This isn’t violence this is just a war in my head,
I give it time but it never seems to end.

  • Peter
  • Daughter
  • Mojo Presents: Communion - A New Generation Of Songwriters

Peter // Daughter

But the Lost Boys have all moved away

and one of them is locked up

I know you think you’re still a child,

But I couldn’t give a fuck; you’re twenty one.

I ripped this track from one of my older records this morning. Back when the band was just after forming, Daughter recorded this track. They released it on Mojo presents - Communion, a CD celebrating new songwriters, one of which was Elena Tonra. Although it was never re-released on an EP as the band wasn’t signed to Glassnote of 4AD records yet, you can still find copies out there.

I hope you love it as much as I do.



@buckcompton​ asked: 9 (favourite episode/season)  + Band of Brothers
                                         part eight: the Last Patrol

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