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…so as it turns out, “lemon demon” (moreso the name, not the band, but still) came to be on january 21st, which is also. my birthday. the same day i was created so was my favourite band and thats symbolic of something im sure. its like it grew up alongside me. not to mention that i have this url

january marks the birthday of both the band lemon demon and tumblr user lemondemon

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I want to know the meaning of every tattoo you draw les Amis and co with ❤

omg!!! Okay hold on thight because this’ gon’ be a loong post:

at the moment les amis who don’t have tattoos are: Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Joly, Marius and probably Cosette. I’m also sure that Eponine has tattoos but I’ve never drawn them because I can’t decide

left arm:
- 3 roses (meaning: unknown)
- black band: it’s a personal reminder of his depression, it works as both a statement for himself, meaning that he doesn’t want to go back into that darkness, and as a general symbol, a black bad/stripe usually means mourn and he feels like he’s lost years/experiences/his smile for a long time, so he’s technically mourning
- “farouche” in cursive: a lot of people call him that, especially Enjolras, so he decided that was his favourite adjective ever
right arm:
- “art.”: a personal reminder that his goal is to make art from life, the full stop means that it’s a statement and that art’s the only thing needed to survive
- black band: it’s a personal reminder like the other one, this time it’s a memo to stay sober

left arm:
- The Solar System: both because of his love for science and astronomy and because “we are so little in the universe”.
- a moth: his favourite animal, not because it’s pretty/ugly, but because it’s naturally drawn to light even thought it’s a nocturnal animal and even thought it could kill it.
- the chemical formula of love: because he firmly believes that anything can be explained through science and yet some things still are a mystery
left side of torso:
- “etre libre” (written in Victor Hugo’s calligraphy): “the greatest thing of all”
- an Acathus (drawn in a classic style): this flower’s meaning are art (but it’s not the case) and friendship, and I went for the second one his friends’ being the best thing in his life.

left shoulder:
- hawaiian tattoo: his origins

I never drew him without a long sleeved shirt, but he has both upper arms tattoed
left upper arm:
geometric flowers: mostly because aesthetic, but the flowers are lilies that represent purity so it’s also an aro/ace statement*)
right upper arm:
-constellations (minimal: dots and lines): in these there’s Little Dipper with the Big Dipper, the Eagle and the Sagittarius. the first because it’s the contellation that holds the Polaris and because they are “twins” constellations, the second one because he lovees the eagle as an animal but would have never gotten it as a tattoo for the political implications, the third one because his “went into foster care-birthday” was the day the zodiac changed to Sagittarius (he doesn’t believe in Zodiac and Astrology tho)

right upper arm:
- a minimal crown (couple tattoo)
under his left shoulder
- a minimal lavander: it means “serenity” and stands both for his calm paced poetry and motto
on his left upper tight:
-geometric poppies composition

on his right hip:
- “what doesn’t break you makes you stronger”: covers a scar, his first car accident, it’s a reminder that he may fail hard in life but he will always come up stronger.
left and right wrists:
- dandelions: it’s his favourite flower

left under arm:
- roses: her favourite flower and a statement of love and passion

- roses everywhere (right collarbone/lower neck area, upper arms/elbows, right hand) : it’s an aesthetic statement and he loves roses though he’ll never admit it
left arm:
- minimal crown (couple tattoo, it’s the arm they hold hands with usually)
- the dark mark of the Death Eaters only that on the skull’s forehead there’s a cross: he comes from a very catholic family and he didn’t agree with that sin-morality, hence the skull with the cross on its forehead and a snake around (also he’s a nerd)
right arm:
- swallows: pirates were the heroes of his childhood and he just wanted to feel like one
- “elegance” in cursive: a motto he lives by
- a barber wire: it’s both because #aesthetic and to remember that he lived through hell (was it a war? A bad past? Depression??? only Jehan knows)
- black band: a symbol of mourning to remember a young crew/gang member that had passed away too soon
- geometric minimal diamond: a memory from his past as a criminal, it’s all smudged because it was his first tattoo ever and he’s still very attached to it, back in the day it was very fashionable and the Patron Minette’s members all did it as a group symbol
- rose and knife crossed inside a circle (minimal): again for aesthetic purposes and because he loved how that juxtaposition represented him
this is all I have for you, it came out so long so thank you to anyone who reads through all of this
*I in no way mean that aro/ace people are “purer”, I just feel like lilies could easily became aro/ace symbolic flowers

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more about Vito (& Carmela) please?

okay… i have a tiny detail that i love and want to talk about :

at the beginning, when you look at the very first scenes of Vito’ & Carmela’s life in Little Italy, Vito doesn’t wear a ring. They were a young couple with not enough money to be spent on such unecessary thing, particularly for a man. Indeed, wedding rings for men were not the standard AT ALL back then (1910′s/1920′s)!!!
So Carmela was the only one wearing a ring. It was the norm back then: only women wore rings.

(( A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: the wearing of wedding rings by brides has been traced back to ancient Egypt. And, it is only in the beginning of the 20th century that a very small minority of bridegrooms began doing the same. Only 15% of married men during the Great Depression (1929) decided to wear a ring. WW2 is considered a pivotal point, as many Western men fighting overseas chose to wear wedding rings as a comforting reminder of their families back home.The mid-20th Century is when it becomes mainstream.
Now, about the specific sicilian world : again, it was traditionaly something for wives but not husbands (it was not until the 1950s that the Roman Catholic Church altered its liturgical ring-blessing language to reflect the exchange of two rings). Up to the time of the Second World War, for the great majority of Sicilians, like most were poor, it was unknown for husbands to wear wedding bands. it was the “Italian Miracle” of the early 1960s, a period of economic growth, that found more working-class Italian men wearing gaudy trinkets like necklaces and bracelets, and of course, wedding rings. (x) ))

…let’s go back to Vito…
as said previously, wearing a wedding ring was not the norm at all for men, particularly for Italian men before WW2. BUT, *oh surprise*, we see a golden band at Vito’s left hand and left finger during the scenes in Sicily, when he comes back for his little vendetta in 1922.
Again, a ring at this finger for a man was very unsual back then.

it could be argued that his ring was a symbol of connection with the mafia. indeed, the first appearance of this ring coincide with Vito’s new wealth, so we can imagine it as an exterior sign of sucess and money. But then, why wearing it at the Left Ring Finger (the finger for promises/heart) ?
when you look at the other members of the mob in the three movies, a pinky ring is worn on the little finger, a clear sign of mafia connections and sign of success (same in the tv-show The Sopranos). For example:

  • Don Fanucci : a pinky ring during the 1910′s & 1920′s - it shows us that the tradition of a golden band on the little finger for members of the ‘cosa nostra’ is old and known in Italy. So definitely something Vito was aware of.
  • Sonny Corleone : a pinky ring again, the 1940′s - interesting to notice that Sonny is a married man at this moment but is not wearing a ring at his left finger. Sonny prefers to show his devotion to the ‘family business’ than to his wife (and indeed, we know about it…)
  • Michael Corleone : a pinky ring, the 1970′s/80′s - Michael at the end of life as Don, an old man, just like was Vito in PART I. (Michael did wear wedding ring, before his divorce, but during the 40′s/50′s when it was more mainstream)

ANYWAY, no pinky ring for Vito.
we can assume that he decided knowingly to not wear a ring at his little finger. Maybe he didn’t want to externalize his connection with the mafia, but lbh, everybody knows who he was and what was his business in Little Italy and in NewYork. No need of ring or symbol to show where he comes from, or to express some kind of pride.
From his youth to his last years, this golden ring has always been the only ring at his hand and Vito would wear it until his death.

the only explantion : it is a wedding ring. Clear and simple. A ring likely bought in 1921/1922, before the travel in Sicily and during the rise to power of Vito –so, more money to spend. A little golden band symbolizing his bond and fidelity to a woman (let’s not forget that in italian a wedding band is named “fede”, literally “faith”). Just like Carmela’s ring is an evidence of her fidelity to Vito. Loyalty and faithfulness are probably the two greatest values Vito admire the most in his family and in his friends. He expects loyalty from them so it would be normal for him to express his own loyalty & to be an example of faithfulness. What a better way to start than a wedding ring?
It is quite remarkable tho, because Vito is known as being a very traditional Sicilian man –however, a man wearing a wedding ring during the 1920′s is something exceptional.
This ring was as well a display of wealth. A beautiful golden band but an unecessary piece of jewellery for a man back then… People probably thought when they spotted the ring: “This man is cleary married and displays it, look at his finger. AND DUDE! LOOK AT THIS HUGE GOLDEN RING??!!!!”

tl; dr:Vito, aka the most traditional Sicilian man ever, wore a wedding ring during 20′s, against the standards of the era, because he was a devoted man and wanted to show it… and because lbh, gold looked nice on him :))

How fast should technology & clothing trends advance in Legend of Genji?

Hello all!

Here’s a question - looking back on Avatar:the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, it seems that technology advanced INCREDIBLY fast in both shows. (Aang’s time saw the invention of hot air balloons and blimps, Korra’s time saw the invention of airplanes and GIANT MECHANICAL FRICKIN’ ROBOTS). We also seemed to jump in time quite quickly when it comes to fashion, manufacturing, etc. (Minus the robots etc. I think this DOES reflect the rapid modernization of Asia from 1840 - 1920. Take for example the images of Seoul, Korea before and during Japanese occupation).

Originally I wanted Legend of Genji to be in a 60′s - 70′s era (I saw Korra as happening in the 1920s), but I wonder how far I can stretch it. I also think a lot of 1960s/70s clothing is ugly and I don’t want to draw it haha~ But also I was worried that it might be too similar to Korra if it has the same worldspace/technology really. I.E. I’m tempted to be VERY liberal with technological advancement. My thoughts:

1) advanced manufacturing akin to the 1970s / 80s that speeds up global trade / capitalism / global inequality

2) widespread color tv, new television shows, televised probending matches, and the start of tv pop culture except to the poorest communities (the reason Lao’s shop has a shitty black and white tv, why Genji’s family can’t afford a tv)

3) Rudimentary computers

Most companies could have these old massive computers, but I also think these kinds of 1972 computers will just start to circulate:

4) more boisterous cities, urbanization, lights light lights! (Genji’s city is old and poor, so it looks like the cities in Legend of Korra. Republic City will be more like this)

Fashion-wise, sneakers were widespread in America by 1917, and converse were around in the 60s. Sweatshirts have been popular since the 1930s, and hoodies became more popular in the 1970s. The 1960s also saw the popularization of jeans, t-shirts with brands/symbols/bands, more decorative buckles/buttons/belts/zippers, etc. But if I go with 60′s - 70s fashion… flare pants and disgusting patterns.

God it burns my eyes I can’t


I like women’s fashion in the 60′s & 70s, but I cannot subject my poor little Genji to those clothes. I’m thinking I’ll update the Legend of Korra fashions style to incorporate women’s 1960s/70s dresses and simple versions of modern fashion with Avatar touches (the “asian”-esque accoutrements)

So yeah, I’m probably going to be VERY liberal with technological advancement - fashion development.

What do you guys think?

Scared To Be Lonely - Stiles Stilinski

requested by @shannon-601
based on this song

It was great at the very start
hands on each other
couldn’t stand to be apart
closer the better

You walked into the McCall home happily, our hand intertwined with your boyfriends, your other hand holding a box of unpopped popcorn bags.  Movie nights were always the best.

“y/n! Stiles!” Lydia called happily upon your arrival.  You grinned, and Scott came over to take the popcorn box from your hand.

“Thanks! How’d you know we needed some?” Scott asked, already rushing to the kitchen to pop some.  You giggled.

“Because you never learn that you can’t just rely on what you have.  We always run out of popcorn and that makes this one crabby” You nudged Stiles, and he looked at you with a wounded expression.

“I’m hurt you’d say such a thing” Stiles said with a pouty lip.  You giggled, and stood on the tips of your toes to give him a quick kiss.

“EW!” Someone yelled

“Shut up Liam!” Stiles yelled back, and kissed you again before ou could completely turn away.

“Come on lover boy, let’s go take our spot”

You and Stiles got your own love seat couch.  Partially because you always stretched out, and partially because no one else liked to be around you when it was movie night.

Stiles settled down, stretching his legs across the whole sofa, and you crawled in between his legs, laying your back on his chest comfortably.

“What’s the movie tonight?” Malia asked, and everyone looked at Liam, because it was his turn to choose the film.

“Anchorman” He answered, digging into a bag of licorice.

“Is that movie really appropriate for your age?” Stiles asked, and you swatted his shoulder with the back of your hand.

“Leave him alone, I’m not dealing with you two’s fighting tonight” You mumbled, and Stiles sighed.

“Fine” Stiles grumbled.

“Thanks babe” Liam said, and you fell of the couch Stiles moved so fast.

“Listen runt-”

“Hey!” You stood up, brushing your jeans, and pushing Stiles back from where he was attempting to go fight the beta.  “Stiles.  Kitchen. Now.” You walked off first, and Stiles hesitantly followed.  The rest of the pack just watched silently, and once you were both out of the room, began awkward conversation.

“I’m sorry-”

“Stiles” You breathed turning to face him.  “You’ve been all on edge this whole night, and not just since we’ve been here, what’s going on in that crowded head of yours?” You placed your hands over his arms, rubbing them gently to calm his evident nerves.

“I’m..I’m kinda anxious”


“Yeah…” He found it difficult to meet your eyes.  But you waited patiently for him to continue.  Which never happened.

“Stiles what’re you-”

“I want to give you something” He cut you off, and you slowly nodded your head.

“Okay…” You said quietly.

“But I don’t want you to freak out about it” Again, you nodded.

“Promise I won’t” You said with a soft smile.  Stiles looked at you, relief written all over his face.  Then reached a hand down into his pocket.

“Close your eyes” You followed the order, lashes fluttering shut.  You heard shuffling, and him taking a deep breath.  “Okay, open”

You first looked at his eyes, wide with nervousness and hope, then they landed on what was in his hand.  A small blue velvet box, with white silky pillowing on the inside, which protecting the beautiful silver ring with little sapphires embedded in it.  Your hands flew over your mouth, eyes wetting as you looked from the ring to Stiles.

“It’s- It’s a promise ring” He told you, and you nodded, closing your eyes tightly to stop the flow of tears that threatened to leave your eyes.

“It’s b-beautiful Stiles” You told him, wiping your eyes.  He smiled big, pulling it out carefully, and opening his hand.  You placed your wrist in his hand, and let him slide the ring along your finger.

“So…so you like it?” You nodded quickly, looking from your hand up to Stiles, and stood on the tips of your toes, crashing your lips against his in a passionate yet needy kiss.

“I love it, I love you” You said, and he smiled softly again, giving you another gentle kiss.

“I love you too” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he hugged you close.  “So much, so so much you don’t even know” You smiled into his neck, and pulled back a little again, pressing his lips to yours once more.  “And so, no matter what, I promise I’m going to love you, always, no matter what happens”

Now we’re picking fights
and slamming doors
magnifying all our flaws
and I wonder why, wonder what for
why we keep coming back for more

You were sitting on Stiles’ bed, tapping your pen against your notebook.  It had been six months since he’d given you the beautiful ring that was still put on your finger each morning.  Although the smile that would appear during the action, was no longer really an expression at all.  More of just a routine.  Brush hair, do makeup, put on ring, brush teeth, etc.  

It’s meaning, was gone.

You looked up at Stiles, who was busy on his… well you weren’t sure he didn’t really tell you when you’d arrived.  in fact, you hadn’t spoken since you’d shared hellos, then did your own things.  

“I think I’m gonna get going” You stood, collecting your things and putting them away in your bag.

“ ’kay” Stiles said, not turning to look at you.  You twisted the ring on your finger anxiously.  

“So I’ll see you tomorrow at school” You said with a sigh, walking out of the room.

Stiles didn’t say anything.

You weren’t sure what to do, what to say.  You were walking home, seeing that Stiles had driven you to his house, and didn’t bother to offer a ride home.  It was sprinkling, but not full on raining.

So, you called the only person you knew who could answer your questions.

“Hey y/n what can I do for ya doll?” The voice chuckled.

“Hey… Scott” You sighed, slowing your pace as you walked.

“Everything alright? Are you still at Stiles’ place?” He asked.

“Um.. uh no- no I left” Your voice cracked.  “I’m walking home”

“y/n what’s wrong?”Scott asked, voice full of concern.

“Scott I have to ask you a question… and it’s going to be very inconsiderate, and break all the rules of best friends, but I-I need to know”

“Yeah okay, what do you need?”

“Is Stiles out of love with me?” Scott’s silence was answer enough, and you sighed.  “Thanks, McCall” You said quietly.

“y/n I don’t.. I don’t know what to say”

“You don’t have to say anything” You whispered.  “I knew forever could only last so long” A few silent tears slipped onto your cheeks.  “I’ll see you in school”

“Yeah…” Scott breathed.  “I’m sorry” 

“See you tomorrow”

And with that, you hung up.  There was nothing left to say, nothing left to do.  What you and Stiles had was officially gone.  There was no more love, no romance, no passion, and there certainly wasn’t trust.  It was sad, not because you’d lost the boy you thought you would grow old with, but because you both knew it was happening, and neither of you cared to preserve it.  Just watched your relationship fall.  Not a crash and burn, but a gradual decline until eventually, it was so far gone, you couldn’t see it.

Is it just our bodies?
are we both losing our minds?
is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘cause we’re scared to be lonely?
do we need somebody just to feel like we’re alright?
is the only reason you’re holding me tonight
‘cause we’re scared to be lonely?

So what do two people do when they fall out of love? They break up.  There’s not a point in mending a relationship that neither person feels loved in anymore.  But the worst part about yours and Stiles’ fallout, was that there was nothing to it.  You’d gone to him, told him that you felt like there was nothing left in your relationship.  To which he replied with a nod, and a short statement of ‘i agree’.

I guess this is the part where we break up” You said, in a soft, sad voice.

“I guess so” Stiles sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.  You half smiled, and put a hand on his shoulder, before reaching on the tips of your toes and placing a tender kiss on his cheek.

“I’m not gonna forget you though” You said, and he nodded, taking your hand from his shoulder, and kissing the back of it for a few seconds.

“I’m not gonna forget you either y/n”

But he did.  It’d been two months since that day in the school hallway, and he hadn’t said a mere word to you.  Which only made fucking everything that much more difficult and awkward.  You had moved to a completely different lunch table, seating only you Lydia, Kira, and sometimes Malia.

You were getting ready for school one morning, and your eyes landed on a small piece of jewelry that made your heart sink to your stomach.

The ring.

Tears brimmed your eyes, and you let out a small cry upon picking it up.  The small band that once symbolized so much love, an entire fantasized future of it.

You slipped it onto your finger, for the sake of nostalgia maybe, perhaps sad and broken memories, you weren’t exactly sure what brought you to do it.  But inspecting the glimmer of blue and silver next to your knuckle brought back so many memories.  So many thoughts and wishes, early morning ideas and late night conversations, long talks about college and careers, little banters on Star Wars, stolen shirts and late afternoons wrapped in white sheets, rides in the jeep and kisses you could still feel on your lips.  All of it, all of the fire, all of the ice.

It was gone.  And you were scared.

Scared of being this lonely, forever.

and there it is, i hope you liked it :)

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again, thank you for the follows love and support.  more big hugs!
xoxo ~ jordie

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for the prompt. bokuaka and wedding cake?

When Koutarou returns from the dance floor, Keiji has another plate of cake in his hands. 

“How many slices does that make?” he asks, sliding into the empty seat beside Keiji.

“Not too many,” Keiji answers, a bit defensively.

“You’re not going to whine about a stomachache later, are you?”

“No.” Keiji shoves another forkful of cake into his mouth. Some of the icing ends up on his nose. Koutarou finds it ridiculously endearing. “It’s not everyday we get to eat such good cake, Kou. I’m going to eat as much of this wedding cake as I can before Konoha comes over here and cuts me off.”

“Well, it is his wedding.“ Koutarou leans over to wipe the icing off his nose.

“Exactly,” Keiji says, turning his face to allow Koutarou a better reach. “If he gets to have his happiness, then I get to have my cake.”

“Can I have a bite?”

“Get your own.” Keiji lifts his fork towards Koutarou anyway. His green eyes slide across the room to where Konoha is slow dancing with his bride, the sappiest look on his face that if they were ten years younger, they’d be teasing the heck out of him. As it is, they only sit, watching quietly. 

Koutarou glances back at Keiji. There’s a softness in his eyes, something warm but too bittersweet to be just contentment. Koutarou looks down at the smushed cake sitting between them.

“Hey,” he says, and when Keiji swings his gaze back to meet his, Koutarou lets his lips pull into a smile. “What do you think about this flavour, for our own wedding cake?”

Keiji’s eyes widen, before he closes them briefly. When he opens them again, they’re suspiciously bright. “It’s a possibility,” he says.

He reaches out, and Koutarou does the same, until their hands are joined on the table, two silver bands symbolic in every kind of bond except on paper twinkling under the low lights of the wedding hall.