The Signs as Green Day songs

Aries: Know your Enemy

Taurus: Good Riddance (Time of your Life)

Gemini: American Idiot

Cancer: Basket Case

Leo: Holiday

Virgo: When I Come Around

Libra: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Scorpio: 21 Guns

Sagittarius: Wake me up when September ends

Capricorn: Whatsername

Aquarius: Extraordinary Girl

Pisces: She’s a Rebel

my funeral
  • friends:she will be missed dearly by the ones who knew her. now we'd like to play one of her favorite songs.
  • pianist:*plays a G note*
  • me:*rises from the casket* wHEN I WAS A YouNG BOY
  • friends:...
  • me:*rolls out, punches a wall* mY FATHER TOOK ME INTO thE CITY TO SEE A MARCHING BAND
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ok i’m sure there’s a lot more and i’m sorry if i missed you. now with some of you i’m friends and some of you i enjoy to see you on my dash, so if you think “who the fuck is she?” then we’re not mutuals and i really really like seeing you on my dash. so yup… LOTS OF UNICORN LOVE ♥ 

so I played ‘Over and Out’ to my dad and my friend without telling either of them anything about it

my friend said it was really punk then asked me which band it was

my dad asked if it was Green Day


SCANDAL Sisters MV clip