Awesome Webcomics of April: Staff Picks


  • Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell by Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan 

What’s better than this?

Countershot Press presents: 12 full-colour months of gals being pals, ladies living large, murderous misses and fancy femme fatales!

We love webcomics. We love women. So this year we put the two together to create GALPALENDAR 2016.  Plan ahead for a year just as big and bold as these boss babes with these beautiful 10”x8” matte gloss illustrations by:

This calendar is the whole package, triple deluxe! We’re even throwing in ALL the days of the year, and a full complement of months for free! Don’t miss out!


Band vs Band: Wand vs Wand by sqbr

Honey Hart and Turpentine from Band vs Band as flower and goth fairies respectively, clashing with wands.

Drawn as a birthday present for Kathleen Jacques aka kathmachine, creator of the fantastic webcomic Band vs Band, because she said she would like people to draw her characters. And it’s Wednesday in Australia ;)

(Pastiching her style made me realise how great her linework and design is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHLEEN JACQUES YOU ARE A GENIUS AND AN INSPIRATION i hope you like terrible puns)

Marthese reviews Band vs Band by Kathleen Jacques

Marthese reviews Band vs Band by Kathleen Jacques

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Ever wanted a regularly updated webcomic to cater for your fluffy and drama needs in the long term because short things are not the best when you get attached to the characters? You’re in luck! Band vs Band is a cute and bright webcomic by Kathleen Jacques. For those that prefer physical copies, there is a volume of 150 pages out as well. Band vs Band follows…you guessed it, two bands that are…

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Drink Your Comics: Girl Groups in Comics - Women Write About Comics
Drink Your Comics: Inspired by our favorite girl groups in comics, here are some drink recipes for everyone to try.

I created a cocktail inspired by The Candy Hearts from Band vs Band by Kathleen Jacques - try it out and tell me what you think. 

(There’s also a Josie and the Pussycats cocktail and a Zodiac Starforce cocktail)