shouts to all the band kids who worked really hard to master an instrument in high school and double shouts to the ones who wore goofy outfits and did it in choreographed steps like seriously that sounds outrageously difficult like poaching a perfect egg but yeah denny’s has yr backs and you’re welcome in our humble diners after any and every recital, concert, home game, et al. 

What your favorite 90's band says about you

Oasis: I have lots of anger and sunglasses what’s sobriety

Smashing Pumpkins: I am sad and doodle stars on all of my paper, total film hipster who owns too much black clothing and is obsessed with dystopia

Lush: DAMN IT MY RED HAIR IS FADING i like flange pedal

Foo fighters: up at 3 am eating Cheetos and texting friends dick jokes

Blur: I like cheese and Damon Albarn’s naked chest, I like sunlight and sexual ambiguity

Placebo: I’m sad but not sad enough for Smashing Pumpkins, My jeans are THE TIGHEST OF JEANS wheres my hair gel

Hole: I’ve got a closet full of baby doll dresses if you cross me I’ll strangle you with a pair of fishnet tights

Sublime: i like beards and intoxication almost as much as i like petting dogs

Weezer: mom u ruined my favorite sweater in the wash ; I have a huge crush on this girl…

Do you guys think the twitter fam is aware that 95% of 5SOS’ songs wouldn’t exist, meaning 95% of their fame wouldn’t exist, without a certain intelligent maori bassist?


ashton and sweater paws just goes together in prob the best way 

im pretty sure he was trying to kill us here

hes just being so cute and so are the rest hfueoqf

sweater paws + smile + dimples + just every thing jfipwpg

and then we have mr luke hemmings overe here messing with our emotions


he knows exactly what hes doing with our emotions





did Michael learn you that Calum

dont get me started on michael bc hes the master of looking perfect in big sweaters

just look at him

i just want him to stay cold forever so he can wear those long sleeved sweaters

pink hair and sweater paws makes me weak



idek what to say about this

and this is why 5sos should always always always wear big sweaters


Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot

can we just take a moment to remember that zack merrick is a wonderful human being who bakes cookies and likes photography and skateboarding and ripping up shirts and playing bass and singing in a band and doing countless shows and travelling the world and offering hugs to any fan he meets and giving people their money back while telling them to use it to go buy a new mirror so they can see themselves properly 

don’t tell me that didn’t fuck you up even a little bit

which Northern musician should YOU fight?

Noel Gallagher
Who wins? Noel
Are u serious?? Absolutely do not fight Noel Gallagher under any circumstances?? The man is 5′8″ but do nt be fooled he will d e s t r o y you

Johnny Marr
Who wins? Johnny
I mean sure, u look at those matchstick legs and think “I could take this punk!” YOU ARE WRONG. NO ONE CAN TAKE JOHNNY MARR. Also, consider this; if you fight Johnny Marr, I will fight you

Ian Curtis
Who wins? Nobody
Oh my gosh don’t??? don’t fight Ian what kind of monster are you??

Shaun Ryder and Bez
Who wins? They do
Yeah you should probably fight them I mean. Bez once lived in a cave in Morocco for two weeks and another time they kidnapped Johnny Marr so you won’t win but it’ll be a good laugh. Do it. Fight the Happy Mondays.

Peter Hook
Who wins? Hooky lbr here have you seen those arms
You should definitely fight Hook. You will lose but you should absolutely do it please get in at least one good punch to the face

Jarvis Cocker
Who wins? You
Have you seen Jarvis? He has a 29" waist, you could snap him like a twig and he won’t even fight back, he’d probably just swoon dramatically or throw a glass of wine at you

Lee Mavers
Who wins? Lee
Lee Mavers is the only man on earth that Noel Gallagher is afraid of. Avoid confrontation by asking him about how we have to harvest music in the cosmic net

Alex Turner
Who wins? You
Have you seen this nerd? I doubt he’s ever won a fight in his entire life. Easy pickings

Ian McCulloch
Who wins? You
What would posses you to fight Ian McCulloch who could be evil enough to hurt this child. Kiss him instead and you will emerge the winner

Mile Kane
Who wins? Miles
I dunno man Miles looks like the kind of guy who’d win a fight like this I mean. If you wanna go there I mean ok but you’re on your own and i’m not responsible for what happens

Bernard Sumner
Who wins? Nobody
Bernard Sumner has the least punchable face on the planet. Why would you do this to yourself, why would you force yourself to relive in perfect detail for the rest of your life the awful moment when you struck his perfect cherubic features. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t fight Barney.

Liam Gallagher
Who wins? Liam. Why is this even a question
I would advise you to avoid fighting Liam if you possibly can, but I realise that it’s inevitable and inexorable. Someday you will have to fight him, and on that day you will lose. Just accept it, it’s easier

Stephen Morris
Who wins? Stephen
Stephen is the wild card here. Deceptively peaceful looking, you might think you can beat him but. The man collects TANKS. HE WILL RUN YOU OVER. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

The Hacienda

Who wins? No one remembers

Gillian Gilbert
Who wins? Gillian
Don’t be ridiculous. Why would you even consider fighting Gillian she is perfect.

Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke
Who wins? You
Yeah you… you could probably beat Mike Joyce but. Do you want to? The same goes for Andy I mean. Don’t be an asshole man why would you do that

Ian Brown
Who wins? Ian
I mean you could fight Ian but?? why?? Where Angels play, etc etc. besides, Mani is terrifying, why would you risk Mani’s wrath. Look into those eyes and tell me you would fight Mani. That’s what I thought.

Who wins? Everybody
Please. Please fight Morrissey oh my gosh just do it please please fight him. You can’t lose, if you fight Morrissey it will be a win for humanity. Fight Morrissey. Fight Morrissey with everything you’ve got, and maybe someday, we will know peace.