Some random headcannons because I love thinking about this stupid dysfunctional family

- Noodle wears everyone’s clothes

- yes even Russels even tho the shirts literally swallow her

- Murdoc roams around the house at night bc he cant sleep and checks up on the bandmates to make sure theyre ok

- no one knows about that and Murdoc wants to keep it that way

- 2D loves sweets and the rest of the band try and hide them from him because otherwise he’ll eat them all in one sitting (boy needs to take care of the teeth he has left)

- 2D loved carrying Noodle around when she was little. Now shes nearly too big and hes really sad about it.

- Russel drums his fingers on every surface ever and it drives Murdoc crazy

- 2D has sung Noodle to sleep so many times when she was little

- murdoc has too and Noodle loved his singing just as much as 2D’s

- 2D has glasses

- Noodle was super close with Del. Second only to Russel

- Russel would sometimes take naps only because little Noodle wanted to see Del.

- Murdoc is reaching a point in phase 4 where he appreciates his band so much and he’s trying to show it. Trying. We all know that this man is The Worst


💎 FUSIONTEEN 💎 aka seventeen fusions!!

(i havent posted them here so!!) These are exactly what you think they are, a fusion between two Seventeen members. Descriptions under keep reading…

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Part 3 and the finale of my art dump of Band Geeks appreciation - only THE best SpongeBob episode ever. This time, the ending still shot and Squidward’s genuine happiness.

I decided to post this separately because it’s such an awesome and perfect scene! (and the only one I actually inked and coloured lol)

anonymous asked:

Harry was absolutely amazing!! But can we take a moment to appreciate the band, because... they were on point 👌🏼

Yes 👏🏻

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.15

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                                              Part F I F T E E N

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4k+ (long af)

A/N: sha-woops, made this part super long. aha, hope that’s okay for you guys! i really hope you enjoy this series, because i think i’ll be making a ‘book two’ for it ! let me know what ya’ll think about that and i hope you enjoy this part x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                I M A G I N E

Century Hall, 7:02 P.M. (Pop-up concert)

“I was just… curious…” You whispered, hugging your arms as your eyes stayed on the ground. Tears streamed down your cheeks rapidly, uncertain if they were going to stop anytime soon. Ashton was still in front of you in your defense, feeling a little sad from your sadness. “I didn’t mean to… cause anythin’…” 

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EXO as Rockstars


-80s rock and roll
-ripped shirts and badass tattoos
-hates when women assume he’s looking to hook up
-takes off his shirt at concerts and does encore
-amazing eyeliner skills
-guitarist and writer of the band


-60s rock and roll
-a gentle man with everyone
-very passionate about his career
-makes sure his band members are healthy
-“[name of city] I LOVE YOU!!”
-everyone’s fave member and knows it


-punk rock
-black skinny jeans and tank tops
-amazing vocals that don’t fit the edginess of the band
-very gentle in real life despite his serious looks at times
-“I want everybody with their hands up! c'mon c'mon i want to see everyone’s hands.”
-makes sure his fans are happy and even interacts with most on social media


-glam rock
-high boots and so much glitter
-eye liner forever and ever
-huge flirt with fans and interviewers
-wrote the song everyone remembers 30 years later
-the reason their band disbanded after several years


-lead singer and face of band
-appreciates his members and makes sure they get spotlight
- “How are you feeling tonight [name of city]? I hope you’re feeling good cause this next song is for you.”
-his voice is so angelic fans cry
-ripped skinny black jeans, tank tops and chains
-matured so much from when his band started


-best selling band yet
-most liked member; main guitarist
-breaks guitars on stage for show
-has to have his snacks back stage or he freaks
-dragon tattoo on his back
-formed his own band after several years, that flopped bcos edm


-bassist and backup singer
-starts jumping on stage while playing
-eyebrow piercing
-badass bass collection that can’t be touch by anyone
-very kind in person
-gives the warmest speeches when they win


-singer & guitar player
-deep songs written by him about past troubles
-denim and plaid are back in season thanks to him
-light screamo
-youngest band to achieve so much
-started off doing youtube covers


-pop rock
-snapchats when band goes on tours
-takes off shirt at start of concert & flaunts his beauty
-lip piercing and ear bridge; meaningful tattoos that likes to show off
-dating a model that is the exact opposite of him

Favorite pieces of Ghost trivia

• They have, on at least one occasion, had two bags of Haribo gummy bears backstage
• The shorter members of the band appreciate being able to walk comfortably in buses
• Water once wandered off while meeting fans after a show and Omega whistled and yelled at him in Swedish to come back
• Water then quickly ran back to be with Omega
• Special Ghoul is scared of the dark and looking out of windows/into mirrors whilst in the dark
• Omega once was trying to go backstage after the lights went out and fell
• They all like to go bowling
•Papa and Omega are super sweet to younger fans/kids of fans
• Special Ghoul once went on a diet that cut out a lot of carbs and he hated it

Feel free to add your own

NCT Dream reaction to their S/O being a fan

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Mark: As long as Haechan isn’t your bias, its okay

Mark would 100 percent love the fact that you appreciate his bands music and would constantly jokingly ask who your bias in the group is. I think he’d be the most mature about it when it comes to jealousy towards the other members. 

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Renjun: Do you want me to introduce you to the other members?

Renjun would be excited that you loved his bands music and would instantly want you to meet the other members. Like mark, he’d be mature about you having someone else as a bias.

Originally posted by markleetrashh

Jeno: Whats you’re favourite song? Mv? Member?

Jeno would love to get to know about everything you love about NCT Dream and why you stan them so much. I think he would be a little jealous if you biased someone else in the group and would probably fight for that spot in your bias list.

Originally posted by donghyukslee

Haechan: Your bias is Mark too? Good choice

Haechan like Renjun would most likely take you to meet the rest of the boys practically when he learns you love his groups music. Haechan wouldn’t care at all if you had someone else as a bias, he’d take it as a golden opportunity to tell you all about your biases embarrassing stories no one really knows about.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Jaemin: When I thought you couldn’t get any better

Jaemin would find it absolutely adorable that you love Nct Dream. He’d work harder on live stages for you and would even send love hearts during shows. 

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Chenle: Why would you bias Haechan? I’m better 

Chenle would jokingly roast you for you had as a bias just to cover up his jealousy that he isn’t your bias. Like Haechan, he’d definitely love to talk to you about everything embarrassing they’ve all done behind cameras

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Jisung: So thats why you were so nervous around the guys!

Jisung would have a thats so raven moment and would finally figure out why you were so shy around the Nct Dream members. Like Jaemin, he’d be really cute in live stages and would send hearts to you through the camera. He wouldn’t mind if you biased someone else but would constantly tease you for who it was, especially if it was him

Headcanon that the Sanders Sides listen to Welcome to Night Vale together.

-Logan because podcasts are his “favorite band.”
-Prince Roman appreciates the creativity of the writing.
-Morality just waits for news about Khoshekh and squeals over Cecilos.
-Anxiety likes the surrealist humor, conspiracy theories mentioned, cryptids, and the Gothic, dark undertones.

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