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Felices 50 al disco más bonito y mágico que se ha creado. Un álbum que cambió para siempre la historia de la música !!!!!

The illustration of the day ….. The Beatles by us!!

Dex drops to his knees. “This cannot be happening.” Dimly, in the background noise of the utter ruin of his whole entire life he hears Nursey says, “Chill.”

“King Solomon himself could not have come up with a solution more wise,” Bitty says.

Dex wants to die right now. Just sink through the floorboards and expire. Sharing Lardo’s room with Derek Nurse. Seeing sleepy Derek Nurse with morning scruff and tired eyes, electric Derek Nurse hunched over his poetry notebook. Shit. Fuck. Shit.

“Don’t worry,” Nurse says. “I give it until September before you move out. Maybe October.”

Dex grinds his teeth.

“Chill,” Derek says again, and Chowder pokes his head into the room.

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Just got my new prints order in! Printed some that have been waiting in queue for a while and refilled two that I used for promotion at Emerald City con!

These can be purchased here and are currently 25% off ->

Prints are the best way to support my art and get me front and center at conventions!

So at my school there is a printer in the library and everyone can print off anything they want from any computer anywhere in the school, and me and my friend went to go print stuff off for a class right, we go down to the library and someone printed off a bunch of photos at once and I look and I’m like what is this???

It was 20+ different photos of Patrick Stump