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|-/ B L U R R Y F A C E |-/

okay so I have listened to ‘stressed out’ so many times now like it has been on repeat for about the whole day and iv been going over the whole concept of 'blurryface’ and I think I’m finally starting to understand what it means.

So, I think throughout Tyler and Josh’s life they have went through a lot and this album is explaining all the things they have had to overcome and about defeating their own blurryface.

Things like the hanging microphone symbolises the “noose” that was referenced a lot in Vessel as “music” being the thing that has saved Tyler’s life.

Also about the black paint covering his hands and neck might symbolise the parts that his demons have effected. So his vocal chords and and his fingers that he uses to write music.

Overall, I don’t think blurryface is a monster. I don’t even think that he’s a real life creature. I think that we all have our own different type of blurryface created in our heads.

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Yooo are you still doing the lyric fics? If so "And when they got married and decided to have one of their own~ She said tell me be honest, tell me what you want" With Natan

Lucifer’s head was in Natalie’s lap, listening to the even pitch of her breathing as the summer evening dimmed around them, making the field stretching in front of them light up with fireflies. Natalie watched their ascent into the trees as the navy sky pulled a dark sheet over the world, the full moon shining through like a flashlight under the covers. There were too many clouds to see the stars, and Natalie ran her fingers through Lucifer’s hair, counting his heartbeats.

He held her other hand in own, rubbing his thumb in slow strokes over the smooth gold band on her finger, symbolizing their union that was many years in the making. Falling in love with her was easy, so easy that it made the idea of a future terrifying because he could no longer picture his life without her.

The peace in their backyard was such a startling contrast to how their relationship started, and now, they managed to side step blood and controversy so well that they had almost fallen into some semblance of normal. But it didn’t matter to Natalie, she would follow Lucifer to hell and back. Not even death could keep her from his side, and somehow the thought wasn’t a comforting one.

His back ached on occasion, but the tug in his heart when Natalie smiled at him always won out, luring him deeper and deeper into her.

A light rain had started now, falling cool on their skin, washing away the thoughts of the past like grains of sand. The history never went away completely, but it faded long enough, and often enough that they could enjoy the present, and the laughter that came with things of today.

Natalie titled her face upwards to let the sprinkle caress her cheeks softly, and her voice was a whisper when she said, “I guess we might wanna head in now,” and when Lucifer didn’t reply immediately, she asked, “What do you want?”

In reply, he sat up, cupping Natalie’s face in his hand and kissing her, softly, softer than the rain.

“You. It will always be you.”