band: imagine dragons

I love Imagine Dragons. It is difficult to convey in words. I love so much that it hurts. I got shivers from the new album. My heart beats faster. Evolve is beautiful. Every song is beautiful. Their music makes you struggle. I feel strength and confidence. It’s not just music. Not just songs. Not just a band. This is what makes me live. Continue to fight. Continue to love life. Thank you. Thank you for loving life. Thank you for saving from the darkness. Thank you for not despairing. Thank you for the fact that my life is filled with beautiful songs. I’m proud to be your fan. Thanks for this. Thanks for all.


“We love Taylor. I went out on the road and sang with her in Detroit I think it was or something. And she’s a sweetheart, yeah. Standing backstage before we went on stage, Taylor gathers all the crew together and kind of gives a little pep talk and it just felt like real genuine. Like real family. You could tell she cared about every crew member from the bottom to the top and yeah that impressed me. I really felt like a real comradery there.”
- Dan Reynolds about performing with Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour in Detroit (May 30th 2015)