literally where would this band be without Ashton he is a shining light and angel and I love him very much


Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot

1D Hiatus: Day 437

* Louis meets fans in London

* Louis, the boys’ friends and family members vote for the boys to win the Brit via Twitter

* The boys win the Brit Award for Best British Video and Liam shows up at the ceremony to pick it up

* Each of the boys thanks us via Twitter and Instagram

* ‘Just Hold On’ is played at some point of the BRITs ceremony

* Digital Farm Animals post a picture with Louis on Instagram

* #ReleaseTheHug and #WeLoveYouLiam trend on Twitter

* Ed Sheeran talks about Harry’s music during a recent interview

It’s Feb 22nd, 2017.

Music on, world off

just for the record: “aphobes” (ace exclusionists) don’t think that 1) asexual/aromantic people do not exist, or 2) that they do not need a safe space. of course we think you exist (a lot of us ARE ace/aro). of course we think you need a safe space. just NOT LGBT. that isn’t for you. make your own. LGBT is for trans people and people who experience same-gender attraction. a girl, idfk let’s name her: becky, a cis heteroromantic sex-positive asexual (or becky who has sex with her boyfriend happily but doesn’t feel attraction) is not LGBT. however, susanne, an aromantic homosexual, is LGBT.

why do you want to be in the LGBT space anyway? MAKE YOUR OWN. THIS ISN’T FOR YOU.


To the Band Dorks™ out there:

I can hear my town’s high school marching band from my apartment almost every night. From pre-season through now, it’s like I can feel the confidence they have gotten from their practice. Their playing is so much bolder, more enthusiastic, more fun-sounding, and it honestly just pumps me up. I have favorite songs from them and I don’t even know what any of the songs they play are.

You guys work hard and put in long hours, and your dedication and skill is obvious even through my apartment’s windows half a mile away, so even though statistically you are not in my town’s high school marching band, you’re in some town’s marching band, and I bet you sound great, too.

Reasons why Chris Wolstenholme is awesome
  • He’s a badass bassist and also plays multiple other instruments (and has a great singing voice too)
  • He’s a total family man and spends as much time as possible with his wife and kids (yes, even missing the Grammys for them)
  • He’s been with the same woman since before the band became famous
  • He successfully fought his alcoholism
  • He’s really down to earth despite the band’s success (e.g. often playing football with fans), to the point that the other parents at his kids’ school didn’t even believe him that he’s in a famous band
  • He injured his neck from headbanging too much (I’m sorry but that’s just hardcore)

and there it is!

A continuation of this post I did earlier for BoB Week. @trailsofpaper had left such nice and supportive tags that I kinda wanted to give it a go and try drawing a kiss. Unfortunately this is as good as I can do, but I am quite proud of it and at least Skip looks more like Skip in this one than he did in the last one…

Zach DeWall is a guitarist of Set It Off. He is often glossed over due to Cody and Maxx being a bit more popular with fans. That’s why an appreciation post is necessary.

Zach is probably the funniest member of SIO. He has quick wit (often seen in interviews when he makes throwaway comments under his breath). If anyone’s seen We Gonna Set You Off, you would probably already know this.

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Zach is also a talented guitarist. The fact that he just loves to play music and doesn’t really care what anyone else says is so inspiring. He’s also offering guitar lessons over skype which goes to show how much he wants to help others achieve their dreams in music, and help them along.

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Why else do I like him? How happy he looks here:

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He’s such a ray of sunshine.

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And it’s so obvious that he loves what he does and that he’s thankful for where he is. 

He’s just such a dork. He’s practically a giant teddy bear.

I love @zachdewall I think you should too.