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Companions as ghost b.c. gifs plz???


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I love how the further Dragon Age progresses as a series, the more retroactively badass everything the warden did in the first game becomes.

I mean, the guy you pulled out of a cage can become the freaking Arishok. That odd woman you meet in the tavern and decide to bring along can become Divine Victoria. Alistair can be king. That witch who turned into a dragon when you fought her was actually an ancient elven god. If we count Dragon!Andraste and the arch demon, that’s three potential dragon gods you can kill in that game.

You manage to resolve tense political situations that would take other groups months of efforts and tons of diplomatic resources and military presence with just yourself, your colourful band of misfit/murderous companions, and your dog. In under a year. 

You can even make friends with one of those insane darkspawn magisters that almost destroys the world in DA:I. Just like, palling around with him. Swapping notes. Doing trust building exercises while everyone else is losing their shit over Corypheus.

And it’s just hilarious because the Hero of Ferelden is this person who some of the most powerful individuals in Thedas will actually fall in line behind, this ridiculously competent and influential figure who solves world-ending problems like they’re Sunday morning crosswords, and it’s going to be useless in the coming crisis because they can’t bring the warden back.

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Companions as Ghost songs?

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Hell yeah, Ghost.

Ada: Spirit-

Cait: Absolution-

Codsworth: I’m a Marionette-

Curie: Secular Haze-

Danse: From the Pinnacle to the Pit-

Deacon: Deus In Absentia-

Hancock: If You Have Ghosts-

MacCready: Infestissunam-

Nick: He Is-

Old Longfellow: Depth of Satan’s Eyes-

Piper: Cirice-

Preston: Monstrance Clock-

Strong: Ritual-

X6-88: Year Zero-

Maxson: Majesty-


Fahrenheit: Stand By Him-

I seriously suggest checking Ghost out if you haven’t, most of their stuff they’ve uploaded to Youtube on their channel, check it out here:

Enjoy! :D

The ol’ Cintiq Companion had to be put down last week, so I’ve been busy catching up with things at work lately (and taking Steve Ahn’s drawing workshop, which I recommend!) But things are leveling out now!

This was just something I was doing for funsies at a local meetup that I accidentally went overboard (HA) with.

me to my mom: “yeah Brandon hasn’t released anything since February, he’s been ‘slacking’”

White Sand will be his fourth project release this year, and the year isn’t even half over. “Slacking.”

Sakura knew that she was a bit, well, special, what with being trained to fight by dwarves from an early age even though she was anything but a dwarf, and that people looked at her oddly whenever she picked up the hefty iron axe with incredible ease. “Witch!” Most of the passerby’s would cry. The smart ones would run away before they had the chance to invoke Sakura’s fury… or worse, made her want to cry. 

But the moment she found her misfit band of travel companions, who liked to go by ‘The Seven’, (though she had no clue as to why, seeing as how there were only 3 of them at the time…), Sakura felt as if she truly belonged somewhere. 


*Laughs* Oh no, Grunkle Stan…
When you’re fishing, we ROCK.

Introducing…‘Mabel and the Mabels!’ (starring Mabel and the Mabels)

Dipper: I never agreed to that name.
Mabel: (He wanted to be a BABBA cover band)
Dipper: HEY. They’re CATCHY!
Waddles: …*Oink*

If the Fallout 4 Companions were in a School Band

Cait - Percussion: Snare Drum

Curie - Flute

Codsworth - Percussion: Triangle

Danse - Tuba

Deacon - Saxophone (he plays Careless Whisper all the time whenever there is a chance).

Dogmeat - is a dog, but he still barks out encouragingly to the others.

Hancock - Trombone

Nick - French Horn

MacCready - Trumpet

Piper - Clarinet

Preston - Bassoon

Strong - Percussion: Bass Drum

X6-88 - Percussion: Xylophone

Sole Survivor - joins in on piano or attempts to be the conductor.

The Death of Archibald Squidlin


I made a wookie con man named Archibald Squidlin. He was my first character in any RPG setting. He had an ability called Scathing Tirade. Basically, he’d yell something demoralizing or incredibly long-winded, and the targets would take stun damage. I abused this ability to the farthest extent I could. I also, just for flavor (the character was 666 years old and a bit unhinged) rolled a discipline check to see if he didn’t target his allies by accident as well. He never failed a scathing tirade roll, and he never succeeded a ‘don’t hurt PC’ roll. The number of foes and allies that literally passed out from his tirades numbered in to high 40’s for the six sessions I had him for. The flavor for these tirades were as hilarious as I could come up with, ranging from a Shyriiwook rendering of YMCA to a simple ‘do it’ in the style of emperor Palpatine. He also ate left hands constantly and bought $5000 of duct tape at one point.

He died tonight, and I have to say, I could not have asked for a better end.

He and his band of companions were commissioned by the rebel leadership to infiltrate an empire base, power down its planetary shield, rescue a hostage, and then signal the fleet. The party ended up split (half of us were not present for this session, so their PCs went to disable the shields while us present rescued the hostage). We got in by our scout trooper turncoat running up to the entrance, ordering a happy meal, then putting his commlink up to the intercom, and I did a scathing tirade through the comm. Both of the guards passed out, and one let out a large shart as he did. We continued on down towards the prison block, got spotted by the security camera, and the alarm was set off. My character armed a proton torpedo, set it down, and shot it from a safe distance. He had a penchant for using those as grenades and also powerful bargaining tools (picture the scene in episode six, but instead of Leia holding a grenade, it’s a fucking naval torpedo). We blew in, and got cornered by stormtroopers. My character armed another torpedo, imbued it with a scathing tirade (the GM didn’t question it, so neither did I). And ran at them, yelling that if he was shot, they’d all die. They shot anyways, and upon falling unconscious (nearly dead), the proton torpedo did not detonate, sadly. He used a scathing tirade as he ran, again failing his 'don’t hit PC’ roll, and one of the two other PC’s fell unconscious. The last one bolted, and to make a long story short, he spent a good hour irl grabbing the hostage, saving him, and coming back to save us with the rebels who had just arrived. He slapped the other PC awake, and he decided it would be a good idea to use his flamethrower on the stormtroopers directly above the creature made of hair lying on a primed fucking proton torpedo (seriously, they use these things to kill star destroyers). He rolled, and we all watched in horror as he got four successes (resulting in damage) and a single disadvantage. He killed off the stormtroopers, then a single spark floated in the air a few seconds before gently caressing the bottom of my foot. I burst into flames instantaneously. At this point I should mention, my character fell unconscious in a facepalm position. As he was set on fire, his hand slowly fell off his face and curled into a fist with the middle finger standing proud. The GM counted this as an unconscious scathing tirade. Both the other PC’s fell unconscious. And with a final really lucky roll, my middle finger broke off, hit the torpedo, and set it off, with a resounding “FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUck you fuck you…” from being imbued with a scathing tirade. I then got another really lucky roll, and ended up as a force ghost.

Sorry for the long submission, but in closing, I made a new character tonight. I  buffed the shit out of her scathing tirade at the cost of literally all other skills. I look forward to killing many more enemies with insults.

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Is it possible to have a large "cast" of characters as long as a specific few are frequently returned to? I want to eventually introduce all 68 members of my fictional clan, even if not all in one book. My returning focus will be the 3 clan leaders.

There are many examples of stories that have a large number of characters, in fantasy especially (The Fellowship is a band of 9 companions and they’re not even all the major characters).
But in this day, I’m not sure anything is as prominent in the public eye as this:

68 is not too many. Not at all.