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Zack Merrick Birthday Countdown: 0 days to go  🎉🎉 😍 (click for high res)
Happiest of birthdays Zack Merrick. You’re still the same crazy, sweet guy. During the past 10 years, we have seen you grow not only muscle wise but talent wise as well. However, you still remain as the same guy who finds time to do his own things, teases his band members mainly Jack every day, plays the bass and skateboards to his hearts content and yet wants everything to work out perfectly at the end of the day. You manage to bring a smile to so many people’s faces every single day. On this day, I would like to thank your parents for raising such a great person. Please stay happy and healthy and may all wonderful things come your way. We love you. ☆ ☆

Brief introduction to the big 4 of thrash metal

This post is aimed towards those who are completely new to thrash metal

formed in 1979. The creators of thrash metal. Also the first metal band ever. To this day they have released 234 studio albums.
Members (from R to L) 

Nick Mustaine ( 4 string guitar, backing vocals) 

Lars king (lead guitar,stunts and cries)  

 Frank hammett (vocals, kazoo and electric triangle on tracks 2 and 9)

David Ian (irrelevant guitar, backing vocals, flute)

Tom Hetfield (drums, backing vocals and keyboard)

recommended albums: roots, darkness descends

Formed in 1990, the most comercially succesful of them all. Also the Creators of the teenage mutant ninja turtles metal genre.
Members (from R to L):

Scott Newsted: guitar we all care about, occasional screams

Joey Ellefson: irrelevant guitar, lead mouth farting, magic tricks.

Jeff Ulrich: longer guitar, backing mouth farts

James Spitz: drums, piano, 1 string guitar on track “untitled”

recommended albums: game over, powerslave

formed in 1985 in texas, they have the most varied style and albums. Famous for being slayer’s enemies and for kicking dogs on-stage

 Marty burton: lead drums, vocals 

 Jason menza: lead dog kicker, more important guitar, backing screams for mercy   

Dave hanneman: less important guitar, irrelevancy  

Charlie belladonna: lead vocals, weird guitar, xilophone, nun chucks

recommended albums: world circus, think this

formed in 1986 theyre the most mysterious of them all. Few things are known about the band members. We do not even know their real names


“kirk”:GUITAR, ukulele 

“ putrid pervert”: lead vocals, not so important guitar, violin

“skullcrusher”: bongs, drums, skulls

“morbid corpse love maker”: long 4 string electric harp

recommended albums: killing is my business, de mysteriis dom sathanas


I Guess People love hearing me fucking rant.

*Sips Tea,Cracks fingers and sighs* OKAY NOW. LET ME FUCKING SPEAK ABOUT THIS NOW.

ALRIGHT. Why in the living fuck do people fucking hate Gaia? Tell me. She is dating Chris for him. They love and Care for Each other and you can obviously see that,Do you think It’s okay to hate her just cause she’s dating Chris? NO IT ISN’T. They are fucking tired of seeing the same bullshit of you constant bitching and moaning about their relationship. Do you know them personally to know what is going on in their lives? DO you know what’s going on in their head? FUCK NO. Chris isn’t the same guy he was in the Creatures Era,HE CHANGED OVER THE YEARS CAUSE OF AGE NOT THE GIRL HE HAS HIS DICK IN. You only live one life and he is trying new things so he can achieve his life goes so when he does die he doesn’t regret his life. IF you WERE a FAN you would respect the hell out of who he loves. cause he is a human being and she is too. Enjoy the music and don’t care about others personal lives cause it doesn’t fucking concern you,Dumbfuck. Chris wouldn’t fuck a little teen like you anyways cause he isn’t that type of person. You fantasize something delusional that will never happen in real life cause life has standards not your fucking imagination. Just be glad he is happy with his life and has someone by his side to support him and his friends. He doesn’t need your approval on who the hell he dates. cause he is a grown ass man.  He doesn’t need your approval on anything. He tries so hard to keep his fans happy but I don’t know why he should since some of the fandom is fucking immature fangirls who wants to get in his pants. But that will never happen never in a million years. that’s what I hate about fandoms because they think they’re doing the right thing for attacking the band members girlfriends when the band is completely against bulling. But guess what? they won’t break up with their girlfriends because they truely love them. You’re not their keeper so shut the fuck up and learn that

anonymous asked:

do you think there was some major beef/internal conflict in 1d (Niall, Louis, & Liam V.S. Harry)?? because I really get the impression that Harry was very separate from the other members of the band, always kind of off doing his own thing while the other boys seemed to be a band of their own... am I crazy or do you sort of see this divide as well??

Hi anon!

OK, so I truly never thought it was OT3/4 vs Harry, I really didn’t. I thought it was all tabloid fodder, made up by Dan and Simon, etc. And I would like to preface this whole post with “this is all image, we don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, this could be part of their solo pushes,” and so on and so forth.

But having said all of that, yeah, I’m starting to think that view has some truth behind it.

Keeping in mind that Liam tended to act as the spokesman for the band, and he’s doing active promo for the first time, let’s look at him…

There was this sort of weird tweet. I remember at the time, the fandom was like “that’s kind of weird.” But whatever, who knows who wrote the tweet, and he did say he’s proud of Harry.

But then we come to hear it was Harry who wanted the hiatus first (per Harry’s Rolling Stone article) and Liam says that Niall had the hardest time with it, and that Liam didn’t even know what a hiatus was (which sounds like bullshit, but that’s the story he’s pushing), and that’s just…something to note. OK.

Then we get the totally flat affect of Harry talking about Liam’s music on Grimmy’s show. And he said he didn’t know about Liam’s chains, which was weird.

We get the Harry Potter tweet about celebrity from Liam, and then Liam kept posting pictures of the chain all over the place, including with Niall.

Then we have Harry being rude to the fan who got Liam’s chevron tat, and claiming it had nothing to do with him (as if he wasn’t part of 1D?).

And the way that Liam talked about Harry and his music today was not positive, while he talked positively about Niall’s music and showed up at WangoTango and was photographed with him (and the chain).

Then we have the comments Liam made about how he wrote half the songs on MITAM (I think that was half of the songs that any of OT4 wrote for the album?) and how he wanted to tour it. Harry has been sold as being the one who “changed” 1D’s sound, but we know that Liam has done a ton of the writing. In fact, if you compare the writing credits, Liam wrote more songs for 1D (including on MITAM) and got production credit on things (often remixes).

Finally, we get these weird questions from Dan toward both Niall and Harry, where they both leave open the possibility of One Direction existing without Harry. And we have Liam including Zayn in his answers about what the band is doing for their solo music. And go bacik to the first link in the above paragraph, where he says, “It’s difficult to see how everyone’s gonna work out at the moment.”

Now, you asked about Louis, Liam, and Niall as a unit.

When I rewatch OTRA clips now, I wonder if the other men ever got annoyed with Harry being all over the stage and sort of taking over, especially while they were singing. A post crossed my dash today about stage Harry in OTRA and he was swinging around his hair, bounding across the stage, dancing with mics, etc–and in this clip, it wasn’t when he was singing. I’ve talked about how Harry’s stage presence on SNL was not what I expected, and in rewatching OTRA clips now, it’s clear often Harry was able to be stage!Harry because the other men were singing. I wonder how they felt about that? (I wonder. Truly wonder. I’m not making assumptions, I’m rethinking old assumptions.)

I think Niall will always try to be a neutral as possible. He’s like Switzerland. But even he left open the idea that 1D could come back without Harry. Which…?

I think there is clearly no love lost between Harry and Zayn, and I think that’s for real.

Louis seemed more in sync with the other men (Niall and Liam) in OTRA. We know Harry had his own stylist, etc. 

So. To answer your question, yeah, I see it. And I don’t know if it’s just for promo purposes or what. But I see it.

I wish there were more headcanons where 2D actually *does* something. A lot of people seem to treat him like he’s too stupid to do anything for/by himself and that the other band members are catalysts that cause him to do things, and I just think that’s an unnecessary watering-down of his character. That’s why I can’t always get behind headcanons that are like “Noodle does his hair for him because he’s bad at it” or anything like that, because I feel like that’s what a lot of 2D headcanons boil down to: Murdoc/Russel/Noodle cause/force/do something for 2D because he’s too bad at everything to do things by himself. I understand that he’s a passive, naïve, trusting man that tends to follow more than lead, but it’s a bit sad that he gets reduced to “helpless moron” more often than not, because I think he’s actually quite intelligent in his own different way and that he has a lot more to offer than being a piece of manipulatable scenery.
(No offense to people with headcanons like that; even I have some headcanons like that, it’s just my experience that 2D gets the “living prop” treatment the most out of the four.)

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the various problematic things your favorite band members have done? Do you tend not to get into those kind of things, or do you acknowledged that they were wrong but can be forgiven?

I usually don’t post anything about bandom drama or discourse or whatever on this blog but with my favorite band members I can acknowledge that they’ve messed up but I’m forgiving and I don’t hold it against them really

Force Awakens Punk Band AU

Poe has a band called Black Squadron. He’s the singer, Jessika is lead guitar. Finn can’t play anything for shit so he’s just an honorary band member. He and Rey do marketing things to try and get the band local gigs. Rey actually can sing, and while she doesn’t fancy herself as much of a performer, she has done a duet or two for Black Squadron’s albums. BB-8, Poe’s corgi, is the band’s mascot.

Ben and a bunch of his college friends have a band called The Knights of Ren. They all have stage names that end with “Ren.” Ben’s name is Kylo obviously.

Hux does a segment for a radio station called The First Order. He showcases local bands from around the state, but he refuses to play Black Squadron because he dislikes Poe. He thinks the whole band is pretentious. He doesn’t like Ben either but he plays The Knights of Ren during his block just to spite Poe, because he said once he would never play The Knights of Ren on the radio.

Phasma has a block at The First Order too. It’s all death metal.

Maz’s is the name of a local dive bar that’s well known for having live music. Both bands play there semi-frequently. Starkiller Base is a pub that’s also nearby and while it doesn’t have live music, it’s a popular hangout for the more antiestablishment crowd.

Do you wanna see the stars, boy?

 Words: 3724

Summary: The sky is empty, void of any light besides the pathetic glow of the moon. Dan has always depended on the stars to keep him company, but in their absence he finds that the universe has a plan for everything, and that permanence doesn’t last forever. 

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual things (no smut once again smh), food mentions, death mentions (very very minor reference that doesn’t have anything to do with main characters)

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Mr. & Mrs. Styles Part Five

A/N: Please give me some feedback and love, and read my note at the end of the imagine. Thank you so much for reading!
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“This is On the Spot with Piers Morgan and I’ll be grilling the boys of One Direction right here and right now,” Piers Morgan announced as they walked towards the other side of the studio where the couches are.

“Let’s start with Niall,” Piers walked to the middle couch where Niall was seated and sat beside him.

“Hello, Piers,” Niall replied while the rest of the boys made loud noises such as “You stink, Piers.”

“So your fans want to know why you always stink,” Piers asked, jokingly while the boys roared in laughter but also complained that it was Piers who stinks.

“Well, I can’t burp so everything comes out the other end,” Niall replied honestly before Piers moved on to the next question.

“Okay, let’s move on to Mr. Harry Styles,” Piers stood up and walked to Harry’s couch to sit beside him. “Hello,” Harry greeted as Piers sat down.

“So all of the questions asked for you were all related about your dating life,” Piers began to say and the other boys began to do catcalls while Louis said, “Oi oi.”

“I honestly don’t know why it is such a huge deal. When they boys are dating it doesn’t go crazy like this, does it? Bit unfair don’t you think?” Harry pointed out, complaining a little.

“Well, you are dating a very high profile celebrity. You couldn’t really blame anyone but yourself,” Piers replied but Harry retorted, “Well it is not my fault either that I feel that way towards her even though she is also a celebrity. I can’t control it, can I?” He shrugged a little bit with a frown before looking off behind the camera.

“Stop talking about (Y/N) like she’s not there,” Liam said, pointing behind the camera where I stood. Another camera then pointed at me and I shook my head with a disbelief look.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” Niall and Zayn shouted from their seat while Louis said, “Come join with me here, love.” I declined Louis’s offer by shaking my head and he asked, “What? Why not?”

“It’s your day, not mine!” I yelled to Louis but the boys argued back, “It’s fine, (Y/N)! Just sit with us! Don’t sit with Harry though.”

“Why don’t you come and join us for a little bit, (Y/N)?” Piers stood up walked towards me and I began to wave my hand in front of me, refusing to go.

“Oh come on, boo. Join us,” Harry called out, standing up as well.

“We’re going to run out of time but we won’t keep going unless you join us,” Piers threatened while Harry appeared in front of me. He took my hand and began to drag me towards his seat while the boys started clapping.

“Please welcome the woman of the hour, (Y/N)!” Piers introduced and the boys started catcalling.

I bowed a little and said, “Ugh. You guys, seriously. This is your day,” as I sat beside Harry on his couch.

Piers then joined us, sitting beside Harry, “So now you two are here. A lot of people have talked and asked about you guys and we’re just very interested about your relationship. First of all we want to ask first though to (Y/N) is, why Harry?” Piers joked and I laughed out loud with the rest of the boys while Harry furrowed his eyebrows, a bit offended, “What? What kind of question is that?”

“Sometimes I ask that question myself as well,” I joked along causing Harry to turn to me with a shocked and offended look, blinking at me, before I added, “I’m just kidding, babe. You know that.”

“Get back there,” Harry joked, pointing where I was standing before. I stood up and tried to walk away as a joke but Harry immediately pulled me back to his lap and said, “I was just kidding, love. Stay with me forever.”

I rolled my eyes but smiled nonetheless while Louis yelled, “Oh god. Stop flirting, Harold. It’s disgusting.” Harry immediately fired back, “You’re just jealous mate ‘cause your girlfriend isn’t here right now.”

“Okay. Calm down people,” Piers interrupted before saying, “I’ll go and move on to Zayn now.”

Piers stood up and walked over to Zayn’s couch in front of us while Harry and I remained on his couch, but this time, we are sitting side by side but without any gap between us.

Piers continued his interview with Zayn while the rest of the boys moved on from Harry and began to tease Zayn. After Zayn was done talking about his gun tattoo and who stinks the worst and cries the most in the band, Piers then moved on to Louis and began asking about rumors about him and the boys.

Throughout the interview, Harry had his arms looped around my neck while I leaned on his side.

“Are you okay, so far?” He whispered to my ear and I nodded, looking at him, “And you? Having fun?” Harry nodded as well and said, “Not too bad, yet.”

“I like this headscarf on you,” I commented as I attempted to fix it a little. “Do I look good?” He asked and I smiled at him and said, “Do you even have to ask?” Harry smiled back before we returned our attention back to Louis and Piers, who are talking about getting a lot of attention and fame.

“So who had the most girlfriends in their entire lifetime?” Piers asked. Louis thought for a little while before asking, “Define girlfriends.” Piers replied, “You define girlfriends.”

Louis turned away from Piers and looked back at Liam and the rest of the boys for help. Piers then suggested, “Let’s make this easy. Let’s ask each one of you guys.”

“Zayn, how many girlfriends have you had?” Piers asked, looking at Zayn. The boys were quiet and were quite serious about the topic. Zayn replied that Perrie, his current girlfriend, was his only “proper” girlfriend.

Harry then asked, “Do we talk about the one from primary school?” which caused Liam to comment, “If that’s the case, then they’ll be a lot.”

“What about you Harry? You must have a lot of girlfriends,” Piers then directed the question to Harry and I looked at him, waiting for the answer.

“No, no, I mean like in primary school and you hold hands with someone and people ask if that’s your girlfriend or not,” Harry replied but Piers didn’t back down and continued to grill Harry, “How many girls have you kissed in your life?”

I smirked at the question, as the rest of the boys and I waited for his answer. “Just a reminder, mate, your girlfriend is sitting beside you,” Niall teased before laughing. Harry then turned to me and I raised one of my eyebrows. “I…” Harry began to say but paused a little, “Uhm… around eight?” He replied, unsure and nervous.

“Okay, now we have a new winner. Eight, can you believe that (Y/N)? What about you, Niall?” Piers swiftly moved on as soon as Harry finished answering, pointing at Niall.

Once the attention was away from him, Harry looked back at me again and smiled at me while I scrunched my nose at him, which caused him to pout.

After Liam and Louis answered, Piers said in disbelief, “So you’re all telling me that out of all the five of you, you’ve only kissed about 20 girls?”

“We’re a bit busy,” Niall immediately countered while Liam added, “We had a lot of things going on.” Harry then said, “We have girlfriends. We don’t go around kissing people,” while looking at me.

“Okay, okay. We’ll leave it at that then but seriously only 20?” Piers exclaimed before continuing, “So next question is what is the most embarrassing thing you caught a band member do?”


@(Y/I/N): Excited for #1DDayLive *A selfie of Harry and I doing a thumbs up*

@Jessieme2: @(Y/T/N) is such a supportive girlfriend. #Mr&MrsStyles

@LeeyumStyles: Is it just me or is @(Y/T/N) and @Harry_Styles’s relationship is just a publicity stunt? #Mr&MrsStylesFake

@GenieTwo2: I love how they find time to spend time with each other. #Mr&MrsStyles

@MrsStyles94: They have way too much publicity. I seriously think they’re just a publicity stunt. #Mr&MrsStylesFake


E!: Is Harry Styles cheating on (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?

Sugarscape: Harry Styles is spotted with Kendall Jenner!

TMZ: Harry Styles is already replacing (Y/N) (Y/L/N) with Kendall Jenner

DailyMail: Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are seen out in a club together

Is Harry Styles already cheating with his recent girlfriend (Y/N) (Y/L/N)? The One Direction member was recently seen out in a club with Kendall Jenner. The two left the club together before entering Harry’s car and drove away from the club.

It was only few days ago when (Y/N) and Harry were seen together for 1D Day and it was even said that the two are currently staying at (Y/N)’s house in Beverly Hills. However, why is Harry Styles already seen out with another girl few months after being together with (Y/N) and a couple of weeks after admitting he is in a relationship with (Y/N)?

Many fans are asking what is truly going on between the three and if Harry Styles is cheating on (Y/N) (Y/L/N) with Kendall Jenner. Stay tune for more updates on this new drama.


“Harry, where are we going?” I asked for the nth time, holding tightly on to Harry’s arms for my dear life. My eyes were blindfolded and my only guidance was Harry. “Sweetheart, just trust me on this, please?” Harry replied, still refusing to answer my question and I just remained quiet.

Harry and I walked for a few more minutes in silence while my patience was wearing thin.

“We’re here, hun,” Harry whispered in my ear and stopped, causing me to stop as well.

I could hear soft waves crashing so I was definitely sure we were near the sea.

“What’s with you and water?” I suddenly asked as Harry moved behind me to remove the blindfold. Harry chuckled and replied, “Nothing but I think this is the only place we’ll get a lot of privacy outside the house.”

Once Harry removed the blindfold, I was greeted with a sigh of a yacht. I was shocked and surprised and I immediately turned around, “No. Way.”

“Yes way,” Harry countered before grabbing my hand and pulling me inside the yacht.

“Do you know how to pilot a yacht?” I asked Harry before abruptly stopping, causing him to stop as well. Harry looked back and explained, “We have someone else piloting it for us so no worries. Let’s just enjoy it, okay?”

I nodded and followed him inside the yacht.


@(Y/I/N): What a beautiful day. *A picture of me wearing a bikini and Harry only wearing shorts, cuddling while out in the yacht, surrounded by nothing but water*

@harrystyles: A day out with her. *A picture of me tiptoeing while giving Harry a kiss on the cheek on the yacht with our bathing suits*

@FreyaKim: I highly doubt that @Harry_Styles is cheating on @(Y/T/N) #Mr&MrsStyles

@AllyHoran239: It looks like they’re still together #Mr&MrsStyles

@justind31: @(Y/T/N) should leave that cheater. I don’t know why she’s still staying with him.

@MrsHoran23: People are so easy to jump into conclusions that @Harry_Styles is cheating. I believe in #Mr&MrsStyles

@ZainMalik1993: If @(Y/T/N) thinks @Harry_Styles isn’t cheating, then he isn’t. She’s smart and can think for herself.


“It is so good to have you back on the show,” Graham began to say as I sat beside Jack Whitehall.

“Yeah, I haven’t been here for over a year and I definitely missed this show,” I replied while I took a sip of my drink.

“Careful of the drink now, (Y/N). You don’t want to end up with Jack,” Miranda Hart joked, referring to my incident in Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.

I laughed in response and said, “I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine, Miranda. Thanks though.”

“Of course, she’ll be fine. You would think she’ll go from Harry Styles to Jack Whitehall? She has to drink way too much for that to happen,” Graham added jokingly which caused everyone to burst into laughs.

“You seem happy. As a matter of fact, you’re beaming, isn’t she?” Graham asked the audience and they replied with “Yes” while I gave them a sly grin.

“But there are rumors though,” Graham began to say, “that things has been a little bit shaky between you and Harry. Is that any true?”

“I honestly don’t know where it’s all coming from, really.” I replied, frowning a little while shrugging my shoulders.

“None at all?” He asked and I nodded. “Well, there were rumors that Harry was out in a club with Kendall Jenner,” Graham explained and I asked, “The one from the Kardashians?”

“Yes, the one from the Kardashians, (Y/N), who else would it, hmm?” Graham replied cheekily which caused me to laugh.

“But as I was saying they were out in a club and she and Harry left together,” Graham finished, making it sound like it was suspicious.

“Oh yeah, Harry told me that he was going to drop a friend off when he went to a club one time,” I began to say, “It wasn’t that important, really. I don’t know why everyone’s flipping about it.”

“But people are saying that they were getting really cozy to each other and Harry was flirting with her,” Graham added, trying to make it suspicious, and I immediately countered, “The thing about Harry is that he is friendly and could be flirty. However, there is a difference between Harry being friendly and nice, and actually flirting and being interested. I think people often mix the two and misunderstand Harry.”

“So there’s nothing there?” Graham asked, a bit disappointed. I shook my head and said, chuckling, “If there was, I’ll be the first one in line to know what’s happening, that’s for sure.”

“And everyone thought it is something more scandalous than that,” Jack commented, “but too bad. He’s just dropping someone off and being friendly.”

“Harry Styles, the driver,” Miranda said, “he could add that in his resume.”

I laughed at their comments and said, “I feel like I’ve disappointed everyone when I said there’s no truth in the rumors. Should I have fed fuel to it, then?”

“Maybe and we could’ve talked longer but now we’re going to move on to Miranda,” Graham joked before changing the topic.


@Harry_Styles: “Real eyes, realise, real lies.” TuPac Shakur.


Sugarscape: (Y/N) (Y/L/N) denies Harry Styles cheating on her.

Harry Styles was recently accused of cheating on (Y/N) (Y/L/N) after being papped together with Kendall Jenner outside a club. The two were seen going inside Harry’s car before Harry drove away from the club. Others have accused as well that inside the club, Harry and Kendall were pretty close and cozy together, which caused more to believe that there is something more between the two.

The popstar singer briefly talked about the said allegations last night with Graham Norton, Miranda Hart and Jack Whitehall in The Graham Norton Show. (Y/N) said that she was not sure why everyone was saying that Harry and her are breaking up and immediately countered that there was nothing going on between her boyfriend Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner. (Y/N) explained that Harry did mention driving with someone but, however, she did not mention if she knew it was Kendall Jenner.

Graham tried to ask (Y/N) more about Harry and Kendall’s closeness but (Y/N) immediately countered and dismissed that issue as well, saying that Harry is just naturally a friendly person and should not be mistaken as him flirting and cheating on her with someone else.

Harry Styles recently tweeted this tweet: “’Real eyes, realise, real lies.’ TuPac Shakur” which many took as his response to the cheating rumors going around. The tweet implies that only those who actually take time to look will realize the lies in the issue, which in this case, the lie is him cheating on (Y/N) with Kendall.

The two have always been open with their relationship and issues about couples breaking up or having some drama is not new to a publicly open couple. All we hope is that they stay strong together and continue to be together.


A/N: I realized that we (the readers and the writer), like the fans/media in this imagine, have mostly seen what’s happening between You/(Y/N) and Harry on the outside and never truly in the inside. Like we know they’re together through tweets and interviews but I’ve barely written much about them just spending time alone and not tweeting about it or something. I feel like I should focus more on that next time. What do you guys think?


David Byrne of the rock group, Talking Heads, had an idea and this is the result: live bands playing while some of the best color guard members do their thing all live in concert. Now, I need to work on something similar for military drill!
#ColorGuard #winterguard #blackwatch
@Regrann from @contemporarycolor - Dev Hynes & Black Watch LIVE at Air Canada Centre!! 💙🌀💙🌀 #Regrann

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Neutral, yet? - Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop
Could you do a ben bruce one where Danny doesnt approve of y/n because he thinks shes changing ben, cause ben isnt partying as much or drinking as much and he yells at y/n bascally telling her to fuck off and ben shows up and yells at danny and defends y/n and danny appologises and then its all fluffy and cute of ben saying he will always defend y/n no matter what? Pretty plz

I’m slowly getting back into writing (or at least trying to), so thank you for the 1,565 of you that still follow the blog! Still no access to a computer ;c but I hope you like this ^u^ Sorry if it’s bad ;c

Ben wraps his arm around my shoulder just after he hops off stage. “Get your sweaty arm off of me.” I giggle, shooing him off with a smile. “C’mon.” He whines, nuzzling my cheek with his damp face. “Ben, you’re disgusting, stop it. And you stink, take a shower.” I try to act serious but I break off in laughter. “I will when we get back to the hotel. You can join me if you like.” He winks. “Of course.” I smile flirtatiously, hands traveling up his chest. “And then?” He tilts his head like a puppy, grinning hopefully. “You know what.” I murmur before pressing my lips firmly to his, my hands locking behind his neck when I do so. Gritting his teeth, he makes a small moaning sound.

“‘Ey.” I hear Danny’s voice greet us from behind. Distancing myself slightly, I rest my head on Ben’s shoulder. “What’s up?” Ben says to him. “Me and the guys are going out drinking tonight, gonna get a bit wild. You’re coming, right?” Danny takes a swing from his bottle of beer. I exchange a soft look with Ben. I didn’t mind him going out with the guys, but I hated the state he’d come back in after a whole night drinking with them. “Uh, I would… But I’m spending tonight with Y/N.” He tightens his grip around my waist, making me smile. Sometimes I feel like a weight on his shoulders, but he reassures me that I never am. “I’ll be back in a second, I have to check something with the guitar tech.” He hovers off in an instant, leaving me alone with Danny.

Shuffling my feet awkwardly, I look at the floor. I knew for a fact Danny didn’t like me. He’s never approved of me; everything about me he just seems to hate. We have a laugh sometimes, but I’m sure he secretly doesn’t like me.

“Way to go, Y/N.” He grunts, taking a sip from his bottle. “What?” I cock an eyebrow. “Keeping Ben locked in, as usual.” He mumbles. I freeze for a second, I honestly despise talking to Danny, he can be unbelievably rude. “I’m not.” I shake my head, frowning. “Yeah.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m not. Just because he likes spending time with me.” I fold my arms; I get agitated easily when talking to him. “More like you like getting your own way by forcing him in.” He pushes a hand in his pocket, almost like he’s asking for a fight. “I’m not ‘forcing’ him to stay with me.” I mimic his voice. “You’re just annoyed because he has a life outside of your sad little ‘bromance’.” I continue. “Yeah, what a life. Oh, I’m missing out on so much.” He says sarcastically. “Just because Ben actually has a girlfriend, as he’s decent enough to get one.” I hiss. “Well, I wouldn’t call you decent.” Danny spits at me, raising his eyebrows. “Oh fuck off, Danny.” I mumble. This is like normal arguing for me and him, we’re like this whenever we’re alone together. I have to say, it’s really getting to me now.

“Why? Because it’s true? You’re just a little slut.” He continues to taunt me. “Yeah, Danny. So true. I’m so much of a slut that I rejected sleeping with you. Yet again, not that hard to resist that.” I look him up and down scarcely. It’s true: Danny on numerous occasions has tried to get me to sleep with him, and I’ve said no each time. Ben doesn’t know, of course. He’d probably hate Danny’s guts if he found out. I usually think that’s why Danny hates me.

“Just fuck off, Y/N. Ben is so much better off without you. Before you he had a life, with friends.” His voice raises. “Yeah, you’re such an amazing friend. You get drunk every night and spend it wasting Ben’s time with your pointless issues.” I growl with a hint of sarcasm. “No, really. Fuck off.” Danny yells more seriously. “And if I don’t?” I tilt my head and raise pitch. Backing down to members in this band is not the thing to do, you have to win the fights to earn the slightest bit of respect. “Then I’ll make you.” He steps close to me, settling intimidation. “Yeah, and how.” I scowl, my lip slightly quivering. “I swear to god Y/N I will fuck you up so badly.” He snarls, grabbing the collar of my shirt. I wouldn’t think Danny would go to that extreme, but it still scares me.

“Danny, the fuck are you doing?” I hear Ben’s voice. “Nothing.” Danny rolls his eyes, releasing the pinch of my clothes. “Sure didn’t look like nothing.” Ben walks over to me and puts his hand under my chin, making me look up at him. “Did anything happen?” He asks calmly, I shake from his grasp and look at the floor. I never want to cause any arguments between them, it’s best not to say anything. “Danny, what did you do?” Ben says through gritted teeth. “Didn’t do anything.” He shrugs, causing me to scowl at him. “Doesn’t look that way.” Ben mutters, looking agitated at him. “And so what? Just going to believe your girlfriend and do whatever she wants, is that it?” Danny’s voice gets darker. “The fuck are you on Danny? The band is just as important to me as Y/N.” Ben gestures his hands awkwardly. “We’ve been through this so many times, Danny. So just stop it. You know how fucking important you guys are to me. But so is Y/N. You need to deal with that.” Ben growls. “Whatever.” Danny shakes his head at him. “It obviously isn’t that way. You rate her so much more than us.” He squints his eyes at me. “No, I don’t.” Ben says confused. “I love my girlfriend, is that a problem to you? Huh? Forget it. I don’t what an answer. Because if she is - screw you. Screw you, Danny. The rest of the guys can deal with it, so so can you.” Ben almost yells. Picking strands of my hair, I wait silently.

The two look at each other as an unwanted silence settles over the three of us. Danny looks at Ben, Ben looks at me, and I look at the floor until I have the courage to look Danny in the eyes. We lock eye contact for a minute before he speaks.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He finally mutters in barely a whisper. “It’s fine.” I almost rush my answer to prevent any more silence. “I mean it, I’m sorry for being rude and horrible. I just, I don’t know, get jealous maybe.” He chuckles as do I. I know for a fact this won’t be the end of our bickering, but it’s better.

“This alright now?” Ben asks, and we both nod our heads neutrally. Danny mutters something then smoothly walks away. I smile, somehow feeling better.

“You didn’t have to get like that.” I say to Ben, looking up. “Of course I do, I love you, Y/N. I’m not going to let anybody walk over you or get in our way, okay?” He raises his eyebrows with a small smile. “Okay.” I nod my head before Ben subtlety presses his lips to mine.

Dude, if I were a band member’s girlfriend, I would just respond to hate messages with different pictures of me and the band member doing random things like: “You’re so ugly and annoying I don’t see why he’s with you lol” oh really? Lemme just send you a picture of us making Mac and cheese together.


1) Stop trying to ‘out’ someone you don’t even fucking know. I don’t know what possessed ya’ll to take someone you don’t even know and spread it into your fandom that he’s closeted, but you need to stop. Whatever he might be, it’s none of your fucking business, not even his own fans’.

2) We don’t want you guys ruining whatever social relationships he might have with anybody. You spoiled things between your own band members, don’t do it to him just because you’ve sucked the life out of harry and louis and are looking for more fantasies.

3) It’s not a 'fandom analysis’, it’s just intruding on someone’s life and what you take from their damn Instagram posts. This isn’t a mission for you to take. It’s someone’s personal life, so stay the fuck out.

4) Assuming someone’s sexuality because of the way they dress, act, or post on Instagram is fucking gross.

5) I have no fucking idea how this relates to larrie.

6) It’s Cristiano, not Christiano.