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49,4 with luke plz if u can

Okay this is terrible since it’s the first request I’ve done so I apologise for the cringe but yes, LUKE DOES HAVE A LIPRING IN THIS BECAUSE YES IM TRASH FOR THAT SO enjoy Lucifer small children. Warning: You may need Jesus.

You gave up on your assignment and decided to scroll through your social media for what you told yourself was only a ‘few minutes’, when a very bored looking Luke barged into your room. “We’re out of ice cream and there’s nothing good on tv, wanna bang?” He joked throwing himself down on your bed like a starfish. Neglecting your overdue university papers, you put your touring boyfriend in front of your grades, thinking that he’s only in this city for a few days, while you’re stuck here with your caffeinated professors for a while. “Sure.” You replied, leaving your phone on your desk and walking towards him.

You straddled him causing him to immediately sit up and instinctively wrap his arms around your waist. “You know I’ve really missed you, my favourite noodle bean.” You said booping his nose gently. “I’m not a noodle,” He pouted. “But I have missed you y/n.”
“How was the start of the tour?” You asked wondering what he was up to the whole of last month. “Well, we went to this zoo in this place I can’t say the name of and there were these beavers that you could feed, and one of them tried to eat Michael’s hand.” He laughed remembering the encounter. “Anyway princess, I told you all about my life on the way home from the airport, what’s been going on in your life?”
“My life is…” you thought for a while, “Terrible now that you’re back.” You exclaimed rolling you eyes and smiling. “And hey, you didn’t call me ‘Shorty’ or some weird name regarding how short I am compared to you.” You laughed noticing he was smiling stupidly at you. “Well it’s only because I think you’re a, what do they call them? Small bean? Plus I love you, so I can call you whatever,” he said showing his teeth in a smile. “Shorty.” He added quickly before kissing you softly.

A light peck soon turned into a make out session, you found your tongues tied, and one hand at the fly of his jeans. Your nails traced the nape of his neck before tugging at the short curls forming in his hair from the impact with the sheets. You smiled to yourself, knowing that Luke had a show tomorrow, so you started painting on the canvas of his neck using your lips as a brush. You kissed along his collar bones, enjoying the sounds escaping his lips, which sent you into a pit of ecstasy, knowing that you were the reason behind it. He let out small moans with every mark you left on his skin. You slowly made your way to below his earlobe, searching for that one place. After a buck of his hips you knew you’d found it, sucking harshly until he was a mess. You lifted your feet off the ground and wrapped them around his waist, the movement causing a bulge to form in his half zipped jeans. “Fuck y/n, what are you doing?” He let out a shaky breath. “Well, if you be quiet I’ll get on with doing you.”

You detangled your legs from around him, leaned his chest back against the mattress and let him slide his jeans off as you worked on getting off your own. “When I asked if you wanted to bang, I was just kidding, but hey this is great,” Luke laughed pulling you back down onto him. Your lips immediately latched onto each other, and your tongues fought in a war with no winner. Luke slid his cold hands under your blouse and unclipped your bra, catching you by surprise. He took it as the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue between your lips which caused you to smile. He quickly flipped you over, and after two tries he managed to strip off his shirt. He replaced the giggles on you lips with moans after he noticed your laughing. He inched your blouse further and further up your body with each harsh suck on your neck, until it finally came off and added to the disregarded clothing items on the floor. His lipring and light stubble added to the pleasure, and it was now your turn to be a moaning mess underneath him. “Oh princess, I’m not usually like this,” he whispered to your jaw, “But you know I have a show tomorrow, and no amount of make up can cover this up.” He said referring to the now evident marks all over him. “And I’m bored and payback sounds fun right about now.” He grinned at you, the loving tint in his azure pupils, replaced with steely clouds of lust.

He blew over your exposed chest, the intrigued expression on your face edging him on. His words and actions caused a dampness in the only article of clothing you were wearing. He kissed up along your stomach, all the while lightly rubbing you through your underwear. Your moans got louder as he continued what he was doing while his kisses rose higher on your body. He wrapped his mouth around your right nipple and sucked lightly and teethed at the small nub, listening to your soft sighs and silently smiling to himself. Not letting your other breast go forgotten, he caressed it with his free hand and flicked at the hard bud with his thumb. Your hands found their way into his hair as he reversed his actions. He retraced his kisses back downwards, and your core ached for him. “Luke…” You moaned hoping he’d hurry up. He kissed you through your underwear before looking up at you innocently “Aw baby, I haven’t even started and you’re already dripping wet.”

He grabbed the elastic between his teeth and slid them down along your legs, taking off the last item of clothing on you. He swiped a cold finger through you folds, making you hiss at the temperature. “Okay well, this is a bit unfair,” you breathed out. “Those have to come off too.” You bit your lip and motioned towards his boxers. He took them off and you watched as his member hit his stomach, but your eyes didn’t stay open for long, you felt his lips on the inside of your thigh, moving up ever so slightly, at a painfully slow speed. He continued to slowly and carefully rub you until you were squirming at his touch. He decided to add more pressure, and you squealed, quickly muffling the noise. “Don’t try to stay quiet princess, the louder you are, the quicker this will be over and done with.” He smirked and continued to rub circles into you slowly while working on the pattern of the purple marks along your thighs. His lips got closer and closer. You gripped his hair a little too tight and tried to pull him in the direction of where you needed him most, but he didn’t budge.

He paused, just letting his breath hit you, you moaned his name a little louder than you intended, and he continued kissing the dips between your thighs. “You’re Satan.” You huffed out breathlessly, and you heard him chuckle, “They do call me Lucifer.” Both of your hands were tangled in his hair, as you thrust your hips forward dying to feel him. He finally moved his lips to where you needed him and began sucking on your clit, as his name rolled off your tongue. He slowly inserted two fingers, and you squirmed as he continued to pump them in and out of you, rolling them up every once in a while making you squeal every time they grazed your bundle of nerves. He played you like the strings of his guitar, moving his fingers swiftly and watching your face since he knew what he was doing to you. The feeling in your stomach grew but you felt his hand move away, beyond annoyed, you clawed at the air trying to reach him. “Fucking hell y/n, you look so good right now so just let me do this.”

You heard the familiar sound of foil paper opening and sighed in relief. “You ready princess?” He asked while interlacing each of his hands with yours as he positioned himself at your entrance. “It’s what I’ve been waiting for for the past like, hour.” You said struggling to catch your breath. He placed his tip between your folds and you winced as you adjusted to him entering you. “Oh my god y/n.” Luke laughed into the crook of your neck. He started thrusting into you slowly, kissing you roughly throughout. You couldn’t hold it in as the knot in your stomach tightened, you screamed his name, dragging your nails along his back, not sorry for the marks they’ll leave. “Yes babe.” He smirked at you while speeding up the pace. You loosened your grip on the sheets and flipped you both over, earning a loud groan from Luke. His slender fingers latched onto your waist and you began to roll your hips and move along his length, enjoying the sound of your name constantly coming from his mouth, a little bit too much. “Luke I’m… So. Close.” You huffed. Luke was whimpering under you which sent you over the edge. You let out a loud sigh as you heard a loud groan of your name. You planted kisses on Luke’s shoulder as you both rode out your highs, lost in pure bliss. He slowly slid out and disposed of the rubber before lying down beside you. “Wow, we need to run out of ice cream and have nothing to watch on tv more often.” You giggled still recovering. “Well, first I need to find a way to get rid of these for my show which is tomorrow.” Luke scoffed and pointed to his jaw, pulling you on top of him. You looked up at him in absolute awe. As you fell asleep on his chest at 4 in the afternoon, there was one thing on your mind: How the fuck were you going to get your English assignment done by tomorrow?


『you never looked at me, not even once, ‘cause you hate me…』

Temptations (M)

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Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All that we have, is what’s between hello and goodbye.”

Summary: Sometimes when you have everything you asked for…. it’s never enough. You have a fiance you are about to get married with soon and life is good, until that one guy changes it all… He’s that something that you need to have a bit excitement in your life… He was full of surprises and brought you feelings you haven’t felt in a long time… But was he just a temptation or someone worth the trouble to get involved with?

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Part 20 is here~ 

Last Part:

Part 21 



You were hurt and you were just drained from all the crying you were doing and the pain on your chest wasn’t helped at all.. You got a hold of your suitcase and not caring what they possibly had to say after that, you walked off and hoped that after that moment you didn’t have to see them or deal with them ever again..

You had your head down low and you tried to ignore the thoughts that were floating inside of your head.


You looked up and someone you least expected was standing right there in front of you.

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The Roxy Theater-Feb. 14, 2017  (sound check)

Had a wonderful time meeting some folks from tumblr and twitter at The Roxy while waiting for the show. 

I was sitting on steps and watched Brad walk down the street somewhere, after about 30 minutes he and David came walking towards the venue and crossed the street and walked by me. A guy called David’s name and David looked at him and waved but didn’t really stop to talk. 

Inside the venue was small and we gathered around the stage. The band and David did their sound check thing and David sang some songs. During the sound check I heard one of the band members say ‘we need to hear more of David’ so they adjusted ‘whatever’?  

Later Brad and David sat on stage and answered questions. Brad had a few questions already written down that he asked him. 

I can’t remember it all but there was a comment about skinny jeans and I told David to thank Ms. Collini for the skinny jeans. He laughed and said she is going to be here tonight, do you know what she looks like?  And I said I think so. 

He also spoke of things he was going to do in the future and he didn’t mention movies so I asked him would he be doing any movies and he said ‘yes’.  I had a lot of questions to ask him but I was too shy. He also mentioned that he thinks the X Files will happen.

I wanted to compliment him on how much his voice has improved but I didn’t know how to word it to make it sound like a compliment and not hurt his feelings because when he first started out he sounded ‘ok’ but now he sounds so much better now. 

We had our pics taken with him in groups. I was one of the last ones to get in the pic and I was going to stand on the outer edge but the photographer said to stand in the middle because I was short. So I stood in front of David. After the pic was taken I asked him if I could have a two armed hug and he said ‘why not’  and gave it to me. I hugged him back and that made me very happy. 

I asked Security if I could get a chair because I have bad knees, and they placed me up further from the stage but I still had a good view. Once I turned around and saw Mitch Pileggi behind me. I took a few pics and I’ll post them on tumblr. I heard that Chris Carter was at the bar. I did spot a white haired gentleman with lots of people coming up to him and I assumed that was him. I would have liked to got a pic of him but I was afraid I’d lose my seat if I got up. 

During the concert David asked Tom Campinos to accompany him on stage to play guitar but there was no answer from the crowd. David said that Tom is infamous for leaving early so he got his good friend, Matty to play guitar.   I made some videos and will be making caps soon. 

It was a great show. I hope you all get to go see David sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

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Hi, I just wanted to ask what do u think about the fact that Liam talks in nearly every interview about zayn. Like the management has to admit the q's obviously 🙄 but in one of the interviews (in 🇫🇷) the interviewer even asks if he wants to collaborate with for example zayn. Like I sometimes think management wants to push this as well?! Maybe they use this to activate the Ziam stans? Maybe? I don't know 🤷‍♀️ what do u think?

Hey Nonnie! I agree that Zayn is definitely a talking point for Liam based on the number of interviews that Liam has either been asked about him, or just brought him up unprompted. I think there are two ways to look at everything in this fandom: either it means something and will be used in the future, or it’s completely random. From personal experience, random things are few and far between around these parts, so let’s assume Liam’s team is doing this on purpose. Why? I can think of a few plausible reasons that tie into his solo career.

1) Liam was truly hurt by Zayn leaving, and now he’s choosing to bring him up whenever he can just to talk it out in public. This is unlikely, considering the way Liam spoke about Zayn following March 2015 up until May of this year. (I also made a post about Liam’s questionable mentions of Zayn which I will reblog after this because Tumblr mobile is awful and I can’t link it to save my life 😕)

2) Liam is trying to tap into Zayn’s extensive fan base because it branches outside his own. After all, Zayn has fans from not only his music, but his fashion ventures as well. This also is pretty unlikely because just mentioning a former band member and friend won’t make anyone buy Liam’s music. Only people that are already following Liam’s career will notice any of his positive comments towards Zayn.

3) Liam is trying to bait Ziam fans into supporting him. I know Harry has been accused of baiting Larries recently, and it’s easy to assume Liam is doing the same thing. I don’t think this is the case for Liam. There are far less Ziam stans than Larries, and the majority of them already support Liam 100%, in spite of his current personal situation. I know his comments from a couple months ago also turned some people off to his career, so if his strategy was to unite the Ziam fanbase, mission not accomplished.

4) Liam is actually interested in collaborating with Zayn, but instead of calling him like a normal person, he’s decided to go the roundabout way and pray Zayn takes the hint. Personally, I’m pretty sure that Zayn and Liam already have multiple songs that they’ve written and sung together, based on Liam’s comments about writing with Zayn when they were still touring with 1D. Their musical tastes are extremely similar and we all know their voices work very well together. Liam doesn’t need to continuously say he wants to collaborate with Zayn to make it happen, so this option also isn’t that great.

So, why exactly would Liam continue to bring up Zayn if his solo career won’t benefit from it? Well, it’s been discussed that an OT5 reunion will be brought about by Liam reconnecting with Zayn. I think this is pretty likely, especially after all the activity from Liam’s side recently. Regardless of your thoughts on their personal lives, it’s no secret that Liam and Zayn were extremely close friends in the band, and that kind of connection doesn’t just die. If we are ever going to get a 1D reunion, the broken connections between band members need to be repaired, and I think Liam will most likely act as a bridge between OT4 and Zayn. I can see this happening either on a strictly personal basis where they just start interacting as friends publicly again, or it could happen professionally. Perhaps they will choose to collaborate and realize their friendship is still intact and salvageable.

I’ve also talked to some people that think all of the postive Zayn comments were planned from the beginning to seed a reunion, and the oddball negative comments were made at the very beginning to slow the process down. After all, we probably have over a year before a reunion would be able to happen, and we know these teams know how to play the long game.

In short, I don’t think Liam’s team is randomly allowing him to mention Zayn in this many interviews. I think it’s leading to a Ziam reunion, and ultimately an OT5 reunion.

reasons why “the 21 pilots drummer” goes crazy on his drums (even while playing simple songs)
  • when you have a two man band, both members equally need to put on a show. you can’t rely just on the frontman.
  • josh has anxiety and it helps him when he plays harder. 
  • playing the drums is 10x more fun if you bounce, nod your head, etc. (coming from a drummer myself)
  • he’s fun to watch 
  • he loves to put all of his energy into a show, even if it’s just a short performance.
  • maybe it doesn’t look “professional” but he’s having the time of his life up there.

Another imagine :) I’m thinking of starting to do ones for other band members :/

“I need you to stay back late so you can finish off Sarah’s papers. She had to go home early, she said her stomach was hurting. Bless that girl.” Your Boss, Naomi, said dropping around 50 pages of empty paperwork onto your desk. She walked away, scowling at you and went into her office. You hated your boss as much as she hated you and as much as she loved Sarah. You groaned and got out your phone to ring your boyfriend Andy.

“Hi baby, what’s up?” he said and you could tell he was smiling. God you loved his smile.

“Hey babe. I just wanted to say that I might not be back before you get back from the studio, Naomi’s dumped a shit tonne of Sarah’s work on me and I’m not allowed to leave until it’s finished. I should be back before dinner though.”

“Okay babe, well, don’t get to stressed. If you get to tired just call me and I’ll come and give you a lift and if they refuse, they’ll have me to answer too. Does that sound alright?”

“Perfect! Love you!” you both said your goodbyes and hung up. You went back to your computer screen to finish of the work you were supposed to be doing. The office you were in was extremely hot so you turned on your desk fan. You pressed the power button but nothing happened. “Shit” you muttered to yourself, “Broken”. After a while, you finished your work on the computer and began to pack up your things when you looked down at the paperwork that you still had to finish. You rolled your eyes, sighed and opened it up to the first page.

As you expected, the paperwork was boring and around ten pages through you began to feel incredibly ill from the heat. Your head was pounding and your vision was going blurred. You carried on filling in the paper when all of a sudden you went incredibly dizzy. You took deep breaths and tried to get up to go to the bathroom. You heaved yourself off the chair but when you tried to walk, you collapsed. You felt yourself hit the ground and although your hearing was muffled, you could hear your co workers gathering around you and someone calling an ambulance.

You must have been knocked out because when you opened your eyes, paramedics were surrounding you and Andy was leaning over you, a relieved expression on his face.

“Oh thank God babe, I thought you were gone for a second!” He said, stroking the top of your forehead.

“What happened? What’s going on?” you sat up on your elbows and squinted at the light.

“You fainted darling. Don’t worry, the paramedics said it was nothing to serious, just a bit of stress and a tiny bit of dehydration. They said you can come home, just get some rest.” He smiled at you and you smiled back, nodding. A friendly looking paramedic came to speak to you, told you not to move around to much and just to stay at home for a few days.

Andy offered his hand to help you up and you took it. He grabbed your stuff, put his arm around your shoulder as you leaned into his side and walked you to the car. “What about my work?” you asked, looking up at him. “Don’t worry about that darling. I had a little chat with your boss and I don’t think she’ll be putting too much pressure on you any more.” He replied, giving you a mischievous smile.

When you got back to the house, Andy set you down on the couch and put a horror movie into the DVD slot. He sat down next to you and put his arm around you. you snuggled into his side and began to watch the movie. Something popped up on the screen and you buried you head in Andy’s chest, pulling at his shirt. He laughed and put his hand on your head. you looked back to the screen, only to be greeted by another scary face. You screamed a little and put you face back in his chest. He pulled you in tighter.

“ssshhh,” he whispered, “I’ve got you.”

The names were just random names so any name-related things are un-intetional

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Heyy, can you make one with mc and annisa, with mc realizing she really likes annisa but doesn't know how to tell her and is like super anxious and nervous around her??

casually refers to MC as ‘she’ with no name throughout the whole thing because yes.

  • after the punk band starts holding practices in the shared house, MC’s the only one who spends a lot of time at home
  • it’s not because of the band or anything, it’s just that everyone else living in the house gets pretty caught up with their own thing (Chris is always busy on the field, Zack is getting calls from other schoolmates to do some renovation work and earning some sweet cash, etc)
  • but yes. she’s the one all the band members see whenever they go to the kitchen for a drink or out to the back garden for a breather
  • MC gets invited to watch practices and starts bringing snacks and drinks down with her so the band members don’t need to keep traipsing up to the kitchen whenever they get peckish 
  • everyone is really grateful, but Annisa in particular smiles and thanks MC profusely for her consideration and thoughtfulness and their fingers brush when MC hands over a bag of chips
  • MC flushes a bit and mumbles something incoherent and spends the rest of that band practice wondering why she’s suddenly incapable of speaking properly
  • the next time the band comes over to practice Annisa waves to MC when they walk in through the door and says hi. MC squeaks and then manages to say hi back before nearly melting into the floor from embarrassment
  • Annisa doesn’t notice, thankfully
  • unfortunately the whole band does and start lightheartedly teasing MC and asking her if she needs them to help her wingwoman. MC tosses a bag of pretzels at them and flails a bit
  • during band practice Annisa locks eyes with MC for a bit and just looks at her while the band plays the most romantic punk song on their repertoire
  • MC promptly nearly passes out like a gay disaster. Amara says they should start a bet on when MC will realise Annisa feels the same way. Rachel says senior year. Kaitlyn is just having a laugh 
  • but seriously they dance around the elephant in the room for a long time. Finally the band gets sick of it and Kaitlyn locks MC and Annisa in the kitchen until they get this romantic tension out of their system
  • spoiler alert: they do and band practice is cancelled for the day in favour of doing more important things like a first date.