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SCANDAL; “I went for ONE OK ROCK’s live! When on the plane to America during the tour, I listened to 35xxxv…and since I also really like the support guests, twenty|one|pilots, I’m happy to get to see them all liveー!”“I went for Ikimono gakari-san’s liveー! It’s been funー! I ended up having really warm feelings.” - RINA

SCANDAL and their team also sent flowers to the bands, namely Ikimono gakari, SUPER BEAVER and ONE OK ROCK. While Rina has attended all of the concerts herself, it is unknown if the rest of the SCANDAL members also did the same.

Additionally, negoto’s drummer, Sayako also attended OOR’s concert last night. It’s not known if perhaps Sayako and Rina met up. Both negoto and SUPER BEAVER are scheduled to perform at SCANDAL’s, “Band Yarou Yo!!Vol.6” this Sunday.

Photos of flowers from Twitter, translations by fyscandalband

Compilation of all of SCANDAL’s “SCANOMICS” radio broadcasts so far. The band have started as regulars on TOKYO FM since 2nd Apr 2013 and the radio programme is still ongoing.

I have provided most of the overall translations with the exception of the earlier broadcasts. List is as follows below:

I only started taking the translations more seriously (?) from the June 2013 broadcasts onwards and nowadays, I try to translate as much of the programme as I can. Do enjoy them!

This post will be updated whenever I finish the latest SCANOMICS broadcast and its link will be available at the top of fyscandalband’s page.

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Though all the members are junior high students KANIKAPILA is a band with superior ability. KANIKAPILA means “Let’s play music”.
They won the grand prize on SCANDAL’s copy band contest 2013.
They acted as the opening act on SCANDAL’s “Band Yarou yo! vol.5” Mar.16, 2014.

It was sweet n touching moment when RINA & MAMI suprisingly visited them at the rehearsal studio :)

*cr to 2xCantarian @YT*


Photos and tweets translated in order:

  • TOMOMI: “As guests musicians, Mizuki from negoto and Maisa from Akai Kouen were welcomed to form a 6-man band (with us). We couldn’t stop shaking from excitement ever since the rehearsal. A big thanks for coming in spite of both of them being busy as they’re both releasing stuff this week! It was the best.

  • Masuda Mizuki (negoto): “Mizuki here. I participated as a guest musician on SCANDAL’s Band Yarou! vol.5 today! SCANDAL, Akai Kouen’s Maisa, O.A’s Kani-chan, everyone who came, thank you all! *To be together was the best! Heart throbbing!

  • TOMOMI: “After party

  • RINA: “Girl power

All translations today by me as per usual~ sorry for being a little late, I just like to wait a bit so I can throw everything in a single post! Whatever other upcoming photo tweets will all be edited here.

SCANDAL; “It Was A Lovely” blogpost by MAMI☆

Night!! 16th March, and since the date has changed it’s become yesterday. It was the organized event by SCANDAL, Band Yarou Yo!!vol.5 @ SHIBUYA-AX!!!

Mami further raves about forming the ‘6-man band’ with Maisa and Mizuki, how KANIKAPILA really powered up as compared to last year and she feels that with Maisa and Mizuki, there’s a lot to learn and be stimulated from their playing. As Akai Kouen also just released their new single on 12th March, she hopes that everyone can check them out.

Mami also says that as this is their first live since the EX-THEATER live so everyone’s waited for quite some time for this day. She also adds that she’ll work hard from tomorrow onwards too, and thank all the fans for their smiles, courage and power as always. The photo above is of her and Akai Kouen’s Maisa!


SCANDAL; “Band Yarou Yo!!Vol.5” blogpost by RINA☆

Just for 1 day today, we have formed a special band! Tsuno Maisa (Akai Kouen) and Masuda Mizuki (negoto). Both participated as guest musicians and performed 3 songs. I was shocked by both of their playing ever since the rehearsal, and as they were so cool they further evolved the songs into something more brilliant. It was super super fun. To be able to appear together made me really happy. It’ll be great if somehow we’re able to come out again together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Following on, performing as the opening act were KANIKAPILA who were the winning band at SCANDAL’s Copy Band contest! It’s a 7-man formation band, with members that’ll be becoming 3rd years in their middle school and becoming high schoolers this Spring. It was an energy-filled, sparkly stage! Because they really hyped it up from the opening, I think they created a night that wasn’t cold from the beginning till the end! It was an amazing live where they stood dignified in front of the large crowd! Applause! Thank you!

For us, today’s the last live at the AX. There’ll still be all sorts of drama born from this venue up till May. I have too many thoughts about the AX that I can’t quite put it into words well but I’m glad to have done many lives in this place. It was a night of gratitude. As I thought, I like it best being on stage.

SCANDAL’s RINA & MAMI; “KANIKAPILA-san went to visit SCANDAL’s RINA-san and MAMI-san in the camp! What sort of advice will these two have?? For more, do look forward to tomorrow’s broadcast〜(´艸`)

Mezamashi Terebi broadcasts from 5:25AM (JST) onwards every weekday on Fuji TV. There’ll be a special on KANIKAPILA’s live on tomorrow’s show, where we can also expect to see SCANDAL.


SCANDAL; “Yesterday Was” blogpost by MAMI☆

“SUPER BEAVER’s『Aisuru』Release Tour 2015 final @ Ebisu Liquid Room. There, I participated as a guest vocalist and got to sing『Q&A』✌︎ (Surprise appearance⤴︎)”

“I was happy just by being able to participate in the album, but to be able to sing together on stage was simply the best. I’m thankful to SUPER BEAVER for calling me along! Thank you!”

“Ahー to go on stage with a hand mic and without a guitar, it’s been 10 years (since schooling). That’s why I was nervous. Laughs. It’s been fun, aaabsolutely⤴︎”

“Anyway, the live was really cool. SUPER BEAVER’s music, the words of the band, and their feelings of “love” were really conveyed acutely to the audience. It’s good that a band’s overflowing with love eh. It was a really wonderful night. And then to everyone of SUPER BEAVER, well done for the tour! (I forgot to take a photo of all 5 of us!)”

“Kindly look over us for 7/19′s Band Yarou Yo!! Vol.6✌︎”

“I also got their T-shirt♡”


SCANDAL; On J-WAVE’s ‘GROOVE LINE Z’ (HARUNA & MAMI only) + First 'Flashback No.5’ OA!

(For “Flashback No.5”, it’s from 14:15 onwards.)

Earlier this afternoon, SCANDAL’s guitarist duo visited J-WAVE and appeared on ’GROOVE LINE Z’ to promote their upcoming new single! This is the first time that on two members of SCANDAL showed up, as previously, all of SCANDAL had come.

Of course, Haruna and Mami are here to talk about their 21st single, “Stamp!”. The host is surprised that the band is releasing material at such a fast pace, but SCANDAL says they are happy to be releasing work so steadily. He is curious about the timeline for “Stamp!”, in which Mami reveals they’d recorded it back in April this year. It’s actually created around March, but as they had been doing the world tour, in the spare time in between when they returned to Japan, they had then recorded for the songs.

The host also comments that SCANDAL seemed to have really grown up these days, and Haruna says that she’s actually of the same age as J-WAVE. Speaking of birthdays, Haruna also reveals that she did receive a year 1988 bottle of wine last year, but she didn’t drink it, although that’s kinda a waste.

Of course, SCANDAL also speaks about the world tour. They had toured Europe, Asia, America etc., going about 8 different countries. How does SCANDAL feel to be able to reach this point in their careers? Mami feels that it’s actually quite tough, since going abroad means a difference in getting about and it takes a toll on your body (+ many other factors that make being overseas tough), but she did enjoy eating tacos everyday in Mexico. In Japan, the tacos are really American-type tacos, so the taste is completely different. Of course, it is still fun as many people who really knew their songs had come for them and that makes them feel happy and touched. Haruna describes that while many fans came from the 'side-door’, by first hearing their songs play in Anime and getting in touch with the Japanese sub-culture before becoming their fans, people still came to see them. SCANDAL also touches on their staff and about wanting to go overseas in private.

Btw, when the host says that he recently went to Hawaii for a holiday and it was tough taking the economy class seat, Haruna and Mami says they’re always taking the economy class themselves, lol.

After “Stamp!” is done airing, we also touch on SCANDAL’s upcoming plans, including the J-WAVE ROCKS! Summer event, where they’ll take the stage with TRICERATOPS and SAKANAMON. They will also be playing at the Band Yarou Yo!! Vol.6, ROCK IN JAPAN FES., and then embark on their Arena Tour 2015-2016. The host is feeling somewhat regretful/enraged for them about the band having to sacrifice their Christmas eve ('cause Haruna adds that they’ve basically given all their Christmas eves to the band), but Mami says to them, that’s youth. SCANDAL will now introduce their new coupling song on the show.

Flashback No.5” is from 14:15 onwards.

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband.

SCANDAL; Recent Updates Compilation

SCANDAL aren’t chillin’ so it looks like neither can I, lol ╚(•⌂•)╝ There’s been a lot of updates so if you can’t keep up, then this list will be helpful. Check it out below:

  • Band Yarou Yo!!Vol6.: HERE
  • SCANDAL Documentary Film「HELLO WORLD」Trailer Release: HERE
  • SCANDAL meets Disney Villains: HERE
  • LINE MUSIC Interviews: Part 1, Part 2
  • SCANDAL on Cover of Rolling Stone Japan Edition 2015 | SUMMER: HERE (tentative release date 10 Aug)
  • 「Stamp!」Interview: HERE
  • Rock Kyoudai Interview: HERE
  • AmebaFRESH!Studio Guesting: HERE
  • Excite Music “Stamp!” My Season Interview: HERE
  • LINE LIVE CAST Appearance: HERE
  • 「Sisters」New Single Release: HERE
  • Other Recent Radio Appearances: HERE

All posts include English translations wherever necessary.

Will also not be doing summarised translations for their radio appearances on InterFM’s Are You Rolling?…We’re Rolling, J-WAVE’s Beat Planet or FM Yokohama’s Tresen+. Most of the talk is centralised on their “Stamp!” single and world tour, so unless requested by a number of people, I have no intention to translate those.

Thanks everyone!

※ Image from SCANDAL’s LINE. If you tuned in to their LINE LIVE CAST broadcast earlier, you will receive it.


SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (11 Mar) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! It’s 11th March today, which marks it as the 3rd year since the Tohoku Earthquake. Before the girls kick off, the girls reflect on this a bit before playing “Departure”. Haruna says they wish they could give this song to everyone quickly in the physical CD form soon, so may everyone look forward to it. Coming up, the girls have quite a couple of lives to do and one of them is the Hawaii Honolulu Ekiden & Music Fes 2014. Just judging by the title, it already seems fun. Haruna says there’s a plan for those traveling from Japan, where they can also participate in the long-distance relay as well. There are such relay races in Japan, like the Tokyo marathon but it will definitely feel different running in Honolulu for sure. For those that aren’t so great, it is still completely okay to participate in the live music festival. SCANDAL sink further into the details a bit, and hopes for more people to bring their friends or colleagues along as well.

Speaking about the live acts, there will be SCANDAL of course, as well as acts like Kimaguren and Monkey Majik. They’ve ever stood on the same stage as these bands before and it’s been a long time since then. Haruna wonders how the atmosphere will be, since they’ll be at Hawaii this time round and the beach at that. Surely it’ll be all alright. SCANDAL says for this Ekiden & Music Fes, rather than tickets, it’ll be replaced with t-shirts instead. Haruna says they’re also looking forward to the Hawaii sunset as it’s going to be the best ever. And the day after the live, SCANDAL will also be doing a fan meeting.

Right up till now, SCANDAL has never had a fan meeting before so they wonder what they should be doing and what will make everyone happy. Rina mentions about wishing to do it in Nara (prefecture) but for this round, she wants to hear everyone’s opinions on what they’ll like to see. Haruna says it’s nice to do something else aside from the live, and it’ll be great to do something Hawaii-ish. Tomomi says this feels like a learning trip. Next, SCANDAL’s Haruna reads the fanmail about a boy who’s formed a band a while ago and it is co-ed, which means there are male and female members. Rina brings up one point that with male members it means that cooler songs can be decided upon.

Loads of promos as per usual. Mami throws in that for they’ve been really wanting to go to meet everyone in Hokkaido (and they can finally do so during the “Kyu ni Kite Gomen. In Kita” tour.) She’s therefore looking really forward to the food, the travel and the live. Also, “Band Yarou Yo!! Vol.5” is just around the corner and Rina bursts out in excitement. She says she’s really happy and can’t wait anymore, as it’s been a while since they did a live.

That is all for this week~~~(^-^)

Video upload w/ credits to sun201009 @ YT, translations by me.


SCANDAL; “Long” blogpost by RINA☆

My hair has really gotten long. The length I have now is just right for everything, and it’s easy that it’s orange (in colour) too. It’s the best whenever I drum as well. Sometimes I hear things like, ‘Why is it that your hair isn’t messy despite all the moving you do during lives?’ It’s been a norm for 7 years now, because even without looking at the mirror, it’s come to this condition now. I get that it returns back to its original state no matter how I move☆

It will soon be March in a couple of days. Rina also contemplates how she’s been looking forward to March, as they haven’t had the opportunity to meet everyone since there aren’t any lives or TV shows (which is rare as they’ve been a 'non-stop’ band up to this point). She guess she hates taking a break on her own (→ Haru has her stage play whilst Timo and Mami were getting their driving license.)

Rina also reveals that she can’t wait to meet everyone at「Band Yarou Yo!!Vol.5」. This event will soon take place next month at the SHIBUYA-AX. It is also SCANDAL’s next upcoming live.