band shirt of the day

*Guy wearing a band shirt*

Other people’s reactions:
“That band is sick!”
“Sweet another fan!”

*Girl wearing a band shirt*

Other people’s reactions:
“Name 10 of their songs.”
“What is the name of their first album?”
“I bet you dont even listen to them.”
“Must be seeking attention.”

I don’t understand this.

My DGHDA silly headcanons

• Todd likes musicals. He has a whole collections of soundtrack records hidden in his closet right next to wear he hides Dirk’s jackets
• Dirk once tried to borrow Farah’s jacket. Never again.
• Farah handcuffs Dirk to drawer handles in the apartment if he starts really annoying them. Calls it “Time Out”
• Amanda usually joins Dirk when he’s in time out and the others aren’t around. They swap stories. Dirk talks about cases, Amanda talks about Todd. It’s why Dirk knows a weird amount about him
• Dirk steals Todd’s band shirts on Laundry day.
• Todd will never admit he thinks the band shirts look good on Dirk
• Dirk will never admit that although he loves the shirts they oddly smell of bananas. Like all the time. Nothing gets rid of the weird banana smell.
• There are times when Todd stays up late drinking because he’s feeling real down so Dirk brings the record player into the living room and sits with Todd in the dark whilst they both listen to the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
• In Amanda’s contacts, Dirk is called Literal Sunshine
• The rowdy three wrecked Todd’s apartment. They apologised but the sofa will never be fixed.
• Dirk refuses to tell anyone what the red jacket really is for but Estevez borrowed it?
• Vogle cannot tie his shoe laces. Amanda lets him borrow her boot laces to practice.
• Cross can be a bit shaky at times with his hands (I blame the obscene amount of energy in him) so Martin occasionally feeds him so they don’t make a mess. For Todd’s sake.
• Gripps can sing really well but he’ll only sing in the shower.
• Dirk can’t cook to save his life but he tries. There’s usually a Tupperware box, in the fridge, filled with some sort of mystery meal that no one dares to touch
• Dirk- probably those super sugary colourful cereals (although that’s only when he finds them because Todd always hides them. Dirk and sugar don’t mix well)
• Todd- coffee, that boy hasn’t eaten a proper breakfast since he was 14
• Amanda- cookie crisps (although swaps to the health stuff when Todd is around)
• Farah- probably mainly special k but whenever she’s feeling down she buys some lion cereals)
• Ken- Reese’s Puffs. Loves peanut butter
• Bart- plain cornflakes because she doesn’t understand why she’d eat cereals which have little kids or weird animals on them (although she probably steals Ken’s every once in a while, because they smell so good and she has a bit of a sweet tooth)
• Dirk also buys things like Golden Nuggets or any other yellow cereal for aesthetic
• Dirk also shares his cereal with sharkcat and Rapunzel. Although Todd isn’t happy about it.
• Rowdy 3- haven’t eaten cereal for god knows how long until Amanda joined them. Vogel and Cross seem like they eat the same sugary stuff as Dirk. Anything to give them energy. Gripps seems to be a man with a love for flavour so maybe one of those cinnamon ones. Martin probably shocks the whole system and eats muesli. Without milk. Imagines them as fucking nails.
• Estevez- probably has a quick coffee and baked good (bagel/pastry) on the way to work and he’d pick up a breakfast sub for Zimmerfield on his way.

( thanks to @amanda-is-psychic for help with the cereal sub-section 😂 )

Can we take a moment to imagine Harry Potter, tattoos, long hair tied up in a scruffy bun, tight jeans and band shirts, skateboarding?? Like, just chilling around the park, skateboarding, letting the day turn to night. And maybe he bumps into Draco. And of course Draco is beyond appalled, because ‘Potter why are you on a plank with wheels’ and maybe Harry laughs and tries to show Draco how to skateboard. But Draco is not having any of it, thank you very much. So Harry shrugs and casually skates next to Draco as he is walking through the park. And Draco will try to shoo him away, telling him to go and be a lost puppy to someone else. 

But Draco comes back the next evening. And the one after that. And the one after that… Just watching Harry go around on his plank with wheels, his hair scruffy and slightly in his face, band tees and too tight jeans, with tattoos inked on his arms, and a whisper of some more every time his shirt rides up, and those eyes, Merlin, always those green eyes. 

Just, you know, Harry Potter skateboarding. 


Good morning, lovelies! Guess what I got in the mail a couple of days ago? This amazing band T-shirt from @voxtacular! Green is my favorite color, and it fits me perfectly. I was planning to wear it with a skirt and a blazer the first time out, but I couldn’t wait to christen it, so it turned out to be plain old jeans on a run to the donut shop for Sophia and her friends. I do love the shoes however; they are so comfortable and a little bit edgy for me. As usual, the entire outfit is thrifted except for the shirt from Tiffany. I’m too tired to do hair or make up or filter type stuff this morning.

There was a homeless guy in a wheelchair sitting in front of the donut shop. I asked him if he was already full of donuts, and he replied that he hadn’t had any. I grabbed him a bear claw at his request, and we had a friendly exchange. In my more fearful days, I would have been afraid to talk to him. Little things like that let me see how much I’ve grown over the years.

Let’s all give ourselves credit for growth today. Happy Saturday, friends!