band week


Well at the end of the day our fandom IS a cult


christmas lockscreens for; 
☼ twenty one pilots
☾ fall out boy
☆ panic! at the disco

( requested by @whereaboutswaffles )

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things about brendon urie that i heart

-his thick fuckin thighs holy wow
-smiley boy 24/7 like does this guy ever get sad i hope not
-high heels
-“that breaks my heart that youre calling yourselves trash that really sucks”
-is tired of i write sins not tragedies
-continues to sing i write sins not tragedies
-fucking nice to everyone like ?? how im not even nice to myself
-ends up shirtless by the second half of every concert
-always screaming for some reason
-or just making some odd noise
-hes just cute and hes 2 years old someone give him a lollypop

  • P!ATD's music vids from 2006: lol we crash weddings and we like eye makeup and we make ppl walk around with fish tanks on their heads
  • P!ATD fans: lol
  • P!ATD's music vids from 2008: lol we smoke pot and dress like we're from the 1970s and oh shit where's Ryan and Jon
  • P!ATD fans: lol
  • P!ATD vids from 2011: lol Mona Lisa is the shit
  • P!ATD's fans: lol
  • P!ATD music vids from 2013: lol we're in Vegas and you're not
  • P!ATD fans: lol
  • P!ATD music vids from 2015 to now: lol its your boy Brendon and I'm actually Satan and I like tentacle porn, torturing kids, and I really don't need anyone at all I'm fucking fine I'm Brendon Urie I can move mountains fuck you
  • P!ATD fans: lo- wait what the fuck