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BoB Drabble

Just a quick drabble that I felt compelled to write. Purposely vague and without names, so you can insert whichever easy company member that you want:

It was the coldness of the bed that first alerted me to his absence and my eyesight only confirmed my suspicions, the bed sheets slightly rumpled, but nevertheless empty. The covers were still wrapped around me tightly though and I knew he had must have taken the time to make sure I was tucked up warmly, before leaving our bedroom.

Knowing the routine by now, I wrapped one of the bedsheets around me, before making my way down to the kitchen. I made the effort to be especially quiet at this late hour, but he still heard me anyway, his darkened silhouette turning towards me. I went to turn the light on, but he stopped me, mumbling for me to leave it off, his hand gently reaching for me as I made my way through the darkness and over to him.

He was sat on one of the dining room chairs and he pulled me down into his lap, tucking his chin over my shoulder. Sat like this, I could feel the steady movement of his chest press against my back, every time that he took a breath. His breathing sounded calm, steady and collected, but I knew better than to be fooled by that and instead ran my fingers over his hair and waited for him to share the things that kept him up at night. Sometimes he told me and sometimes he didn’t, but the one thing that remained constant was the way his arms seemed to tighten around my body, almost as if afraid I would disappear if he let go.

The silence seemed almost too fragile by the time his voice broke it, the tone hoarse from too much emotion combined with too little sleep.

“You didn’t need to come down. You should be asleep”. He experimentally ran his hand over my slightly chilled shoulder. “And warm” he added pointedly.

“I’m no colder than you” I told him in return, cuddling in closer to him, his breath ghosting over my forehead as I tucked myself into his chest.

“And I’m always here for you” I added adamantly after a long pause.

Rather than easing the tension from his body, my statement seemed to make him clam up even more, those familiar shoulders, tensing up under my fingertips.

A deep silence fell between us once more, this one seeming even more fragile than last. I resorted to listening to the heart beating in his chest, reminding myself that he was real, that he was here.

His lips were gentle as they smoothed momentarily over the back of my neck and I turned to be met by intense eyes, the emotion almost stunning me to a complete stand still.

My lips were met with a chaste kiss next, though any innocence that had remained with us, had been shattered by the last few years. His lips hovered above mine for a moment, before he lowering them again, this time in a more lingering kiss. There was something almost unsteady about the pace he set, though his passion was clearly evident, enough to leave me slightly gasping, the small sounds escaping from the back of my mouth.

His hands continued to linger on my hips, but their grip was tighter now, the bed sheet wrapped around me, falling slightly in their way. It was the moments like this in the dead of night, that I felt it the most. Felt all of his encompassing emotions, almost threatening to consume me.

But yet I never felt safer.

“I love you” he murmured as he pulled away. The moonlight barely shone through the window, but it was still enough to illuminate the lines of his face and my fingers trailed over the curve of his jaw, him turning his head to nip half-teasingly, half affectionately at my questing fingertips.

“And I love you".


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