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i don't think anyone needs to spin harry's actions and pretend he was acting for the good of the band. lol, he was clearly acting in his own interests, but that's ok. he gave years to that band and it had his commitment while he was in it. you can't put other people first all your life and carry on doing things you're not into just so no one gets upset. so what if he did break up the band, that's life.

amen to that as well. he didn’t sign a blood oath

the signs as quotes from my band teacher
  • aries: "drumline, it sounds like you're trying to fit something big into a small hole"
  • taurus: "i got 99 problems and flutes, you're all of them"
  • gemini: "we'll have them throwing babies"
  • cancer: "play as if you were wearing a tutu"
  • leo: "there's not enough fiber in your diet brass, lets get things moving"
  • virgo: "two kids jerkin around in a church"
  • libra: "you sound like a large bear with emphysema running up a hill"
  • scorpio: "eighth notes never killed anyone so don't be afraid"
  • sagittarius: "this is like a college frat party and i want it to be an ice cream social"
  • capricorn: "keep it like a mini skirt, short enough to keep the attention, long enough to cover the subject"
  • aquarius: "this is why you sit alone at lunch"
  • pisces: "you guys are like a claymore mine that sprays out a bunch of little pieces and i want one straight missile"