“Excuse me, everyone, if I could have a moment of your time.”

“It’s come to my attention that we should have a place to treat injuries. My name is Diana and I am a nurse. If you are hurt, not feeling well, or would simply like someone to talk to in light of recent events, please, I urge you to come see me.”

“The medical booth is also in need of supplies. We have a vase for your rose and basic first-aid kits, but medicine and additional supplies will have to be purchased from the store. If you can donate anything to help stock the booth, that would be wonderful.”

Medical Booth Location: A makeshift table in the corner of the dining area, next to the kitchen

Hours: On-call 

IM Contact Name: nursediana


So @musicrunsthroughmysoul and I were talking about this hilarious crackfic (? is that the word) that @keatonpatti wrote a while back and she suggested someone make a comic version of it. And I had to take up the challenge so here it is. And yes, it’s a JOKE, so please treat it as one. (Had to say that just in case, sorry :P)

Thanks @keatonpatti for the laughs and for making this possible. LOL

Where’s my black parade shirt? Where’s my eyeliner stick? Can someone find my converse? What happened to my black skinny jeans? Have you seen my manic panic hair dye? WHO WANNA GO TO HOT TOPIC?

Whats everyone saying about this ‘stunt’ Warner Bros pulled? The guys knew about it. Theyre excited about it. Big Worm said in a livestream that they all agreed on a date for the teaser trailer to be posted and for when the release was gonna be. It wasnt just a publicity stunt guys, Mikey, Ray, Frank, and Gerard must be super excited about this release so talking about it like its a horrible thing isn’t gonna make them feel very good about it. Without that thought in your mind that they were having a reunion you would be shitting your pants for this release. It was you that got hyped for a reunion or a tour, they did nothing to spark that. Everyone should be excited for this release just as they are.