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- Waterparks (the band)
- Mutemath
- Walk The Moon
- New Politics
- The Griswolds
- Vinyl Theatre
- Finish Ticket
- Bastille
- Blink 182
- Green Day
- Fall Out Boy
- Simple Plan

Or anything like those. Thanks

Pittsburgh // The Amity Affliction


30 Bands/Artists in 30 Days | 29/30: WITHIN TEMPTATION

Favorite Song: Candles
Favorite Album: The Silent Force (2004)
Favorite Lyrics: “Take away these hands of darkness, reaching for my soul” (Candles)
First Song Ever Heard: Stand My Ground
Most Played Song: Memories
Seen Them Live? No
Fan Since: 2004
How Did You Hear About Them? I was watching a portuguese tv show dedicated to metal and an interview with Robert and Sharon went on with ‘Stand My Ground’ in the background. Of course it caught my attention and I decided to check them.
Favorite Memory of the Band? When I watch the livestream of their performance at the Rock Am Ring 2005, I knew that this band would be one of my favorites. The perfection of Sharon singing live, jumping and still singing without shaking her voice… I knew I was in front of a unique band and group of performers.

Hello, all. I know tomorrow is September 1st is tomorrow & I am pretty aware that some of us know the famous af Green Day song, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. I just wanted to remind you all that you should not make any jokes about this song whatsoever & should not say puns like: “oh look, bruh, it’s time to wake that green day man up”. That song was written about Billie’s father dying when he was ten. As an artist it’s vvvv rude to make a joke about a very tradigic thing like that.
—  ~IdiotNation//Green Day fans

The Specials. I fucking love this band, one of my favourite ska bands for sure. I actually didn’t know anything outside of 2 Tone and 1st wave ska for a while in my life. They are what got me into ska, something that has become an important part of my life and who I am.

That’s kinda sappy, anyways…The Specials, they’re fucking awesome. 

Band of the Day: Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw is an indie rock band that formed in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2005. The members are Adam Mcllwee on vocals and guitar, Brianna Collins on vocal and keyboard, Ben Walsh on vocals and guitar, Pat Brier on drums, and Dennis Mishko on bass. ““Tigers Jaw is fueled by emotionally-driven lyrics brought to life by vocalist Adam McIlwee, whose voice is one of those that reveal passion while at the same time giving the impression that he’s barely trying,” ( They are the perfect band for anyone who is looking for a new band to listen to but wants something similar to music they already listen to and love. I recommend this band to fans of Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack, Title Fight, and Balance and Composure. 

Listen to Chemicals:

Listen to The Sun:

Listen to I Saw Water: