band: paper route

You Kill Me (Jason Todd x Reader)

for @nataliabrnes


A/N: I was challenged with this song and there’s kind of a quick ending? i really hope you like it tho boo

WARNINGS: angst, but fluff at the end, fem!reader, 

Hold your head up, dear
I’m the one who’s wounded here
But I love you still the same

You were loyal. No doubt about that. You and Jason kept each other alive, not that you were struggling. You pulled Jason from the streets and gave him a beautiful home, willing to give him everything in the world. You loved Jason Todd endlessly and never expected anything in return. You had taken multiple emotional blows, never once did he lay a hand on you, but staying and fighting through whatever it was to help pull him back out. You survived a day to day, never going to bed too angry, but there were always little scars that freckled along your heart. You weren’t entirely sure if Jason hurt as bad as you when you fought but no matter if he did, you wouldn’t love the man any less.

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