AU where the Band of Brothers crew goes to an all-boys school and they are all in theater and the couples keep getting cast as the romantic couples in all of the plays

Ron and Lip find it really hard to run lines together because they keep ending up in fits of giggles (Lip does most of the giggling, Ron smiles really hard and stares at Lip)

Nix adds sex-jokes and innuendos into the play as they rehearse and keeps making Winters blush and say “Nix!” in his fake offended voice

Luz reads all of his lines in “sexy voices” and Toye keeps threatening to throw him through the stage but never actually does it because the voices are actually pretty funny

Babe is super gentle with Roe as they run lines because this is Roe’s first year of theater and he has to preform in front of the entire school (they are both super blushy when they run their lines together tho)

Webster and Liebgott constantly argue about their lines and stage actions because Webster keeps complaining that “Lieb isn’t saying the lines to script!” while Libgott argues that Web is “too robotic.”

But everything turns out amazing on preformance night for all of them, and each audience swears that “those boys really are in love”

They’re right, of course.