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I decided that I want to get some personal, meaningful, aesthetic tattoos that are inspired by different musicians or bands that mean a lot to me and changed my life in some way. But I want the person to draw it for me, because that makes it so much more personal and special, and because I know it won’t look like a “perfect tattoo”.

 And I already got a reply from someone saying that he would be down for drawing one for me when I have an idea of what I want!!

I finally got my first tattoo yesterday and I’m so in love with it. I got the lyrics “lost the battle/win the war” from the song Now by Paramore.

I got it as a kind of reminder to myself that no matter how shitty things get, I’m still here and that’s all I need to prove that I’m winning, against depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and self harm, which is why I got it on the side of my left arm where the majority of my self harm scars are. But also as a reminder that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s alright not to win every battle because there are times that you won’t win no matter what anyway, but it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, not yourself or anyone else, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed of it because it’s only natural.

I also got it written in my best friend at the time’s handwriting because I felt like it would mean more to me every time I saw it if it felt like he’s the one that wrote it on my arm rather than myself. I keep promises to other people better than I keep them to myself, so this is my promise to him to never give up and to “win the war.”