile. “You would??” You ask. He grins and nods. “Yeah, I’m sorry for being so oblivious… I just thought you wanted to go as friends.. And I want to be more than friends..” He smiles softly. You blush and smile. “I want to be more than friends too…” You bite your lip softly. Riker grins widely and winks. “Can’t wait for our date tonight”