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What are GazettE to you, other than "just a band"?

I want to know. What else comes to your mind when you think about them? The usual “role models and inspirations”, what else? Let me know. I want to do some kind of… compilation post if I get enough feedback. Don’t hold back! Just tell me, what are the GazettE to you?

Edit: Compilation post with all the replies I got can be found here.

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Okay so my sister (who's been a fan of kpop for years) is saying I'm not a real fan of kpop cause I only listen to bts(lie, it's just that I'm obsessed with that group) and says that I'm also faking my fanatism for its, and I'm just like why can't you be happy that your sister started noticing kpop like every other sister would???!?!!

lol honestly i’m so sick of people who go “ure a fake fan!!!!!!!”? like it only deters them from exploring the genre of kpop further?? there’re lots of great kpop groups and songs but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to just bts either, so don’t take her words to heart and enjoy what you love my chinggu

Types of Kids on Field Trips
  • Teacher: Everyone! I need you all in single file lines onto the buses!
  • Band Kids: [perfectly forms diagonals instead]
  • JROTC Kids: Is there... a command for that? [looking for the highest ranking cadet]
  • StuCo Kids: [aren't listening and taking squad pics in front of the bus]
  • Unaffiliated Kids: [sitting next to the window with their earbuds in]
  • Theater Kids: [screaming for no reason about something only they understand]

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I really cannot understand everyone yelling that anyone upset is being over-dramatic, when the reality is Sony has manipulated us before with h vs ot3/ot4 in the past. To me personally, its not really that much of a stretch to think that they'll do it again.

Exactly, thanks 

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever


i was tagged by @lifeofaphantrashcan to make a moodboard out of the first 9 songs that play on my playlist ! so here it is ✨✨

i tag @danulestu @dxntasies @lovelornlester @lovelylilaclester @starboydan but of course don’t feel pressured to do it ~~

me: I don’t really get attached to specific bands or band members, I just casually enjoy music
also me: sees the Gorillaz and immediately starts sobbing

What if Noodle, Russel, and 2D all have really intense stories about what they did when the band was broken up, and how they developed as people and amazing and tragic things that happened to them

and then we get to the Book of Murdoc, and its just one page:

Murdoc waited.