Happy National Lipstick Day!

  1. The Bling Ring- Sofia Coppola (2013)
  2. Girlhood - Céline Sciamma (2014)
  3. Hey, Hey, It’s Esther Blueburger - Cathy Randall (2008)
  4. Mi Vida Lova - Allison Anders (1993)
  5. Vamps - Amy Heckerling (2012)

You know I said to myself I wouldn’t turn into one of those emo kids who obsesses over bands every waking moment and here I am 1 year later begging my mam for another band tshirt, wearing my black eyeliner like there’s no tomorrow and being called the emo kid of the family because I cry whenever My Chemical Romance makes an appearance on Kerrang.


not too much of the pictures but anyways, happy birthday geddy lee c:

youre one of, if not, the biggest inspiration to play the bass in my life. because of you, ive grown a hell of a lot better and faster at playing (though im still not able to do some things…. yet). i am so honoured to be a rush fan and honoured to know that someone like you exists. i have the upmost respect for you, you deserve all the respect in the world. i love you so dearly and i hope you have a great birthday c:


Hey, I’m cleaning out my closet, if you are interested in buying any of these shirts, message me and I’ll put them up on ebay or poshmark or an easy site. I have a lot more to add, these are just a few band tees, I’ll link the other posts when I make them. Thanks! I’m asking $5 for the tees and $10 for the sweater. If you have any questions or are interested please message me and let me know! We could always work something out!