band: fun

Sorry for my absence but it’s for a good reason

Atrium is workin hard and recruiting artiest for a bunch of comics, so bare with me as we make this weird transfer to a different way of working

Current projects

Ask My Little Pony
Invader zim comic
Treasure Planet comic
Animanics fun time comic
Buttons Misadventures Animation
Glitchr short
Plus Photography

so it’s a big handful for me to handle and for my co owner Scratch Past, thanks for sticking with us

So Humanz came out today, and needless to say, I AM SO DAMN PUMPED. I love it!! The new style is just fantastic, too. My favorite part is how you can actually see both of Murdoc’s eyes for this phase (for at least most of the time, haha)!! Ughhh this is such a fun style to work in. I love it. Murdoc has always been my favorite, and it was a blast drawing him!