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Oh my God, I just realized something...

“Jamison Fawkes, Minister of Engineering… Has a certain ring to it.”

This is a chatter line from Junkrat when he spawns on Oasis. We now know that the Ministers are the leaders of Oasis, and among them is Moira as the Minister of Genetics. Junkrat sees what they’re doing in Oasis and likes it, even going so far as to have ambitions (although likely fleeting ones) of becoming one of its leaders.

 Strip away all the goofiness and the criminal antics, and what you have in Junkrat is a self-taught engineer. He just seems to have a natural-born knack for it. And even though he’d see most proper scientists as boring old Suits, he’s still sufficiently interested in science as to look past that and want to one day be counted among them.

Actually, if he’d had the opportunity to get a proper education and go to school for engineering, he’d probably be the best goddamned engineer on the planet and Oasis would have offered him that Minister position the same way they’d offered Moira hers. Add to it the nebulous inclusion of Dr. Junkenstein and I’m left to wonder… does he have science in his blood? Is his genius possibly – dare I say it – genetic?

I’ve met [Paul McCartney] a few times he’s been absolutely a dream. The last time was at the Royal Albert Hall. He goes, ‘Why are you always in a rush? Sit down, sit down’. I sit down and he goes, ‘Do you like margaritas?’
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—  Liam Gallagher, NME, 6th October 2017
Walking along the Oasis - thoughts out loud

Sorry for the possibly strange construction of proposals. I do not speak English well and work through an translator.

After the release of Moira and information that she Minister of Genetics many went to study the Oasis. I was no exception, and just went to see the works of Moira, Mercy and the folder Solder 24:

“Repairing Degenerative Genetic Structures”

“Genetic Conditioning and Regenerative Propertis of Applied Nanobiotics.” - by Dr. Angela Ziegler, MD. Ph. D.

I was also intrigued by the thought of @segadores-y-soldados​ that the Moira project for some reason lies in the room of chemists, not geneticists. But, after researching Oasis, I would dispute his assumption that the project was stolen by chemists. However, despite the fact that I do not agree with a number of his conclusions, I strongly recommend reading his analytics to anyone who is interested in lore Overwatch. And especially to those who are interested in the history of “Talon” and Reaper. He notices and connects such facts, which sometimes you can not even imagine. And the way he knows how to seek out and collect the official information together is simply divine…

At the moment, it is possible to identify five main ministries. Their posters hang in City Center:

Chemistry and genetics (as well as biology) are different, but close sciences. Often, one science smoothly flows into another. DNA itself is a polymer molecule, and chemistry is involved in the study of molecules, but this is also part of biology. Oasis is a city ruled by scientific principle, where research and innovation could occur without restrictions. Interaction between ministries should be their natural state. Both in the room of geneticists and in the room of chemists, we can see references to the Ministries of Biology and Physical Sciences:

In addition, the card “University” itself can be conditionally divided into the following parts:

Where in the center is located the storage belonging to the Ministry of Biology:

Moreover, according to the developers, Moira is not very interested in the fate of her projects. It works for knowledge. And if on the basis of her work there will be another work - it’s good, more knowledge.

By the way, I saw that some people call Moira a thief, because she uses the project Angela Ziegler. But if Mercy published her research (and not publish it would be strange), using them for her work is natural for every scientist. Actually, for this, projects are published. No scientist will work on anything, without studying all possible materials on the topic.

Therefore, I do not see anything unusual in the fact that the Moira project was in the room of chemists.

And maybe on the basis of her project they created this:

Despite the fact that Reaper has a gas form rather than a liquid one, this black living mass I always subconsciously associated with Reaper. Although of course, this is only my speculation and I have no evidence to support it.

But here’s what intrigues me most: 

What hell are GENETICS studying an ancient stone with letters?

…and a medieval book?!

Moreover, we could contemplate this book on the day of the hero’s release.

What can be contained in the ancient records, which could attract the attention of geneticists? Could this be a description of something that affects the genetic code? For example, the plague? Or some recipes?

And can this be somehow connected with the fact that Talon is interested in artifacts on Ilios?

I am frightened by the prospect of plot development…