band t-shirt

aries: cigarettes, electricity, bruised knuckles, graffiti, bonfires, thunderstorms, leather jackets, red neon signs, hurricanes, ripped jeans, fingerless gloves, pop punk, street lamps

taurus: dark chocolate, green hair, chokers, thick thighs, sarcasm, smell of money, burlesque, dream catchers, greek sculptures, pitbulls with flowers, shopping carts, doge, grey hoodies, netflix and chill, coca cola, skype calls

gemini: paradoxes, converse, blue hair, band t-shirts, electric guitars, cigarette packs filled with flowers, polaroid pictures, domino, denim jackets, patches, dictionaries, vodka, lana del rey, vinyl records, flannels, wikipedia, 3 am conversations

cancer: teeth gap, moon phases, pools, hickeys, round noses, constellations, retro sweaters, bangs, ocean waves, stickers on laptops, black coffee, blanket forts, golden retriever puppies, playlists, couple outfits, soulmates

leo: warm hands, kadapul flower, lip kits, dubai, sun kissed skin, kylie jenner, glitter, adidas, crowns, sunrise, laughter, upbeat songs, beach, gold jewels, palm trees, bubble tea, positive notes, hot chocolate, loud music

virgo: messy hair, melancholy, school notes, you tried star, mountain paths, question marks, books, barn owls, raindrops on windows, jack daniels, stamp collections, steampunk, saluki, skateboards, honey, latin words, albinism, bukowski, stracciatella

libra: new beginnings, heart shaped glasses, perfumes, french accent, flower gardens, bubblegum, sunflowers, big hats, pop art, heart and peace symbols, superhero t-shirts, citrus lemonade, ginger hair, blurry selfies, rain boots

scorpio: clowns and fools, snake bites, tarot, red lipstick, wolves, guns, cat eyes, knee socks, marilyn manson, vampire teeth, roses, hidden daggers, heels, stained glass, black mouth masks, hamlet, blood stains, lace underwear, tarantula, joker card, pale skin, candles, lap dances, gerard way, smirk

sagittarius: motorcycles, color palettes, world maps, roller coasters, road trips, van gogh, flying balloons, globes, mist, hello kitty band-aids, paper clips, bees, night city, the hippie van, tattoos, philosophy, leather boots, dandelion, closed eyes, street performers

capricorn: bruises, polycephaly, red wine, expensive suits, leather sofas, black clothes, money suitcases, bony hands, iphone, factory clouds, succulents, dobermans, moths, bleeding knees, levi’s undercut, comic books, dog teeth

aquarius: kaiju, metro, dark circles under eyes, glitches, neon car underglow, maelstroms, ufo, bermuda triangle, third eye, amusement parks, ghostbusters, absinthe, anonymous mask, circles in corn fields, illuminati, marianas trench

pisces: lsd papers, dreamy eyes, cotton candy skies, sasha grey, ballads, forget me nots, smudged make up, alice in wonderland, mermaids, bath bombs, stardust, flower power, wisps, heavy guitar riffs, paper airplanes     

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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What The Signs Remind Me Of

Aries: late night cruises, loud music in the car. forgetting to do something till the last minute. dirty sneakers, winged liner, black ripped jeans. the colour red. sloppy first kiss, pastel bedrooms, messy sheets.

Taurus: flirty conversations, sexual jokes. the smell of coffee in the morning, falling in love for the first time. making cookies late at night, coconut water. leather jackets, comic books. pugs, bad driving. 

 Gemini: late night conversations, random phone calls. swimming pools, the colour purple, long lashes. sweatshirts, new clothes, reading books, watching Netflix, random movie marathons, popcorn. 

Cancer: warm hugs, watching your favourite childhood cartoons. oversized shirts, crying alone in the bathroom. rain on windows, the light in someones eyes. vanilla scented candles. video games. 

 Leo: dark red lipstick, nice clothes, long hair. gold glitter, getting over your first heartbreak. neon signs, falling in love, music festivals, laughing. looking in the mirror. expensive things. red roses, partying with friends. 

 Virgo: helping someone in need, floral anything, cats, clean carpets. writing in journals, stacks of books. tarot cards, sun kissed skin, blonde hair, the feeling of not wearing makeup and feeling confident, ocean breeze. late night adventures. 

Libra: fresh face, pale skin, soft voices. baking in the middle of the night. exotic eyes. strawberry ice cream. Star Wars, the feeling of being loved by others. puppies, summer weather. long hugs, heart warming smiles.

 Scorpio: cancelled plans, uncomfortable silence, movie theatres, the feeling of regret. bad baking, unfinished conversations, cold showers. horror movies. really mean “jokes”. cuddling with cats

Sagittarius: day dreaming, really bad memes. bonfires, hoodies. not listening to people, smoking with friends. smoothies, birthday parties, crowded places, thin hair, bad clothes

Capricorn: veiny eyelids, pale skin, pouty lips, listening to music while doing schoolwork. opens up about themselves at like 3 am in the morning. love story telling, the feeling of staring at someone you love from across the room. spa day, beach holidays. 

Aquarius: late night drives, stays up all night playing video games, the feeling of breaking someones heart, emotionless, concert lights, intellectual conversations, trusting someone with your secret, illegal drugs, band t-shirts. 

Pisces: coffee dates, brunch with friends, long car rides, loud music. the feeling of being unwanted by everyone, cute noses, pastel colours, pink lipgloss, “are you awake” texts at 3 am. big cities, brown eyes

Types of rock music fans

Hello folks, I did that and I hope you like it! Sorry if it’s that long (and I didn’t put them all lmao).

the “i just like the music” guy
-may know the frontman’s name (unlikely)
-knows nothing about the band
-just likes the songs
-probably doesn’t know who’s dead and who’s alive
-Bonzo who?

the high guy
-loves psychedelic rock
-gets stoned while listening to hard rock n stuff
-even when not stoned talks really slowly
-weed and pink floyd 3 a.m. is that heaven
- “sup duuude”

the groupie
-most likely a girl btw 17/25
-sexually attracted by most rock musicians
-70s babe
-David Bowie’s god
-gotta style

the cult guy
-solid classic rock
-alternative af
-black laced boots, oversized sweater, round shaped glasses
-gets EXCITED easily
-reads a lot
-loves Tarantino and old school cinema
-understands music

the shipper
-ships basically everyone
-has an OTP in each band

the passive aggressive
-kinda depressed
-kinda upset
-basically fucked up
-the Smiths but sometimes the Cure
-vegetarian cause Morrissey, but Smith was cool too
-…the world’s a vampire…ta ta ta ta
-“fuck off, man”

the “rock music’s the best” guys
-only listen to rock music because it makes them feel cool
-remind you that they listens to rock music every 5 minutes
-just know the most popular songs
-“hav u ever listened to guns n roses’ sweet child 'o mine? you gotta listen to it trust me man, trust me”
-don’t know the lyrics
-mix up the names (“yeah, Jim Morrison, u know, Van Halen’s guy…”)

the sub-culture guy
-todays music’s not like once
-misses the good old days
-knows all the less known songs
-also the ones from that album they recorded that year before the band was actually formed
-pop music sucks
-anything after the 90s sucks
-do u know Bauhaus

the punk kiddo
-punk rock babe
-wanna have fun
-has thousands band t-shirts
-cute smile but unworkable lipsticks
-i mean true punk rock so The Clash not Green Day ok?
-wannabe joe strummer
-sid vicious was not a bad guy

the overthinker rocker
-everything has a deeper meaning
-sure “girl got rhythm" it’s all about a deep complex human condition that involves-
-no, it’s all a metaphor
-u got it?
-doesn’t it blow ur mind?
-pink floyd enthusiast
-touches you while talkin

the 60s little flower
-all lost in a strawberry field in 1960
-loves the Beatles and nature
-pure soul
-sleepy and easy going
-Elvis and swing
-doesn’t like metal/hard rock

the mr meme
-laugh at weird faces in old photos
-is a meme genius
-kinda nerdy
-makes us all laugh a lot
-Queen enthusiast
-“have u seen Roger in tha’ photo?!?!? AHAHAHA”
-very active on social

the nostalgic guy
-never gonna be able to go to concerts
-cries by the record player
-vinyl’s a religion
-huge rock-related posters and photos on the closet and everywhere

the road trip blues guy
-finest taste in music
-knows the basics aka blues is the way
-loves to listen to music while driving
-Rolling Stones are huge
-never existed anything better than Stones
-hates the guys who wear Stones logo on t-shirts and don’t even know who they are
-can tell you when a famous song’s a cover ((pissing you off af))

the girlfriend/boyfriend
-knows E V E R Y T H I N G
-sometimes a lil creepy
-can tell you every funny story about any member of the band
-has watched every single concert/interview video existent online
-“so now you understand why he felt so disappointed that time…”
-“that was why since that moment they didn’t play that song…”
-acts like they’re married
-got pillows with their faces on

the “i can play it” guy
-plays an instruments, most likely
-would like to be a rock star
-cover cover cover
-emulates the style but shhh always pretend you didn’t noticed
-basically not self-confident

the evergreen
-50/60 yo but still here
-always wearing band t-shirt
-kind and caring
-has been lucky enough to grow up with rock music
-cool parent
-doesn’t embarrass you
-“you know, when I was your age”
-rare creature
-gives you old vinyls

the peter-pan rocky guy
-45/60 yo and still a kid inside
-wears weird stuff n make up 'cause “it’s rock n roll honeyyyy”
-honestly embarrassing
-thinks it’s cool like that (but it’s not)
-probably drinks a lot and smokes like a chimney
-talks about rock musicians like as they were old friends
-“that time Keith Moon told me…”

the freak guy
-always wearing headphones
-walkin around like a fuckin survivor
-unlucky with friendships
-antisocial cause society’s fucked up
-airguitaring and headbanging af
-can’t stay still while listening to music
-usually gets along with sub-culture guy

the Odin worshipper
-wants to live in northern europe
-loves cold and snow
-if a boy, loooong hair
-vikings is the best show
-lotr fan
-always serious on the outside but a cutie inside
-northen europe heavy metal
-bands nobody knows

anonymous asked:

HC that som where down the line the girls start stealing the guys clothes while in the dorm, sweaters, hoodies, sometimes boxers etc, the shyer guys are kinda embarresessed the louder ones ask why once, eventually they just let it happen


anyway yes i love this headcanon

i tried to draw the girls in clothes that i thought matched their style most (and all the clothes are based off actual stuff Horikoshi has drawn the boys in)

Tsuyu loves Kouda’s big comfy jackets (they keep her super warm even when it’s cold out), and Momo is a big fan of Aoyama’s fancy/frilly fashion. Tooru loves Izuku’s silly, simple shirts, and Jirou enjoys Bakugou’s stylized band t-shirt stuff. Mina wore Tokoyami’s shirt and vest b/c it reminded her of her hero outfit, and Uraraka enjoys how comfortable Bakugou’s button up is 

(it’s hard to tell, but the shirt Momo and Mina are wearing is supposed to look a bit tight b/c they’re taller/bigger than Aoyama and Tokoyami, while the shirt Uraraka is wearing is supposed to look baggy b/c she’s smaller than Bakugou)

for some reason Bakugou’s clothes get stolen most often (b/c his fashion sense just happens to match quite a few the girls’). only his tank tops (that he trains in), his UA gym uniform, and hero outfit are never stolen, b/c they’re always super sweaty and smelly 

Kirishima’s red hoodie gets passed around a lot and it almost becomes like a comfort hoodie for the girls. Kirishima doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s really sweet

The signs as colors

Aries: the burning orange of a sunset, red converse shoes, sunflowers on a summer day, the light coming through the windows on a warm afternoon, citrus peels

Taurus: long green grass blowing in the wind, blush, rose wine, the light coming through the trees in spring, clover patches in the park, mint and chocolate

Gemini: the faded tan of old books, the soft tones a candle gives off in a dark room, lemonade, sidewalk chalk, khaki overalls, a rubber duck, key lime pie, bees on flowers

Cancer: honey, pearls and silk, the patchwork of colors on an old quilt, daisies, the warm tan of fresh bread, baby’s breath and lavender, vanilla bean ice cream

Leo: the gold of a sunrise, a bonfire at night, ginger ale, when the leaves are changing colors as fall is coming, sparklers, glitter, bloody noses and smiles, confetti on the dancefloor  

Virgo: aloe and cucumber, iced tea, dusty evening skies, mahogany tables, old coffee mugs as the thrift store, softly scented lotion, lilacs, sheer pale window curtains in the breeze

Libra: hazy gold framed artwork, creamy silk pajamas, light washed jeans and a soft pink cardigan, honeydew melons, bubble tea, fairy lights, tan sketchbook paper and white ink

Scorpio: the green and purple of the sky just before a storm hits, neon lights on wet asphalt, undereye circles, coffee and cigarettes, band t-shirts, sour gummy worms, the night sky when there is no other light than the stars and moon

Sagittarius: cranberry juice, hello kitty bandaids on scraped knees, carousel lights, old stains, your favorite plaid shirt, cherries on a picnic blanket, the two minutes before and after the sun goes down

Capricorn: the swirls as cream and coffee mix together, the light coming into a dusty room, an old journal, the faded bench by the river trail, toffee and almonds, a big sweater 

Aquarius: midday sky with puffy little clouds in it, the color of a swimming pool, the glow of a computer screen, Mountain Dew Voltage, saturday morning cartoons, primary colors

Pisces: Monet lily pads, saltwater taffy and cotton candy, old paint palettes, wildflowers, tumbled chrysocolla and labradorite gems, sunsets on the river, dewey moss, bathbombs