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  • reiner: all right, all right. i'll answer whatever questions you have
  • reiner: what the fuck you're both like twelve
  • reiner: yes, she's single. i think?
  • falco: YES!!!!

Chester Bennington died today and I am genuinely upset. Linkin Park was part of my musical life growing up. I kind of hate that recent years in particular people have made fun of it and similar bands, to the point it made me feel embarrassed for liking it. Or, god forbid, relating to the music on any level, because I was really depressed growing up. And now I’m happier and more into happier music, but it is still part of my music collection that I enjoy, that brings back memories even if they’re bittersweet ones.

Just, fuck everybody who puts people down for the music they listen to. Fuck this cultural mindset in general that makes fun of any form of art that speaks to those with depression, or makes fun of people with depression, period. I don’t care if you think a kid is attention-seeking, just leave them alone honestly because you don’t know. I went through my entire school career with kids making fun of the “emo” kids with the fringe haircuts, mockingly asking if they cut themselves, hoping nobody ever labeled me that way or ever found out that I had scars. Because holy shit, people with depression are already fighting a constant battle against their own brains, they don’t need people mocking them for however that sadness or illness presents itself, or whatever coping mechanisms they can find to deal with it. And music is a huge coping mechanism for a lot of people. And I’m kind of over people making fun of whatever music I like. I just like it. Get over it. Mind your own business.

And yeah maybe this has nothing to do with why Chester killed himself, but for me it just kind of brings this topic up and I wanted to get this off my chest.

Go, enjoy the likes that you like. Don’t let other people make you feel embarrassed about it because it’s ‘not cool’. You’ll just waste time wishing you could’ve been enjoying the things that you liked.


its where he keeps all his power

Been thinking back on my youth and coming to terms with exactly how much Yugioh influenced me when I was a teen.

I was a Happy-Goth because of Yuugi Fucking Mutou.

regrettable high school fashion choices 

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It's like with this video they're literally trying to rewrite history like when I came into the fandom in 2012, HL were attached at the hip and I noticed it despite not even being a larrie at the time. For them to not even include that pairing /knowing/ that they were a huge part of the band is so ???? to me. and then having lilo and narry walk in opposite directions at the end given the band's fucking name like lmao ok.


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AU #49 please!!! And congratulations on 1000 followers, you deserve it (and so many more) xx

You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole:

A/N There is a hidden Disney reference in here. Ten points if you can find it. :) Also, this is REALLY LONG.

She had never thought much of internet dating. Hiding behind a computer screen while trying to make a meaningful connection had never appealed to her. But Mary had even gone behind her back and set up an account for her on a dating site.  She hadn’t expected anyone to be interested in her. She was a woman of business. She didn’t exactly come with a DATE ME stamp. Then someone sent her a nudge (which apparently meant he wanted to go on a date). He seemed okay, so she agreed. That date just happened to be tonight.  

The dress Mary had helped her pick out was a little tighter then she likes and her face feels like there’s a million tons of makeup on it.  Butterflies flutter around in her stomach. She taps her fingers on the counter.

“When was he supposed to get here?”

“Seven,” it is now fifteen minutes after and she has to admit that she’s not surprised.

“Did you give him the right address?”

“Of course I did! He’s just late.”

“Maybe he just got stuck in traffic.”

Emma scoffs. “You are the nicest person ever. Always ready to forgive people.”

“That’s why we’re friends, Emma. Because YOU are too quick to judge them.”

Emma glances out the window. Still no sign of a dark blue Chevy. She checks her cell to see if there’s a message. Annoyance surges through her when she sees nothing.  “He could’ve at least texted and told me he was going to be late.”

“Wait! I see headlights.”

Sure enough there is a car parked out the street. Emma grabs her purse and heads for the door.

“Have fun!” Mary calls just before the door slams behind her.

The man she’s seen pictures of is waiting by his car. He’s wearing a blue long sleeved shirt and black dress pants.

“Hi, you must be Sean. I’m Emma,” she gives him a firm handshake.

“Sorry I’m late,” he apologizes. “I got lost.”

“This neighborhood can be confusing,” she says as she climbs into the small car which crammed full of stuff. A few awkward moments pass and then he clears his throat nervously.

“Do you like music?”

She nods and he turns on the radio. Country music starts blaring over the speakers. He begins to hum along.

Oh, god. Please don’t start singing. She silently begs.

At that very moment that he bursts into song. He’s out of tune and very loud. She’s ninety percent sure that it’s the wrong words. “I’m in a band you know!” He shouts between verses.

“Really? You didn’t tell me that! What do you play?”

“Guitar. And I’m the lead vocalist!”

“What’s the name of your band?” So I can never hear them, she silently thinks. 

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